My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 511

Vol 5 Chapter 511: Come And Me

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Chapter 511

At the summit of Danfeng Conference, Lin Chen entered the venue!

"The last entrant, representative of the Yang family, Lingzhou Linchen!"

The name and the representative of the Yang family looked a little out of place; a large audience looked at the entrance of the channel with surprise and doubt.

The young man walked slowly, facing the eyes cast by millions of strong men, the clouds were light and windy, and he was rock-solid. Every step was very steady.

"Strange, isn't the Yang family representative Yang Dingfeng? How could this be called Lin Chen's name?"

"No! Lin Chen is Yang Pinfeng! The two of them are the same! This is the news the old man just received from the entrance of the venue!"

"Lingzhou Linchen! Isn't this the boy who fought the four emperors alone?"

"I have heard about the drastic changes in Lingzhou. It is so young that it is impossible to compete with the emperor-level strongman when you are practicing from your mother's womb! There may be a lot of secrets in this kid!"

"Oh, no matter whether it is assisted by external forces, in this world, others will only focus on whether you have power, not on where your power comes from."

There was a new wave of heated discussion in the auditorium, and some of the senior elders in Danzhou all cast a sharp mental eye, and they must see through Lin Chen!

The ordinary pharmacist was so much gazed, he had a nervous breakdown, and he was so scared that his fart was peeing!

This is the summit summit! The emperors gather, and the strongest one is more terrible than the other!

Lin Chen quietly operated the Taishi Bible, and the mental pressure of it quietly disintegrated from him, which surprised a lot of the powerful emperors of the ancient family of Danzhou!

He is light and breezy, and he allows the strong to see through everything, including the ten-thousand-year-old Xuan Qinglong in his warlike Yuan mansion, calm and comfortable, as if he doesn't care at all!

His trump card is all in the system. These external things can show you through!

"Good mysterious exercises can divide the spiritual power into multiple strands and relieve the pressure caused by us. This is extraordinary."

"Unclear, this younger generation is a bit interesting..."

In addition to Danzhou's war emperor, all of Danzhou's top refining medicine Tianjiao cast their eyes on Lin Chen with a warlike eye!

Refining medicine is their home in Danzhou, how can this make people from other states take the top spot!

A young man with a white feather crown walked out and stood in front of Lin Chen, sneering and sneering-"You are Lin Chen..."


Lin Chen didn't even look at him, and he was so angry that the young man in white robbed Qiqiao!


"You what you do, I don't talk to someone who is not handsome, flash aside."

White man: "..."

The girl in Tsing Yi next to her mouth smirked, she was cute. At the other end, the young man in Jinyi watched the boy in white dress eating deflated, and his heart felt dark.

Many strong players in the audience were surprised and amazed that this son still faced Danzhou's top Tianjiao, and was indeed the number one dark horse outside of this session of Danzhou!

"Princess Lin Chen of Lingzhou, I hope that this time, you can bring us a legend like yours in Lingzhou, otherwise I am sorry for your big name."

The blue skirt lady's tone was cold, her eyes narrowed and stared at Lin Chen.

"as you wish!"


"Master Yun, I saw the kid!"

"Humph! Sure enough, he is here to attend the Summit Dan Summit."

Immediately after Lin Chen, a group of mermaids entered and entered the audience. It was the Mo family and Yun Potian who chased Lin Chen!

They walked into the meeting room with their own men and women. When they found Lin Chen's figure, they were not bad. They just sat in the front row of the auditorium facing Lin Chen!

"Wait for Dan's end, I see where this kid is still fleeing. The old man made him hard to fly! Dare to play with the old man without crushing his bones, it's hard to dispel the old man's hatred!"

The old man in blue stared coldly and fiercely at Lin Chen's back. At this time, someone suddenly turned around!

His position for the competition happened to be in the auditorium of Mo Jia and others.

"Oh hey! Isn't this the big brothers of the Mo family!"

Suddenly, someone in Lin was gleeful, and said with a smirk-"Did you just want to chase me down? Come, now I am in front of you, come and do me!"

"Don't you have big eyes and small eyes, I am standing in front of you now, can it be that your Mo family is known as a descendant of God, and I dare not move even a small Yuanzun realm?"

After all, Lin Chen patted his buttocks very arrogantly-"Come on, hit this! If Lin Lin frowned today, my Lin surname will not be yours!"

"What's the matter! Fight! You don't want to do me, fight here, take out your punches with big punches!"

"Why don't you talk! Hurry! I beg you to beat me, I'm in a hurry! You beat me!"


Many viewers were stagnant! The whole Yang family was shocked!

The old warlord who was still bragging about Lin Chen's son was stagnant!

Lin Chen's unpredictable appearance at the moment immediately collapsed in everyone's heart!

Where is this **** neuropathy? Isn't the Yang family really asking the wrong person?

The two war emperors of Mo family and Yun Potian and other people collectively burned with anger, and their killing intentions skyrocketed! How dare this kid dare to challenge them so blatantly?

What makes people talk about is that one person is not enough, Lin Chen also made a phantom avatar, doing the same action as him, the two'Lin Chen' constantly patted his face with his hands and walked over the audience. side!

"Fight here, with a hammer, it will bloom in one stroke! With a knife, it will be two halves in one stroke! With a sword, a thorn is a hole!"

"Masters, what's wrong with you? Aren't you guys fierce a few days ago? Why aren't you lifting them one by one now? I have put my handsome face on you, how come you haven't shot yet! Man, deserve it When it's hard, you have to be hard, don't make it into soft bones one by one! Look at your lumps, hum! Trash!"

The Mo family's blue clothes and emperor are so angry that their mouths are almost crooked! Too **** is too much!

This kid relied on the scene of the Pinnacle Dan Association here, relying on his identity as a participant so that everyone would not dare to move him!

The Summit Summit is jointly held by all ancient families of refining medicine in Danzhou. The family as strong as the Mo family is descended from the gods and they dare not offend the entire Danzhou!

If you do it here, it will be contempt for the rules set by many families in Danzhou, and it will be attacked by all groups of medicine refining families!

Despite their own accumulated strength, Danzhou's ancient family can be said to be the strongest force in mainland Kyushu!

With their terrifying number of pharmacists, and even those hidden world seventh-level pharmacy giants, they can call on the Kyushu mainland and even the strong inside the sky tower to serve them!

When the time comes, a Mo family and a cloud breaking sky are not enough to watch! Unless it is a family of the descendants of the five great gods, or the soul family hidden in the dark, it is impossible to compete with the ancient family of Danzhou!

Seeing the other party throwing a mouse away, Lin is even more arrogant! He took out the harp and erhu, and even sang in front of the Mo family and others!

"You sent me away, thousands of miles away, you are silent black and white!"

How about singing this?