My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 512

Vol 5 Chapter 512: Sorry I'm A Little Poor Recently.

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Chapter 512: Sorry, I'm a little poor recently.

In the eyes of others, Lin Chen's behavior is simply unreasonable! As if the brain is sick! Even the Yang family is a bit suspicious of life. Did Yang Qing'er admit the wrong person? Is this really Yang Dianfeng, who is perfect in refining medicine?

But in the eyes of powerful people such as Mo Jia and Yun Po Tian, this kid is simply cheap!

"What the **** did I die..." The old man in blue was about to get angry and get upset, a sudden burst of desire!

"Three elders! Patience! Patience! If this fights here, we will bother our family!"

"I tolerate you Male Gobi!"


Lin Chen played and sang and danced in front of them. Many of the Mo family's strong men took a lot of effort to make their grumpy three elders temporarily suppress their anger. Lian Yun Po Tian almost couldn't help it. Shot!

They have become such emperors, why have they ever been insulted!

"Grass! When the Dan meeting is over, I must break this kid to pieces!"

"Do not waste this kid! I can't dispel my hatred!"

Just when someone Lin was planning to give a what are you guys song to all the strongmen, a referee sent a voice to warn Lin Chendao.

"Participant Lin Chen, this is the Summit Summit, not your personal performance show. Please take away your inappropriate behavior, otherwise I will make you lose the right to participate in the name of violating the rules."

Seeing the referee's warning, Lin had to sigh with regret-"I only showed seven or eight talents, and there are 99 talents I want to show to the Mo family one by one!"

People who heard this sentence talked about each other, why are these seven or eight species already driving the four warlords crazy, and then another 99 species? Are you still personal?

An old man in a white robe with fairy bones stepped out of the void and smiled aloud.

"The rules of this Dan Association are still the same, I think everyone understands that the materials are self-provided, the Dan medicine is not limited, the highest grade and the highest quality are listed, and we have the most complete pharmacists in Kyushu to identify the participants. Guarantee absolute notarization."

"Time limit: 30 days. All contestants, please come up with your own masterpiece!"

The old man in the white robe waved his hands, and ten thousand masters of refining medicine all started up together.

Only one person got started, and also let many powerful people scream!

When I saw the nine red furnaces in front of someone Lin, some old-time strongmen even nearly slammed!

What are your special nine red furnaces?

Have you made a mistake! This is the Summit Summit, do you dare to say that by the way, it is incidental?

Someone Lin took out a dozen Naling Rings and scratched his head and smiled-"Sorry, I'm a little poor recently, and I'm so poor that I am left with a furnace."

Having said that, he put away his nine red furnaces, which made the grumpy referee's face alleviate a point.

No matter how talented the talent is, if he dares not to exert his full strength to participate in this type of competition, it will really insult the Summit Summit!

At this time; Lin Chen is facing a very serious problem!

He wasn't kidding, it was really poor!

"I'm off! I actually forgot to prepare the medicinal materials. I was thinking of going to the outside world to buy a batch or go directly to the Yangjia pharmacy after I left the sky tower. , But no time to prepare!"

Lin Chen, who was in cold sweat, was in trouble. He had no shortage of seventh-order medicinal herbs. There were hundreds of them.

However, each seventh-order medicinal material is extremely complex, and it must be matched with many auxiliary sixth-order medicinal materials to neutralize its medicinal properties before it can be perfectly included in the panacea!

It is not enough for Linchen to have only one thousand plants left for the sixth-order medicinal materials. This number can not reach the starting requirements for refining the seventh-order pill!

Lin Chen simply lay down on a soft chair with his hands on the back of his head, shaped like salted fish, his eyes stared at the sky, and his inner thoughts kept tumbling.

Once the Dan Association starts, it will prohibit the contestants from having any contact with the outside world. Now it is too late to ask the Yang family to take the herbs!

How to do? Could it be that it is embarrassing for me to run out of the sky tower with all my heart?

"Alas, if handsome can be used as a medicinal material, I still have to worry about not enough medicinal materials?"

Seeing Lin Chen lying motionless in the venue, some of the Yang family's senior officials and Danzhou's veteran warlord couldn't help but frown!

"What is this kid doing? Isn't he refining medicine? Or is the Yang family looking for the wrong person temporarily?"

"From the point of view of this boy's exquisite mental control techniques, it should be a high-level pharmacist, how could it be refining medicine!"

The Yang family seniors; "Is this kid okay! Miss, will you find the wrong person?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't get too high a ranking! At least don't make our Yang family look ashamed!"

At this time, the ice-smart Yang Qinger's pretty face slightly changed, exclaiming-"Is there a lack of medicinal materials?"

Yang Qing'er awakened the dreamer in one word, and the Yang family's seniors also recovered! I thought that at the Xiaodan meeting, Lin Chen refined 28 elixirs in one breath. The number of medicinal materials used is unprecedented!

At the same time, in order to collect the treasures of refining medicine, he even helped others to substitute alchemy medicines!

Yang Qing'er gazed at Mo Chen and others looking at Lin Chen's eyes, realizing that something was wrong.

"Mr. Lin Chen might have encountered trouble on the way, and he didn't have time to prepare medicinal materials. Oops, what to do now..."


"That kid is motionless?"

"Hahaha! It's just overwhelming waste. The refining medicine is not a battle, it is not a level that can pass the level with the help of external force."

The four top Tianjiao in Danzhou all looked at them differently, and the young man in white was disdainful and ridiculed, and he lifted a heart in his heart! One urged Alchemy Fingerprint to inhale dozens of medicinal materials into his seventh-order pill furnace!

"It seems that I didn't have a choice. I didn't expect it to be an idea, but now it's my only hope!"

Lin Chen jumped up from the bench, his eyes regained his tenacious fighting spirit as before! Burning the faith of breaking the wreck!

Finally, under the attention of many people, he took out the seventh-order dan furnace of Baidan Emperor's ``White Dragon Surprised Crane Furnace'', which caused many Danzhou hidden world pharmacists to nod.

This child, is finally going to show real strength!

But at the next moment, the strongmen from all walks of life in Kyushu and the hidden world alchemist suddenly stood up in shock! Eyes fixed on Lin Chen!

I saw that he held the three major seventh-order medicinal materials of "Qixing Huanxinghua", "Xingyao Qianmovine", and "Dripping Blood Purple Golden Pith", without any auxiliary medicinal materials! !

"Is he crazy? Using only seventh-order medicinal materials, such an overbearing medicinal properties, how can he stabilize the medicine to make alchemy?"

"Null talk! This kid must have been messing around. How can anyone make medicine like this! The energy contained in the seventh-order medicinal herbs cannot be fused alone!"

When the audience was up and down, only sitting on the 100,000-meter-high void platform, the old eyes of the three white robe elders passed by a rare light, and they were silent for 100,000 years. A trace of interest!

Lin Chen's next move is much more difficult than refining the seventh-order elixir itself!

But he had no choice. Without medicinal materials, he only took risks! I am willing to die, and dare to dismount the emperor!