My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 513

Vol 5 Chapter 513: The Law Of Heaven Earth And Spirit

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Chapter 513, The Law of Heaven, Earth and Spirit!

"I'm only using a small amount of Tiancaidibao to refine high-level elixir, I'm afraid there is only that trick..."

"Well... I can't be wrong. To use that kind of stunt, even some of our old guys have to put forth their full strength. I can't think that this young man is under 21, so young that he dare to use this method."

"Oh, a lot of talents in the history of Kyushu have emerged, and there will always be one or two ghosts before they are born. Let's wait and see. After all, that kind of stunt, the spiritual power to consume is a terrible word."

Perhaps only a few people learned that Lin Chen is not losing heart, but is letting go!

With a clap of hands, Lin Chen's thunderstruck with both hands, followed by Wan Shun's fingerprints!

Thundercracker battle spirits plunged into the Dan furnace, and the impurities of the seven seventh-order medicinal materials of Seven Star Rebirth Flower, Star Yaoqian Demon Vine, and Blood-Blood Purple Gold Medallion were initially removed, and their energy was ripped apart. Sheath!

Seventh-order medicinal materials are extraordinary, and each plant has a method of automatic protection of the Lord. The natural energy shield can protect their pure aura and spirituality from being passed away, and they can grow safely.

Once their energy shields are torn, it means that this medicinal plant will begin to gradually lose its medicinal properties and power in a short time.

"Wan LeidongQian Qianshou!"

Lin Chen knotted the handprints a bit faster, his hands turned into infinite afterimages, and thousands of handprints afterimages dazzled people!

A grid-like thunder-tribulation warrior enveloped the medicinal materials in the dan furnace to prevent the loss of the medicinal properties. At the same time, a ray of arc penetrated the medicinal materials like a needle tip, carefully drawing out some of the essence inside them.

When some of the essences of the three medicinal materials were extracted, Lin Chen waved again, and two thousand years of Ningling pulp fruit were thrown into the Dan furnace, which made many refining masters startled!

Five! Five 7th-order medicinal herbs are put together for refining, and no auxiliary medicinal herbs are put in to neutralize! What if he got a fryer?

"Hey, it's a very powerful technique. The blue-level high-level fingerprints have a half-purple-level taste, which is interesting."

"Red man, what do you think?"

Sitting in a row of auditoriums behind the Yang's house, the old man in Qingpao asked among the five or six elderly.

The old man with red eyebrows next to him laughed and said-"Single-handed technique, this one is no longer under you and me, the preliminary calculation should be a seventh-level elementary level, but the trick he wants to use is difficult, extremely difficult, difficult To the point where the old man dare not think about it!"

"What is the success rate?"

"There is no success rate, absolutely failure. With the spiritual strength of the other phase of his legal situation, I am afraid that to adhere to the process of about one fiftieth would have to exhaust all the mental power."

"Oh, at least this kind of courage is commendable. This kind of stunt, the old man can't even think about it."

These old men obviously also noticed Lin Chen's intention!

"What is he going to do?" Min Qingluan, one of the four great arrogances of Danzhou, asked curiously, the girl's expression was full of doubts.

"Don't care what he does, don't use auxiliary herbs to refine seventh-order medicinal herbs, unless he is an eighth-order pharmacist, it's impossible to do it!"

Ji Yu, the four great arrogants, shook his head and said that although he was curious about Lin Chen, he was absolutely impossible!

"Humph! That waste will definitely be defeated, let's make four wins this time!"

Zhao Baiyu, the four great arrogants, sneered with a sneer, and the fingerprints on both hands suddenly changed! Ten fingers quickly turned into afterimages, terrible spiritual power and a series of warlike spirits infused into the furnace, the world changed suddenly!

"Purple, Purple Order Alchemy Handprint?"

"It's the Zhao Family's Purple Stage Low-grade Middle Grade Dragon Watermark!"

Min Qingluan refused to accept the bet that he seemed to lose-"Cut, is the purple low-grade middle class very powerful?"

The slender and white jade hands revolve around, and four fingers form a circle. The sky is a flying bird and beast phantom, Suzaku, black bird, Bi Fang, etc., lifelike, very amazing!

"It's Minjia's Hundred Birds' Handprint of Phoenix! The legend is still the low-grade top grade of Purple Order!

"Since this is the case, I can't lose!"-Ji Yu smiled, his hands throbbed, turned into a sky, and the waves rolled and the wind rose as he pushed horizontally!

"Ji Family's Thousand Pill Wave Turning Tips! Purple Order Low-grade Middle Grade! My God, there are three kinds of Purple Order Alchemy Fingerprints born in one breath!"

The three of the four Tianjiao astounded the audience as soon as they shot, but the fourth person, the blue skirt and beautiful girl Han Yuxi, never looked away from Lin Chen from beginning to end!

"Why, what kind of unconvincing belief made him insist on this unreasonable thing? That is obviously a stunt that can be tried by the seventh-level and higher-level refining medicine giant Qing. How ignorant is he?

"What can he do with his spiritual power during the great phase of the state of law? At least ten people have perfected the state of mind in the field, but it is impossible to touch the skills that only exist in the legend!"

While everyone is still wondering why Han Yuxi did not show his strength, there are several breaths of sudden change coming from the other side of the venue, and three purple order alchemy fingerprints were born!

It is three veteran pharmacists from several other big states. Their sharp edges are not weaker than Danzhou's three big arrogances!

The venue was completely boiling! Every pharmacist is very interesting, this is the summit summit!

But at this time, only one person completely got rid of this noisy world. That is Lin Chen!

He has never been so attentive! Entered the state of refining medicine whole body and mind!

After the preliminary extraction of the two dim pudding spirits was completed, Lin Chen suddenly switched to the alchemy fingerprint!

Thousands of Thundermen's Fortune Seal!

With both hands and seven fingers forming an edge, a pure white light robbery battle turned into a stream of energy, starting from the handprint!

Bang ~!

The world is rising! A magnificent ghost image standing proudly standing in the void, the ghost image's face and expression looks like Lin Chen, hegemonic dance, and the seal of his hands is exactly the same as Lin Chen!

Is it another purple order alchemy handprint?

Many powerful people cast their eyes on Lin Chen in shock. From the momentum point of view, the alchemy handprint of this child seems to be much stronger than the six kinds currently displayed in the audience!

Yun Potian was a little shocked with awe-inspiring words-"Bai Danhuang has a purple-order alchemy handprint, but it seems to be far from such a handprint! Why are there so many secrets on this kid?"

"Although I don't know what you want to do, but using your spiritual power to practice the law of heaven, earth, and spirit, I can't help but underestimate the tens of millions of years of medicine refining history in Kyushu."

At this moment, Han Yuxi gave Lin Chen a voice, but Lin Chen smiled.

"There are always so many dilemmas in a person's life, and they need to go forward. Why should they care about those cumbersome common sense. I only know that the kind of pleasure when a person turns over in desperation will make you feel good!"

When Lin Chen grinned, his palm was shocked, and a more shocking scene swept the entire summit of the Dan Summit!

One after another, the energy of the Aura Tianhe formed a vortex, and gathered in Lin Chen's red furnace!

At this moment, many Tier 6 and above and all Tier 7 pharmacists finally recovered, what did Lin Chen want to do!

A hidden seventh-level refining medicine giant Qing Qing trembles, his tone trembling!

"He only uses seventh-order medicinal materials, with heaven and earth as the furnace, spiritual energy as the auxiliary, creation as the merit, and gasification as the psychic. This is the law of heaven and earth, and only the seventh-tier senior pharmacists are qualified to touch the field! "