My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 514

Vol 5 Chapter 514: He Can Still Practice

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Chapter 514 !

Hearing the hidden world's medicine refining giant tremble, many refining masters breathed air!

This is a law of heaven, earth, and spirit that only existed in the era of the ancient times or the early ancient times, and the era when the wizards were born!

It is said that in that era, there was a legend who predicted that no matter how shocking it is on the path of the seventh-tier apothecary, if he cannot perform the magic law of the world, he will never be qualified to enter the ranks of the eighth-level apothecary. !

"Is this crazy? How old is he! How dare you try to touch this field?"

"It's impossible to succeed! This technique itself is harder than refining the seventh-order elixir!"

"What's more, the ancient power of the law of heaven, earth, and spirit is to enter the spiritual power of the heaven. How can he have enough spiritual power to maintain a state of law!"

Some hidden world alchemists who have heard of the law of heaven, earth, and spirit are shaking their heads again and again. Lin Chen's move is completely whimsical!

"It turned out to be the law of heaven, earth, and spirit, this kid is too crazy..."

The owner of the Yang family is amazed. As a 7th-level pharmacist in the hidden world, he knows exactly what this stunt means!


More than a dozen pillars of fire rose into the sky, and the momentum crushed the audience. Hundreds of medicinal materials were smelted into the Dan furnace by the clouds, and an old man in yellow robe suddenly became the focus of the audience!

"Purple Level Intermediate and Inferior Alchemy Handprint!"

"My God! The alchemy handprint of the top three awards seems to be only the purple middle-level low grade?"

Many strong people are air-conditioning, this level of alchemy handprint has been placed on the number one in Kyushu!

"That figure seems to be the old man of Qingyang?"

"Oh, it should be that he went to find an ancient ruin in the early years, and finally he was seriously injured and closed for thousands of years. Presumably, he also obtained this purple order intermediate alchemy handprint in that ruin."

The three old white robe elders from the Void sitting on the stage smiled and smiled. The appearance of the mid-level handprint of the Purple Order completely pushed the summit of the summit to the ultimate peak! As strong as the four great arrogances were suppressed to be dull!

In the past of one minute and one second, everyone is silent at the feast of the refining medicine brought by the refining pharmacists. On the fifth day, a crashing sound attracted many eyes!


The energy vortex exploded, and the sound of energy breaking came from Lin Chen's dan furnace!

Lin Chen himself was shocked by this energy for hundreds of meters, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

The energy in the red furnace continues to overflow to the void, dissipating into a cloud and wandering between heaven and earth!

failure! The law of heaven, earth, and spirit that lasted for five days failed just after switching to the second step!

"Hey, it's still too tender, courage is commendable, but accumulation is not enough."

"If you can give a certain amount of time, maybe this child can be a great weapon. But now, this field is too early for him."

The three old men sitting on the table in the void shook their heads and sighed. After this defeat, Lin Chen almost lost the qualification to participate!

If he wants to recover this consumption, it will take longer time, and he will have less time to refining medicine. Of course, there should still be some refining the sixth-level top medicine, so that he will not lose too ugly.

"I'm afraid this is about to die, maybe this time the refining medicine will become his biggest inner demon, and he will stop."

"Oh, failing in such a scene, to accept this blow is not something that the ordinary strong can bear. If it is not done well, his lifetime achievements will stop there."

The six hidden world seventh-order refining masters who saw Lin Chen's ideas before shook their heads and sighed.

Just as a crowd of people and people sighed for Lin Chen, Lin Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, but his fighting spirit became stronger!

"It seems that there is nothing wrong with my predecessor Bai Dan's predecessors. The law of heaven, earth, and spirit is divided into three phases, and it is the most difficult when changing the state of aura!"

"Master, I'm not over yet, I can still practice! Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa! Ultimate Gui Yuan!"

[Consuming 1600 talent points, starting the ultimate return, is making up for the host's lost morale and spiritual strength.

I don't know; the next moment Lin Chen pushed the carp upright, and turned up, his eyes radiated a more tenacious fighting spirit!

When he grabbed it with one hand, six kinds of seventh-order medicinal materials stood in the air and threw them into the dan furnace. When the Fortune Seal was urged, the audience was shocked!

"What? Why did he slow down so quickly?"

"No! Hasn't his mental strength already dried up when he practiced the law of receiving spirits. Why is he still alive and well now!"

"This? He is laughing, he is laughing! My God, what a tough state of mind!"

At the time when the powerful people of all walks were shocked and silent, Lin Chen's mouth outlined a frantic smile, and there was a kind of bare feet not afraid of wearing shoes!

Failure is a fart! Is there so few things that I Lin someone failed! Men who are afraid of failure are not qualified to be the most handsome in Kyushu!

"Phantom Doppelganger! Ultimate Return!"

Talent points and rune energy are reduced by another point, and Lin Chen's side has transformed into an avatar that is exactly like his breath!

The two of them have a spirit of heart, and they have the same handprint, and the two thousands of phantoms stand in the audience, and they are imposing!

The spirit of multiple manipulations is growing madly, and with the end of the alchemy handprint, the medicinal materials in the dan furnace are made faster, and the two match seamlessly!

Bang ~~!

The sudden change of the clouds between the heavens and the earth is another stream of energy.

At this moment, all the seventh-tier alchemists in the audience suddenly stood up!

He can still practice? Or is it the law of heaven and earth?

He is not rashly hitting the wall of the law of heaven, earth, and spirit, he did have his own challenge!

"Reiki is constantly increasing, faster and more accurate!"

"His seventh-order medicinal herbs have been refined faster! It is the heaven and earth spirit that has been transformed into auxiliary energy into the red furnace, replacing the sixth-order medicinal herbs to neutralize the medicinal properties!"

For the first time, the three old men in white robe on the Void seat appeared excited!

"He broke through that bottleneck! He has completed the switch from the gathering spirit to the condensing gas!"

"It's too powerful, sum up the experience from the failure immediately and fight back with more violent momentum!"

"It's just, how did this child recover his violent mental energy in such a short time?"

Lin Chen is indeed the spiritual power of the great phase of the state of law. In theory, he does not have the ability to perform the "law of heaven, earth, and spirit" step by step, but his "Tai Shi Bible" can realize multiple spiritual forces to manipulate and refine the panacea. , Can achieve far more than the same level of refining skills!

Not to mention, the phantom doppelganger who can do the same thing as Lin Chen!

However, the only thing he lacks is the persistence of mental power, but this has also been compensated for, that is, his ultimate return to talent!

The cold rain on one side stared staringly at the uninhibited smile that hung on the corner of the silver robe's mouth.