My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 515

Vol 5 Chapter 515: Why Is He So Lasting

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Chapter 515 !

"No matter how amazing it is on the seventh-tier pharmacist's path, if you can't cast the law of heaven, earth, and spirit, you will never be qualified to enter the rank of eighth-tier pharmacist!"

This sentence originated in the ancient times. Staring at the silver robe boy in the meeting place, many hidden medicine masters had such an incredible thought in their hearts!

Is it possible that this child can enter the eighth-level pharmacist? That's a Holy Grade Alchemist!

"Damn, this kid really has some skill! If you let him grow up in time, it will definitely be an overlord inside the sky tower. He must not be allowed to grow up wantonly. He must be wiped out in advance!"

Yun Potian, who was sitting in the auditorium not far from Lin Chen, had a gloomy expression. The spirit displayed by Lin Chen this time has made him feel tricky and very afraid!

"If you make this child an eighth-order apothecary, it may really become my No. 1 enemy of the Mo family. It seems that this time the goal of the operation has to be changed. Dedicated to the young master is the second. Kill!"

The blue emperor of Mo family also showed strong killing intention!

According to the regulations, all the methods for refining the Elixir belong to the pharmacist's own ability. Lin Chen's move did not violate the regulations, but caused a new round of hot debate!

The avatar that can complete such high-precision auxiliary medicine refining may only be able to achieve the power of the bloodline contained in the so-called "descendants of the gods"!

"Have you called someone back?"

At this time, the emperor in blue questioned the two half-step emperors around him, and the latter immediately nodded respectfully-"Mo Ying and Mo Ming have been photographed and rushed to their home as quickly as possible!"

"Well! But my family is far away from Danzhou, and I still need to enter the space channel one by one. The remaining 25 days may not be able to come. At that time, even if we are all alone, we must do everything we can to kill this child. !"

The blue war emperor and Yun Potian looked at each other, and everyone agreed to it! It doesn't matter what kind of life is captured, they only need Lin Chen to die!

With his impenetrable doppelganger skills, he can have the same power as his master Mo Zixiao, and he can do it even as an auxiliary pharmacist. The four war emperors who are enemies have noticed Lin Chen's infinite possibilities!

In the venue

"Just kidding, is it possible that the wild dogs who have become monks halfway can become a way out of the world? This son will be defeated by such a person?"

Zhao Baiyu, the four arrogant princes of Danzhou, looked gloomy, and the alchemy fingerprint was accelerated again, and he invested a lot of medicinal materials like crazy. The rhythm of the alchemy was somewhat disordered. Some referees noticed his vision and frowned.

"Although Zhao Baiyu's talent for refining medicine in the Zhao family is unprecedented for a long time, this son has a narrow mind and is difficult to become a great weapon. It seems to be smooth sailing, but if he encounters a blow or stronger, he will fall faster than anyone else."

"On this mindset alone, this Lin Chen kid doesn't know how many times he is better than him!"

At this time, Lin Chen had already devoted himself to his own phantom.

When the two types of chemical seals are coordinated with each other, the handprints are ever-changing, and the vortex of the aura in the sky has been condensed again and again, from the size of ten acres to the size of a hundred acres, and it continues to expand!

The energy vortex mobilized the energy suitable for the pure, and turned into the energy like a piercing energy. Xia Hong shot into the red furnace.

The seventh-order medicinal materials in the Bailong Jinghe furnace;'Yunhuang Jumeihua' "Azure Devil's "Red Blood Ginseng Fruit'", the essence of the medicinal power revealed after being torn apart by the energy shield rolled into a fist-sized Within the energy cluster.

The energy vortex of Feixia in the void completely listened to Lin Chens movement, the fingerprint changed, and the fingertips, the heaven and earth energy turned into his most ideal aura form as auxiliary energy to shoot into the Dan furnace!

This kind of domineering like commanding the world makes many young pharmacists long for it, full of longing and worship! This is the law of heaven and earth to receive the spirit, as far as the eyes are concerned, at the fingertips, and obey the order to become the aura of alchemy!

As time passed, more and more pharmacists gathered their eyes on Lin Chen, who was the only one in the venue to display the "law of heaven, earth, and spirit".

Another five days have passed, Lin Chen has already displayed his talents for the 7th Ultimate Return!

Even though the Taishi Bible can divide the manipulation of multiple spiritual forces, Lin Chens foundation is still in the period of the state of law, and cant stand such terrible consumption. yuan! There is no need to refine chemical power, directly fill up the mental power and the consumed fighting spirit!

On the 11th day of the Summit Pill Club, the pharmacist in the meeting room has completely entered the formal, and after some initial steps failed, immediately converted to the next level of pill medicine.

If a person fails at this time, there will not be enough time to refine the new seventh-order panacea!

Bang ~!

At noon, a terrible energy sound wave exploded! Blocked by a solid space crystal wall barrier, it failed to cause casualties in the auditorium and other contestants!

"what happened?"

"Exploded? Who exploded the Elixir, how could it be so terrifying?"

"It's Lin Chen's direction!"

"No way"

Everyone took a closer look, the broken energy vortex smoke dissipated, the strong energy smoke slowly dissipated, the silver robe boy's hands were stained with blood, his face was slightly pale, panting, it was Lin Chen!

He failed again! This is the second time!

"It's over, this child is very young, and there is still some distance from the law of heaven and earth to receive the spirit."

The three old men in white robe on the Void slowly closed their eyes and shook their heads and sighed.

"Well, at least his mentality and refining skills are already at the top of the younger generation. If this kid has enough medicinal herbs, maybe even our four little guys in Danzhou are not his opponents."

Yang Qing'er Hao teeth nibbled and stared at the figure of the teenager who was blown away by the explosion. The senior members of the Yang family sighed deeply.

At least these two attempts, he has proved himself! No one will look down upon him!

At this moment; Lin Chen stood up again, patted the dust on his body, and circulated the essence of the woody fighting spirit to heal his wounds, he took out a homemade cigarette to light it, took a deep breath, and looked Leisurely and calm.

When he walked to Danlu again, the void around him shuddered slowly. This time he split up two avatars?

After a large number of viewers stunned, a terrible idea appeared in his heart, and suddenly he took a cold breath!

Does it mean that he still wants to continue...

Bang ~!

This time, three kinds of Seals of Spirits were urged at the same time. The three spiritual phantoms stood at thousands of feet above the sky. Almost everyone who watched Lin Chen's current situation stood up in shock!

The three old men in white robe sitting in the void were stunned and stayed in place!

Does he actually want to continue? !

"My God, is he still human!"

"Why is he so lasting!"