My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 516

Vol 5 Chapter 516: 3. The Third Challenge

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Chapter 516, The Third Challenge! !

When Lin Chen challenged the law of heaven and earth for the third time, he completely shocked everyone!

No one would think he would be so strong! If you change to another 7th-level medicine refining guru, your mind will collapse!

"Make me!"

Putting ten kinds of seventh-order medicinal herbs in one hand, Lin Chen glanced at his talent point of 213,400 points. He smiled indifferently, and launched the limit return again!

At the moment when the three types of seals of mortal spirits are displayed at the same time, everyone slammed into air!

The two avatar-assisted refining medicines are still flowing, there is no trace or stagnation! What kind of fairy stunt is this?

The vortex of energy came together again, lowering the endless auxiliary aura and refining it into the dan furnace, and the visions were filled!

This time, the speed of refining medicine is more than four times faster than before! Two assistant pharmacists of the same level assist Lin Chen, the cooperation is even more seamless, and the efficiency is not as simple as one plus one!

"Is it really possible for him to do miracles?"

Suddenly, the old man in white robe sitting on the empty platform suddenly gave out such a sentence.

"It's too difficult... but I don't know why, in this young boy, I always feel that as long as he hasn't given up, the success rate will never be zero. The old man hasn't looked at one person for 100,000 years Its strange to have this temperament."

In the venue

Lin Chen controls the Seal of All Spirits. This alchemy handprint is very suitable for Lin Chen to display the law of heaven and earth. He can ingest a large amount of heaven and earth aura to enhance the spirituality of the medicinal materials, and invisibly solves many problems for Lin Chen!

Not to mention that at this time, three kinds of immortality seals are displayed together. That kind of power, it is easy to control Qianli Aura for your own use!

"The law of Naling is divided into three steps, gathering spirits, condensing qi, and then to Naling. I have completed the first two steps before, which further proves my conjecture. When switching to the last Naling step, I need to Divide into multiple lines to control, and expand the aura to be included in the red furnace, and then distribute the energy required for the main medicinal materials to each medicinal material!"

Even if he was embarrassed, the ups and downs of the audience still did not affect Lin Chen. He seemed to be alone in the Dan furnace in front of him. All his attention was in the state of the Dan furnace. Dont dare to miss a trace of details!

The deeper you understand, the more Lin Chen feels the incredible magic of heaven, earth, and spirit!

He had thought about these issues before. The sixth-order elixir has been so difficult to refine. What about the seventh-order? How much energy and energy need to be consumed!

And how is the more top-level eight-stage panacea made?

Now, Lin Chen has touched this answer faintly!

Using heaven and earth as a furnace, energy as medicine, creation as merit, and qi as spirit. This is perhaps the most important first step in becoming an eighth-tier apothecary. This law of heaven, earth, and spirit is the most critical watershed for the apothecary!

Time passed by one minute and one second, on the 14th day, Lin Chen successfully switched from Juling to the stage of condensing gas!

On the 19th day, Lin Chen finally entered the stage of Na Ling and shocked the audience!

Could it be that the law of heaven, earth, and spirit that has not been born in 100,000 years will be borrowed from this young man to reproduce heaven and earth today?

On the 20th day of the Summit Summit, there were many visions!

"It's so beautiful! What is this?"

"I have never seen such a beautiful scene in my life!"

As many young audiences exclaimed again and again, the crowd of people in the venue began to burst into cheers!

At the Danhui site, tens of thousands of altitudes began to appear like gorgeous and magnificent Xia Hong! More than 10,000 meters long, across the sky!

These Xia Hong, all from the red furnace of many top medicine masters, a total of 8 people!

They have condensed the young pill, and they can be sure that there is a 80% chance of successfully refining the finished pill! Among these 8 people, there are four major arrogances in Danzhou!

"This is Dan Hong, the dream that countless medicine masters want to pursue in their lifetime!"

"When the elixir of metamorphosis reaches the seventh rank, the elixir of elixir is already highly integrated into this heaven and earth. It will no longer be punished by the energy of the heaven and earth, and there will be no more thunder. There will be a beautiful rainbow!"

"It is said that there are 16 danhongs in the seventh-tier elixir. Every 4 danhongs are divided into one level. One danhong is the seventh-level low-grade inferior, and 16 danhong is the seventh-level top-grade best!"

Some old sixth-tier peak pharmacists shook their heads and sighed a few times, but this is the height they have dreamed of reaching in their entire lives!

Hearing the exclamation of these old-fashioned pharmacists, the young arrogants of the refining medicine stared at Danhong in the sky!

This is the view that only those who stand at the top can see!

The vision brought by the sixth-order young pill, the seventh-order young pill, is more attractive than those of the sixth-order young pill that has allowed Dan Yun to condense, and Dan Lei is rolling!

At this moment, a more unusual momentum detonated the audience!

boom! Bang!

The earth-shattering mushroom cloud rises up, the scene is extremely spectacular, a group of strong auras overflowing like a wave of qi, and it melts into the sky, and finally disappears into the sky.

When everyone looked back, I saw that the White Dragon's furnace was thousands of kilometers away, and a silver-robed boy figure was covered with blood!

Lin Chen!

He still failed!

Challenged three times and failed three times!

"Although there are many secrets in this child, it is still the spiritual power of the great phase of the French state!"

"Yeah, if he advances into the perfection of the Fa, and then works with his two avatars to refine it together, it's not true that the law of heaven, earth, and spirit can really reproduce this kid!"

"No matter what, this son's performance in this summit of Dan Summit is well-known! He just stepped into the final Naling step, only one step away from condensing the young Dan!"

The three white robe elders sitting in the void exclaimed that Lin Chen's tenacity and perseverance had been recognized by everyone present!

He just lost to his age and lost to young! As long as he is given another period of time, he will surely step into a whole new level!

"Unfortunately, the spiritual realm of Master Lin Chen is still worse than the four Tianjiao in Danzhou."

The senior elders of the Yang family shook their heads and sighed.

"Elder Yang Feng, his spiritual realm is worse than the four Tianjiao? I ask you, how many years have the four Tianjiao in Danzhou practiced."

"Not much, less than two hundred years old, very young."

"What about little friend Lin Chen?"

"He just...?"

Then Elder Yang Feng was completely dumbfounded! He discovered that he subconsciously equated Lin Chen's age with Danzhou's four great arrogances! Actually they are not all the way!

Yes! He is only 20 years old! Not even 21 years old!

At the age of 20, he has reached the stage of becoming a state of law. He dares to challenge the law of heaven, earth, and spirit that has not been seen for 100,000 years!

This is so much stronger than Danzhou's four great arrogances! Given the time, wouldn't it be like turning the sky if he was given another ten years, with his heart like this?