My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 517

Vol 5 Chapter 517: 3. The Final Trump Card

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Chapter 517 The final trump card! ! !

"Master Lin Chen! You have done a good job!"

At this time, Yang Qinger gathered courage and cheered for Lin Chen from the two-row auditorium!

Lin Chen patted the dust on his body and blinked at the Yang family.

"Yeah! Even if you step back now, no one will question his strength. He just had bad luck and didn't bring medicinal materials."

"No, on the contrary, there are already a lot of old monsters who have seen the potential of this child. I am afraid that his legend will sweep the entire Danzhou and even Kyushu in a more terrifying storm!"

"Hey, look, why is he going up again?"

Just when everyone marveled at Lin Chen's bad luck, he went to the White Dragon Stove again?

What does he want to do? The Dan Club has already reached the 20th day. At this time, even some higher-quality sixth-order top-grade elite medicines cannot be refined!

I saw that someone Lin flexed his thumbs and smiled indifferently.

"People who look handsome never shrink back."

As soon as the voice fell, the three avatars landed again, and the audience was shocked!

How can his avatar be increased? !

"Good show, only now!"

Lin Chen was so passionate that when he laughed, he swept a dozen of the seventh-order medicinal herbs into the Dan furnace at the same time!

His hands quickly made a seal, three avatars made the same handprint, and the four spirits appeared in phantom, suddenly fitting in the Dan furnace!

Countless powerhouses whizzing! the fourth time!

This child actually wants to challenge the fourth time! Its crazy to fail to give up three times.

"Can his avatar actually condense three?"

"If it is assisted by three avatars, is there really any possibility?"

"It's not that simple! Although this child has completed the last step of transforming Naling, there is still a distance from the formation of the young pill. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain the law of the world and the Naling to condense the pill. know!"

The last old man in white robe said with a deep voice, this stunt even challenged them even once! The degree of difficulty can be called against the sky!

"The Ultimate Return!"

When Lin Chen launched the Ultimate Guiyuan again, his talent point had dropped below 140,000 points!

In order to verify his experience before, he has consumed 80,000 talent points! It can be described as a desperate bet!

"It takes a price to step out of the realm of mortals. Now that I have paid the price, Brother Chen, I can't do it and I can't make a seventh-order elixir!"

It also puts in five kinds of seventh-order medicinal materials, without any medicinal materials to assist in neutralizing the medicinal properties, all relying on the condensed heaven and earth aura to assist, all the pharmacists are shocked!

Too **** crazy! At the same time refining dozens of seventh-order medicinal materials, is he not afraid of the fryer?

21 days, 22 days, 23 days! Lin Chen still maintains the state of heaven, earth and spirit in an orderly manner!

From Ju Ling to Qi Qi! Then, on the 26th day, I switched from Condensed Gas to Naling, traveling in clouds and flowing water, without any stagnation!

At this time, Dan Yun rolled over in the venue, and Dan Lei was in a vertical position. Sixth-level top medicines had already been born!

On the 28th day, the endless Ruihua Xiaguang burst into the sky and Danhong rolled up and down!

Seventh-order Elixir was born!

"Who is it? Who's Seventh Order Elixir is born!"

"It is the four arrogance of Danzhou!"

I saw the four Tianjiao in the middle of the venue, Zhao Baiyu's panacea was born first!

The dazzling Danhong lighted up in light yellow, and it was a seventh-grade inferior medicine.

Bang ~ Bang ~ Bang ~

When the wind screamed and shook, violent fluctuations came out of the kilns of Ji Yu and Min Qingluan, and Dan Xia Ning rushed into the sky!

In the danyun of the high altitude, two dazzling danhongs suddenly appeared in the sky, and both were seventh-order low-grade middle-grade!

Two 7th-order low-grade Chinese medicines were born at the same time!

"Damn, if Lao Tzu was not influenced by that guy, how could he behave abnormally!"

Zhao Baiyu resented in his heart, his eyes flashing with murderous intent to Lin Chen not far away!

"Oh, the little guy in Danzhou is still evil, but the old man will not keep his hand!"

An old man in a black robe tens of miles away from four people suddenly laughed, his hands shook, Dan Xia rushed to Xiao Han, and in the rolling Dan Yun, there were two bright and bright Dan Hong!

"Another seventh-grade low-grade middle class?"

"No! Also!"

The strong-eyed man exclaimed, and among the old men in the black robe, there was a very pale blue!

Three Danhong! It is a seventh-grade low-grade top grade!

"Humph! Our Danzhou leader is not that good!"

Han Yuxi snorted coldly, jade hand patted, and Dan Xia rushed to the sky again! The surging Dan Yun showed three Dan Hong, only the third line was very pale!

It is a seventh-grade low-grade top grade!

Masters from all walks of life show their magical powers, and the Danhui scene screamed again and again! The momentum of those sixth-order elixirs was suppressed to be dull, and at this time, it was the home of the seventh-order elixirs!

In the end, the Qingyang old man who became famous for a long time actually made four Danhong's seventh-order low-grade super medicines, and pressed the audience!

The atmosphere of the audience instantly pushed to the climax!

However, for those drug masters who are watching the hidden world, they are staring at the silver robe under the energy vortex!

His spiritual strength is rock-solid, and all the auras are included in the Dan Furnace by him. The four spiritual shadows form a handprint, and the spiritual power controls the countless energy essences in the Dan Furnace to begin to merge! Condensed into young pill!

Sudden changes in the situation, the aura of the audience suddenly scraped in the direction of Lin Chen!

Even the three white robe elders sitting on the void table were shocked!

"It's time to condense the young dan!"

"This child has really come to this step? His mental strength has repeatedly fluctuated in these days and days, from exhaustion to recovery, just in a blink of an eye, this is also terrible! Seventh-level spiritual medicines are all terrible. Not as fast as he recovered!"

What made the three refining giants difficult to understand is how Lin Chen persisted from the law of heaven, earth, and spirit!

The answer is naturally only known by Lin Chen himself, that is his ultimate return! This full-fire phantom avatar has consumed his limit return more than 30 times, and his talent point has been reduced to less than 100,000 points!

Bang ~~!

Lin Chen's head was empty, and Dan Yun began to clog, and bright Dan Hong lights began to converge!

Many refined essences in the Dan furnace are merged into a fist-sized young Dan!

Young Dan condensed successfully!

However, the spiritual power required by Lin Chen to maintain the law of heaven, earth and spirit suddenly increased at this moment! His four spiritual virtual images suddenly began to appear shaken!

Lin Chen's complexion turned pale at a rate visible to the naked eye!

"No! This kid can't support it!"

"Don't you get together, are you going to fail again?"

Just as the three old men in white robe regretted, Lin Chen's robe suddenly shattered! The turbulent fighting spirit and spiritual power suddenly exploded!

"It's not over yet! The ultimate moment!!!"