My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 518

Vol 5 Chapter 518: The New Legend Lin Chen

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Chapter 518, New Legend Lin Chen!

Lin Chen and even the three avatars, the whole body appeared in the blue and quiet glory, and at the same time entered the state of "the ultimate moment"!

The turbulent energy of the turbulent Dan furnace began to calm down in an instant, and the mental strength that was about to be broken seemed to be like a fish, and once again became able to ingest the energy of the aura vortex in the sky to assist Ning Dan!

However, Lin Chen's talent points consumed 11200 talent points at this moment, four times the ultimate moment of 2000 points, and two times the limit return to replenish the consumed fighting spirit and spiritual power!

The ultimate moment does not increase mental power, but it can double the effect of Lin Chens "Tai Chi Bible"! He controlled the final Naling stage, and because of this last double, he scored the winner!

"Damn, it's terrible consumption. If it wasn't for the young man, I had 220,000 talent points before. If there is not enough medicinal materials, the seventh order immortality can't be refined!"

When Lin Chen was shocked in the dark center, the fingerprint changed again. Four fingerprints of spiritual ghosts suddenly detected the fingerprint, and many world spirits were ingested into the furnace!

The large amount of energy that was spilled out of Lin Chens previous refining failure was compressed back, because Lin Chens crazy intake of Reiki led to the rapid reduction of Dan Yun in the venue, and the thousands of sixth-order refining masters Dan Lei did not have time to descend. Lin Chen was sucked away!


"It's time to condense the finished medicine!"

The three old men in white robes couldn't help but leave the void sitting on the platform, wanting to witness this moment with their own eyes!

Lin Chen's cold sweat, the ultimate moment will not reduce his burden, but will also increase consumption, his frequency of exerting the limit Guiyuan talent is becoming more and more frequent!

Everyone stared at Lin Chen with almost breathlessness. Is there really a miracle in this family?

The law of heaven, earth, and spirit that only the seventh-tier senior pharmacist can try, can it be cast today from a teenager in his early 20s? If this was put in the past, no one present would dare to even think about it!

Regardless of how many Seventh-tier Elixirs were born again, all the audience and even a large number of contestants stared at Lin Chen staring!

"Come out for me! Hunyuan Longyang Dan!"

Suddenly drinking, Lin Chen held his hands, Dan Xia rushed to Jiu Xiao! The aura vortex is finally transformed into a funnel-shaped rotation and incorporated into the dan furnace!

At the next moment, Danhong in Danyun once again surged, and the second Danhong appeared!

The sparkling aura blasted away from the furnace!


It's a fryer again!

"Why did this kid make a medicine and exploded four times!"

"It's over! The volatility of this explosion is not small! Will it blow up the Elixir!"

Some excited strong men even wanted to rush into the venue to see the final result. When the thick smoke spread out, Dan Yun was still there! Dan Hong has already exceeded four!

The young man was shirtless, his streamlined muscles lurked explosive power, his **** one-handed one held the longan-sized elixir, panting, but his eyes flashed with vitality and excitement!

Five Danhongs were listed on top of Lin Chen's head, and all the audience stood up abruptly! Look excited!

The four Danhongs are the seventh-grade low-grade best, those five? It is the seventh level intermediate!

Seventh-grade intermediate grade!

Is it a seventh-order intermediate?

It seems that there is only one difference between the four Daohong and the five Daohong, and the actual gap is equivalent to the gap between the triple war emperor and the quadruple war emperor. There is a huge gap between the two!

"He actually succeeded..."

Han Yuxi stared staringly at the young man's figure. His slightly thin figure now seemed to have a fighting spirit that was enough to propagate the world!

From the beginning, Han Yuxi did not think that Lin Chen would succeed. From the beginning to the end, she believed that people must have self-knowledge. But Lin Chens sentence, the life of a person, there are always so many dilemmas that need to move forward. "Engraved deeply in her heart!"

Everyone is only concerned about Lin Chen's practice of the heaven and earth, but he did not care about the red medicine level he made. In fact, if it was not for the purpose of challenging these seventh level intermediate levels, he had already been successful!

"I did not use any sixth-order medicinal materials to help neutralize the energy of the seventh-order heavenly earth and earth treasures, but refined the seventh-order intermediate elixir. This child is unprecedented in the history of the mainland of Kyushu in Kyushu. It is both unprecedented and post-mortem!"

"Genius, we may be witnessing the rise of an eighth-order pharmacist!"

"This kid is really full of madness. The old man was not as desperate as he was at the Summit Summit!"

The three elders suspended in the void were amazed, and even one person sent a voice to Lin Chen across the air.

"Mr. Lin Chen, I am Han Ming, the ancestor of the Han family in Danzhou. Our Han family has collections and handprints of refining medicine from the ancient times. If you have the opportunity, you can come to my family to discuss medicine refining."

At this time, the other two elders felt the mental fluctuations from Hanming and immediately changed their colors. The old fox reacted quite quickly! The olive branch was thrown out so quickly!

The other two also sent out mental fluctuations. These three refining medicine giants, who have always been in high places, are favored by a teenager for the first time!

"Thank you seniors for your invitation, Lin must have the opportunity to discuss."

Lin Chen grinned, suspended the panacea in front of him, secretly running the wood spirit essence method to heal the wound.

"Successful! He really succeeded!"

For the first time, Yang Qing'er cheered with joy and tears, her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen's eyes, and she became more tender and tender.

"Lin Chen! Lin Chen!"

Many audiences and pharmacists cheered Lin Chen's name. He was the last law of the world and the spirit of spirit, which pushed the summit of the summit to the top!

Only the legends of ancient times exist, but everyone present today is fortunate enough to see it once! It is no exaggeration to say that this life is without regret!

At the end of the last day, the Dan Association officially ended. With Lin Chens law of heaven, earth, and spirits and his seventh-order intermediate medicine, it brought a successful ending to the Dan Association!

This summit peak summit is destined to go down in history, spread throughout the ages, forever! There is a name that will always shine on the history of Danhui!

Lingzhou Linchen!

This name will sweep the entire Kyushu after the summit summit!

This young man, only 20 years old, has personally created an unprecedented miracle! Throughout the ancient times, the ancient times, and the ancient times, there was no one-tenth of his pride!

Even descendants of God are not qualified!

All the audience, almost no one disobeyed! In terms of spiritual power, he did not even achieve perfection of the state of the law.

On alchemy fingerprints, there is also a Qingyang old man with a purple intermediate fingerprint. In terms of age, he is the youngest in the audience!

But that's why he didn't have too many eye-catching features, but he killed a **** road and conquered everyone by relying on the skill of refining medicine!

As far as Lin Chen is concerned, aside from the many refining medicine giants who value Lin Chen, there are still a lot of powerful people who are staring at him!