My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 519

Vol 5 Chapter 519: Colorful Shengyuan Is At Hand

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Chapter 519

In the eyes of the outsiders, his avatar is awesome, his secrets to quickly recover his fighting spirit and spiritual power, and his alchemy handprint! These are rare opportunities forever!

Other pharmacists have a strong enough background, but Lin Chen, not!

The ranking of this summit summit: First, Lin Chen, seventh-grade intermediate inferior. Second, Qingyang, seventh-grade low-grade top grade, third place, Han Yuxi, seventh-grade low-grade top grade. Fourth place, Zhang Xun, seventh-order low...

Mo Family and Yun Potian sitting in the audience, the murderous intention of the eyes brewed extremely intense!

"If this son does not kill, the future will be my No. 1 enemy of the Mo family!"

The expression of the old man in blue is cold and cold, but there are still some shocks in the expression that previously witnessed the birth of the seventh-level intermediate inferior medicine.

He is not qualified to enjoy this grade of immortality! Actually refined in the hands of such a young boy! It can be seen how terrible his future potential is!

He cant wait to pray that Dan will end soon. In this case, his Mo family will be killed!

Just as everyone was paying attention to the champion Lin Chen, he suddenly seemed to have returned to his previous inexplicable state. He started to scratch the ground and the air of the venue in front of everyone?

Which brain is it?

Seeing Lin Chen groaning all over the floor, he also looked like a giggling face, which made many powerful people's mouths smoke!

This kid's acting style is really not that weird!

Lin Chen's mouth almost turned over with laughter, the spiritual power attributes here are all over the ball!

In the past, Lin Chen, in addition to encountering some master refining masters at the time in the early days, when he later confronted various refining masters, most of the refining masters were inferior to him in spirit, and basically did not drop many attribute light balls.

But this time is different. At the summit of this summit, there are more than seven people in the spiritual realm than him!

These people are in the state of full-power refining medicine, and more than one attribute light ball is dropped!

[The host gains 18 points of mental power, 17 points of mental power, 11 points of mental power, 18 points of mental power, 5004 points of quintessence of fighting spirit, 10 ignition energy,]

Not only was Lin Chen receiving the attribute light ball, but also his three avatars were in a mess. The value of the intermediate mental power skyrocketed to more than 300 points, and Lin Chens spiritual seeds soared to 2000 again, which was not touched in half an hour. Touch the pinnacle of adulthood!

"It's cool! If I were to go to the place where the seventh-level refining medicine giant Qing of the Danzhou ancient family specializes in refining medicine, I would have to be promoted to the perfect spiritual strength of the state of law!"

Lin Chen heartily sighed, but unfortunately this idea is not realistic. With his current strength, if he enters any ancient family, is it not a sheep into the tiger's mouth?

I have too many cards revealed at this summit, and it is inevitable that someone will think carefully and go to any one without permission.

Inside the ancient aristocratic family, when someone came to "close the door and beat Lin Chen" that was really over!

"I still have to rely on myself!"

Lin Chen put away the little thoughts in his heart, and when he looked back, he found that the strong players in the audience were staring at themselves with surprise or greed!

"Well, it seems that my spiritual advancement has been seen by these old monsters..."

Lin Chen smiled dumbly, and his heart was very open. The soldiers came to cover the water and the earth, and Lin Chen had his own plan.

"After touching the air in a mess, the mental power has grown greatly! Such a mysterious spiritual cultivation method has never been seen. The secret in this child is very big..."

With a sigh in Hanming's heart, this kid has become the goal of countless strong men today.

"Oh, the waves of the Yangtze River are pushing forward, young people, they are doing well."

At this time, a secret message was passed to Lin Chen, the eccentric Qingyang old man. Lin Chen immediately clenched his fists-"Where and where, the seniors are also very powerful, but someone in Lin has a little better luck and looks good. Handsome people are lucky after all."

"Haha, you are not lucky, funny kid."

The old monster of Qingyang shook his head and smiled. This kid didn't have any arrogance and arrogance, but was born to be loved by his old fellows.

"This conference is officially over, please ask for awards in order according to your ranking."

As a champion, Lin Chen was personally awarded by the three major medicine refining giants. The first prizes included were: Colorful Sacred Source, and the extremely precious seventh-tier intermediate-level superfine Danfang.

In this championship, Lin Chen consumed a total of more than 120,000 talent points. Until the end, his talent points were only 98,000 points! The consumption of talent points this time is greater than Lin Chen's any battle.

But he has no regrets, because these and the results of the harvest are directly proportional!

Lin Chen accepted these two best treasures under all hot and envious eyes!

Colorful holy source placed in the sky tower, at least can sell more than one million sky coins!

This thing is an inexplicable artifact that can be encountered between heaven and earth, and there are few treasures that can break through the spiritual power, let alone this kind of **** that can break through the bottleneck between the spiritual power of the legal phase and the heavenly realm!

The prize for the second place is the Purple Order Low-grade Middle Grade Alchemy Fingerprint and the Seventh Grade Intermediate Best Grade Weapon!

Although the old monster in Qingyang already has a purple-level intermediate alchemy handprint, who would be too much for such an alchemy handprint?

Put it in the sky tower for sale, this thing can also be sold for about 700,000 sky coins, it is a huge sum of money that the real Lien Zhan moved! Needless to say that the seventh-order intermediate-level best-of-breed weapon.

As for the followers, the rewards are naturally not low, and the Pinnacle Pill will end in an unprecedented way.

When leaving the field, Lin Chen once again launched the Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa and the Ultimate Guiyuan talent, and adjusted his state to the top again!

Because next, there is a big battle waiting for him!

"This little guy is really horrible. Compared with him, our summit summit meeting was a kid fight!"

"Blue is better than blue! It is the age of young people now!"

The six master refining masters who initially thought that Lin Chen could not successfully perform the law of heaven, earth, and spirit couldnt help but sigh!

"Mr. Lin Chen, congratulations! Pinnacle Summit will be first. From now on, my Yang family will rely on you to take care of you!"

The Yang family owner smiled and came up with a fist, Lin Chen smiled-"The Yang family host is kind, and I, Lin, would also like to thank the Yang family for giving me this place to participate in the Summit Dan Summit."

The senior officials of the Yang family on the side also kept echoing and admiring, and Yang Qing'er's eyes looked at Lin Chen even more gently.

"Friend Lin Chen, I need my Yang's help this time."

The stern young Master Yang secretly preached.

Lin Chen stunned, and said with a smile-"No, my Chou family is very powerful, it is inconvenient to involve the Yang family."

At this moment, a faint spiritual voice came back from behind Lin Chen-"little guy, you seem to be a bit troublesome, do we need some old guys to help you smooth it out?"

It is the three white robe elders with the highest power in Danhui!