My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 520

Vol 5 Chapter 520: Junlin World Talent Launch

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Chapter 520

"There is no need for the hands of three seniors. I, Lin Chen, have done something but not done something. I naturally have to solve the problem that I caused myself."

San Lao only looked at the back of the teenager in surprise, and was very interested.

Dan will leave, and many strong men are secretly staring at Lin Chen, but he did not secretly cast a spell to escape or hide, but left with a fair and solemn direction and flew to the direction of China! This makes all the powerful people who are eyeing Lin Chen quietly act!

Mo Family and Yun Potian looked at each other, followed closely.


Half a day after the end of the Dan meeting, Danzhou, Burial Soul Mountains.

The murky mountains were filled with cold air.

Lin Chen had just arrived at the high altitude of the Burial Soul Mountain Range, laughing loudly and passing on miles.

"Everyone, I know that I look handsome, but your gang of elders keep track of what is going on with me. Lin Chen has no special hobbies."

"Your kid doesn't even use conspiracies or tricks, but he dare to walk out alone, do you really think you can beat all of us?"

The blue emperor of the Mo family led a stream of afterimages, and more than 200 Yuanzun people and four emperors appeared!

"Everyone, today is my Shen Mo family, I hope some people do not interfere, this child has a life and death feud with my Mo family, the old has asked the Mo family for help, and the meddler will be regarded as the enemy of my Mo family!"

The old man in Tsing Yi whispers across the air, and the air of war is shrouded in the world for hundreds of thousands of miles. Those strong peeping in the dark are also surprised.

"Mo Family, descendants of Shenzhou God, are hard bones..."

"How did this kid get into the Mo family? Hey, I originally wanted to help him. Forget it, this relationship is not something we can help."

Many powerful people lurking in the void sighed. The Mo's family at the summit Dan Hui did not dare to mess up because the Dan Hui was organized by all the refining medicine families in Danzhou.

But if it is two or three ancient families in Danzhou, his family is not only afraid, but can also stabilize the other side!

"Yuan Fang, how do you see?"

"Oh, this is a good idea. Let's wait and see how it changes. After all, this is the only seedling in Kyushu that can reach the eighth-order saint-level pharmacist. If we die here, we also have a responsibility."

Above the Burial Soul Mountains; someone Lin flicked his nails, and then said amazingly.

"Relax, today I only want to kill everyone here, or kill everyone, or kill everyone. Because I am Lin, I will definitely not die."

Lin Chen smiled confidently, and the blue warlord was angry! The monstrous battle has swept over the dark mist!

He stretched out his hand to hold the void, and the seventh-level low-level ghost-headed sword emerged, slashing out with a sharp knife, and the black mans violently lashed towards Lin Chen!

"Call me to death!"

Yun Potian and the red-dressed women are mad at battle, these guys actually kill a 20-year-old young man! All the strong watchers were surprised and stunned.

"The ultimate momentFive changes!"

When urging the five-fold change of Jiuhuang, Lin Chens cultivation temporarily advanced to the sixth peak. When Zi Jin Tong saw through all the attack flaws, Lin Chen Moonlight Lanying urged!


The figure turned into a faint moonlight, and the purple phoenix wings swept a thousand miles away, and the expressions of the blue warlord and Yun Potian were shocked!

"This child's speed is so fast?"

"The speed of body skills that can't even reach this seat, what's going on? It's much better than when he was chased down that day!"

When they chased Lin Chen earlier, Lin Chen only used the Purple Phoenix Wing and Moonlight Lan shadow figure method, and did not even take out the five changes! Not to mention the ultimate moment with one trick now!

At the moment when many warlords attacked, the situation changed suddenly!

"System, mobilize the talents of the world!"

[Consuming 10,000 talent points, activating the king of the world's talent, has entered the state of accumulating energy, the more the enemy is killed, the stronger the next attack power of the host is. Energy accumulation: 0 points. Cooling time: 30 days.

"The Ultimate Moment! The Ultimate Return!"

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the three phantoms appeared in the air. They held the sword, held the sword, held the bow, and urged the body to kill the Yuanzun realm.

When the Tsing Yi emperor of the Mo family was about to take action, Lin Chen pushed his hands out horizontally, and a gray and white rung to suppress the ages was born!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen this time, the rune energy instantly consumed 46000 points! Play an unprecedented slow rune!

When the space where the four war emperors were frozen solidified, the four people's expressions all changed color! What kind of attack is this? Even the space becomes slowly frozen?

In the next moment, Lin Chen's index finger's "Bihai Aurora Ring" shines. This is the life-saving card left by the deputy dean to Lin Chen. It can issue three attacks equivalent to the second stage of the war emperor's second stage!

"Bihai Aurora!"

A beam of aurora penetrating through the stars and moon blasted away, and the four war emperors were still bound by the solidified space at this time, and there was no chance to escape!

Bang ~~!

The aurora radiates the sky of thousands of miles, and the terrible energy storm swept up with four warlords as the center. Among the four of them, the Mo family's blue warlord and Yun Po genius were at the beginning of the second stage, and the remaining two were only a middle stage.

This blow is enough for them to be hit hard before they are ready in advance!

However, Lin Chen simply did not expect this blow to kill them! His goal is to have all the enemies present!

While Lin Chen procrastinated against the four war emperors, the battlefield on the other side ushered in a scene of **** riots!

"Ziguang Wanlei Arrow!"

"Thousand souls!"

A sandstorm of tornado-like blades of wind stormed a large number of Yuanzun realms, constantly eroding their defense of defense. A ray of light and the light of thunder and roar of warfare penetrated their defensive treasures. All the powerful were shocked. Lost!

Especially the third avatar of Lin Chen, holding a white sword in his hand, the whole body is as bright as jade, and the light blue and white brilliance circulates. Every time he swings his sword, he does not need any combat skills. It is easy to penetrate the nine-level defense of Yuanzun Realm, and even kill on the spot!

The sharp edge of his sword, so many powerful people are frightened to escape!

[Killing Yuanzun Realm in the mid-ninth level, accumulating energy: 150 points. In the early stage of the beheading of the Ninth Layer, accumulate energy: 100 points...]

Every time someone falls, the energy accumulated by Lin Chens monarch talent is even more powerful!

"Seventh-grade intermediate-grade swordsman? This child actually has this-grade swordsmanship. My God, how can he control it?"

Doppelganger holds the white sword, frost blooms like snow, while the faint white light circulates, the sword edge reverses and splits, and another Yuanzun realm falls in the late nineth!

This "Bai Shuang Qing Hong" is a seventh-order intermediate-grade superb sword that Lin Chen used to have two 7th-order low-level swords, and a large number of weapons and materials.

Even the strongest of the seventh-grade intermediate-grade swords, Lin Chen felt terrified. Every time the sword pointed, there would be a Yuanzun Realm that had been practicing for thousands of years or even tens of thousands! It is more than ten times stronger than the seventh-level low-level fighter!