My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 521

Vol 5 Chapter 521: Accumulate Energy

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Chapter 521: Accumulate Energy!

According to common sense, Lin Chen's strength is not enough to control the seventh-grade intermediate-grade sword weapon.

But the newly-integrated weapons are like newborn babies. When they are spiritually pure and pure as a blank piece of paper, Lin Chen only needs to drip blood to recognize the Lord, just like the child recognizes his father. Once born, it Just followed Lin Chen. It is more that it admits to Lin Chen by itself, rather than Lin Chen surrendering it.

Roar ~!

Long Qi is vertical and horizontal, transforming into Xuan Qing Dragon Territory, suppressing the actions of many famous Yuanzun Realms! Qinglong furiously slayed, biting off the three early nine-level Yuanzun realm, and then the dragon tail swinged, crushing a late eight-level!

When Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon performed the "Frightened Dragon Sweeping Body Method", the purple phoenix wing behind swooped like a blue lightning to the battlefield on the other side. When the dragon claw waved, Wanzai Xuanguang Blade waved out, and It is the two Yuanzun realm falling!

After the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon with the Purple Phoenix wings, even the ordinary half-step Emperor may not be its opponent! The Qinglong, the perfect combination of attack, defense and speed, shocked even the eternal power of watching the battle!

"What kind of dragon family is this? How could the Purple Phoenix wings of the True Flame Purple Phoenix?"

"Is it a mixed bloodline of the Dragon and Phoenix family? Not right! The mixed bloodline does not have the pure Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon bloodline like it!"

Even those Warlords who have lived for more than 100,000 years are amazed. There are too many secrets about this kid!

"Extremely short water!"

Lin Chens phantom doppelganger made several tricks of purple-level sword skill, and the water light sword mang hole sent by Baishuang Qinghong pierced the heart of a half-step emperor and beheaded on the spot!

Mo Jia and Yun Potian's men and women almost fell into the predicament of being slaughtered on one side. When Lin Chen flapped the wings of the Purple Phoenix, the dark dragon palms shattered many Yuanzunjing's bodies, which was almost impossible to prevent!

All of these two hundred Yuan Zunjing realms were cultivated in the mid-eighth and above. They were completely beaten by Lin Chen and his three avatars and Wan Zaixuan Dragon!

If the two hundred or more strong men existed as a unity, Lin Chen could not slaughter them at all, but they were either the Yuanxun Realm, which was recruited by Yun Potian in the sky tower, or some of the elders who were looking for by the Mo family .

There is no cooperation and tacit understanding between them! It's just a piece of sand!

The most lethal blow is that this set of scattered sand also encountered the existence of Lin Chen, which has a low-grade, superlative body of purple order!

The three avatars that are extremely fast, each move has launched a charging rune and a penetrating rune, superimposed on the power of the ultimate moment, and completely formed a unilateral slaughter!

Almost ten can't breathe, and the scene's Yuanzun Jingqiang is less than half!

When the energy storm of tens of thousands of feet disappeared, the figures of the four warlords appeared.

Except for Yun Potian and the Blue Dressed Emperor, they were slightly injured. The remaining two were quite miserable. Especially the old Tsing Yi of the Mo family, their arms were almost gone!

If it were not for the two early dual warlords, perhaps the other two had already fallen on the spot under Lin Chen's "Bihai Aurora"!

"Let's not get together, break him up in separate operations!"

"Lin Chen, you are dead!"

Yun Potian and the old man in blue shuddered slightly, disappearing as the space moved!

"Stop his avatar from slaughtering us!"

The old man in Tsing Yi shouted at the beautiful woman. The two nodded and stomped their toes to support the one-sided slaughter battlefield!

"Wan Lei Jian!"

When Yun Potian moved the space, he pulled the seventh-order sword weapon, and thundered his sword violently, slashing Lin Chen away, and coming across from all directions, he would not be given a chance to escape!

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wing shot, and the moonlight disillusioned, bang! Countless thunder sword gas slashed and exploded, completely emptied!

"Senrow wears the star!"

A star-like light traversed, Lin Chen's figure had just appeared, and the old and dry palms turned into a half-foot-long blue quiet energy claw, tearing the void, and grabbing Lin Chen's back!

If this blow is hit, Lin Chen may have fallen on the spot!


The energy claws grab down and cut off the central area of the Burial Soul Mountain alive, tearing it in half! This time, there was an empty air, Lin Chen's figure was just a residual image!

"Damn! How can this kid's speed be so fast! Even the few war emperors I know must be fast!"

The blue-clothed warlord scolded in his heart, and when he was released, looking for the figure of Lin Chen, he suddenly found that he had looted the other two!

In this scene, many powerful people were frightened. One Yuanzun Realm dared to take the initiative to fly to the direction of the two war emperors. This act was completely suicidal!

"You two are careful! That kid is going to you!"

At the time of the fighting spirit, the two accelerated their speed and surrounded Lin Chen. The red robe and the old woman in Tsing Yi turned around instantly. When he was about to face Lin Chen, he shot the void with one hand!

The rune energy is reduced by 28000 points again! The two gray and white grates blasted out, and the space between the two and the speed at which their fighting power was running suddenly became like a turtle!

"This trick again?"

When the two were beating, they were about to urge their defensive combat skills. The golden light flashed. Lin Chen held the five-dragon dynasty gun. When the lasing flew away, the rifle was turned upside down and the two were shot in one shot!

The neck of the old man in Tsing Yi even heard a creaking bone fracture!

The two flew in a single shot, and the sword-like awns strangled and flew like a snake. Lin Chen's purple phoenix wing beat, and then disappeared into a stream of streamer.

The other three avatars on the other side are constantly killing Yuan Zunjing with less than one hundred remaining! The sky's attribute light sphere is occasionally absorbed by flashing avatars, and Lin Chen's attribute continues to rise!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's first avatar was one-handed virtual push, which consumed 40,000 rune energy, solidified a large area of space, 40 Yuanzun Realm was bound, and the fighting power was running like a turtle!

While hoisting the hoarfrost and green rainbow, the sword spirit danced wildly, and the purple rainbow battle bow blasted out hundreds of thunder and light robbers.

Lin Chen's body held a golden war gun and rushed to the cloud to break the sky. When the latter's expression changed slightly, the sword appeared like a dragon and saved thousands of shots of Raymond!

I don't know, Lin Chen's fleeting figure changed into a residual image! Leiman Jianguang shattered his afterimage, and a slow rune of 16000 rune energy hit the back of Yun Potian!


When Yun Potian secretly called badly, the fighting spirit hadn't had time to break through the shackles of the slow runes, Lin Chen's five dragon dynasty guns came head-on!

The tip of the gun was about to smash over Yun Potian's head, Lin Chen's eyes changed instantly, and his foot stepped into a few shadow-like afterimages. The dry palm protruding from behind Lin Chen grabbed an empty space!

"Damn, this kid is slippery like a loach!"

Time and time again, the old man in blue was furious!

If they are head-to-head, Lin Chen can't even take their palms!

But his strange tricks can make their warfare run extremely slow, and can solidify the space, making him succeed in attacking again and again!

At this time, the avatar released a slow rune of 16000 rune energy, extinguishing the remaining Yuanzun realm! It shocked the four emperors who hadn't recovered yet!

Are all of them dead?