My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 522

Vol 5 Chapter 522: Junlintianxiabaihuang One Finger

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Chapter 522

It's only a few minutes. All Yuanzun Realm's eighth, nineth, and even a few half-step war emperors were all wiped out by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's speed occupies an absolute advantage, not to mention that each of his moves has launched recharging and penetrating runes, which is completely killing all Yuanzun Realm!

but! This price is also very heavy!

Lin Chen now has 5100 rune energy left, and all the previous 140,000 has been used up! This 5100 point is still obtained by his avatar absorbing the light ball of the attribute that dropped from the Yuanzun Realm!

Talent points, Lin Chen only has 70,000 points or less!

In order to procrastinate these four war emperors, Lin Chen nearly exhausted everything!

If he can no longer replenish the rune energy in time, then he will meet the war emperor-level strongman. In addition to his body speed, only two moves left by the vice president Bihai Aurora!

Although the two heavy emperors were seriously injured, they still had the power to fight. Not to mention that there are two double warlords!

Lin Chen's body style is faster, if he loses the help of the slow rune, sooner or later he will show flaws under their siege, and then any war emperor can instantly put him to death!

"Damn, this kid didn't reach the Seventh Level of Yuanzun Realm even after using the secret method. He even killed our people completely on one side?"

Yun Potian hasn't recovered yet. He wanted to kill Lin Chen wholeheartedly, but when he looked back, his own people were wiped out!

"This kid's body is very weird. If he wants to escape, we can only stop it! I don't believe that his secret technique of blocking space can be used unlimitedly!"

The emperor in blue was angry and smiled, and the fighting spirit in his palm was disillusioned, shattering the crystal wall of space within a hundred miles!

The beautiful woman in red robe and the old man in Tsing Yi floated to the side of Yun Potian. Lin Chen and the four emperors faced each other, and Lin Chen smiled.

"You guys, I was very uncomfortable chasing and killing just now, but now, you don't need to chase and kill anymore."

Talking and laughing, Lin Chen suddenly urged Junlin's talent!

At this time, the Junlintianxia talent has accumulated 28,500 points of energy!

Lin Chen lifted all his avatars, and when he put away the five dragon dynasty guns, he launched the "Extreme Return", and when he returned to the heyday, the violently condensed fire robbery turned into wild energy!

Lin Chen urged nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation War Bodies, and four kinds of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare were transformed into flood energy, converging on his fingertips!

[Junlin launched the world, will increase the host's next attack.

"Charging Penetrating Rune! Eight Waste Fingers!"

The two attacking runes are superimposed on the ultimate moment, and then bless the king to the world! This finger, Lin Chen took out all of his own!

When Lin Chen pointed out, four kinds of wild energy interweave and condense into a vast and vast energy finger, such as the pole star falling into the world, smoothing everything!

This finger, Bahuang bowed his head!

This finger, the king comes to the world! Kill millions of creatures!

"No! Rewind!"

"What combat skill is this?"

Everything happened very quickly, when the four war emperors realized that the problem was not good, it was too late!

They could not have imagined that such a terrible attack would have erupted in a Yuanzun realm where Lin Chen could only flee in front of them by relying on his body!

The four-color energy fingers cross the sky and fall straight, containing the momentum and crushing energy of crushing thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. The four war emperors can escape in the future, and the four-color energy fingers will explode!

boom! Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~!

The devastating storm that destroyed everything spread to the sky, like a spiral turning, constantly expanding! The airflow collapsed, the light was distorted, and the broken crystal walls all over the space spread all the way, shocking!

"How is it possible? How can this kid's talents respect the realm of the realm, so terrible combat skills!"

"Purple Tier Intermediate? No, even if it is the top of the Purple Tier, it is not exhibited by Yuan Zunjing. Not to mention the Purple Tier Top is not a class he can practice!"

Even some of the emperor-level powerhouses who watched the battle in the dark were shocked!

Lin Chen's finger is infinitely close to the full blow of the late Emperor Triple!

The vast mushroom cloud rises, the four-color energy storm spreads to the entire central area of the Funeral Mountains, and the ground veins are flattened and broken, turning into ashes like a huge natural disaster!

This finger completely cuts off the central area of the Funeral Mountains!

This finger consumed all the fighting spirit of Lin Chen. He once again launched the "Limited Return", swiftly flapping the purple phoenix wings, and fully expanded his body. Finally, he escaped the energy storm after rhythm of the Eight Wasted Fingers.

When the storm disappears, the endless deep abyss appears, in the center of the explosion of the energy finger, turning into a vacuum of nothingness!

The bodies of the two crippled emperors fell down, and one arm was broken. These are the two great emperors of the Mo family! There are a lot of attribute light **** in the void, almost hundreds!

Yun Potian and the two escaped by chance, but were also seriously injured. Yun Potian even explained an arm here!

The two war emperors of the Mo family completely fell!

Yuan Zunjing killed Shuanghuang with one finger! Two more?

All the warlord-level powerhouses watching in secret are stunned! Shocked and speechless!

No one doubted the legend of Lin Chen once he saw the strong man in this scene!

Judging from the cards he revealed, it is entirely possible for him to pick four warlords!

Lin Chen's blow seems to be an all-in-one blow that is infinitely close to the battle emperor's late triple, but it is even more terrifying!

This trick means that it contains the power of his level 4 penetrating rune, and 20% of its attack power is penetrating.

If placed in ordinary battles, these 20% can only threaten the half-step emperor, but if placed on the finger of the blessing of "Jinglingtianxia", even 20% is equivalent to the full-strength attack of the emperor's first stage!

Undefended to take on the late attack of the Emperor Yizhong? It's hard for these two to die!

Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon wandering the void, swallowing the bodies of the two warlords in one go, and then constantly collecting attribute light **** for Lin Chen!

Two seriously injured, two attributed light **** dropped by the falling emperor, this time, Lin Chen really earned a lot!

Because the Kingland is not like the God-killer talent will weaken the drop of the attribute light ball, this time it is a 100% drop of the original quality attribute light ball!

[The host gains 230 Thunder Attributes, 4300 Skill Essence, 9800 Rune Energy, 11,500 Battle Spirit Essences, 2300 Heavenly Dao, 8450 Qi and Blood Energy, 3800 Talent Points...]

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and gains: 50000 Intermediate Practical Skills.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest to obtain: 10 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host triggers a special reward mechanism, reward: 50000 intermediate rune energy.

[The host obtains 23 lightballs of power attributes, which are obtained after opening...]