My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 523

Vol 5 Chapter 523: The Descendant Of God Long Qingyu

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Chapter 523, The Descendant of God, Long Qingyu!

Lin Chen's attribute value ushered in an unprecedented hurricane. Apart from the attribute light **** and treasure chests that were injured or fallen by the four war emperors, there are more than two hundred Yuanzun Realm Powerful!

Lin Chen, who has just lifted the five-fold change, his morale is all the way! Five-fold middle, five-fold late, six-fold early!

Finally, stop before the bottleneck in the later stage of Liuzhong! Lin Chen's cultivation base is firmly at the peak of the sixth mid-term!

This promotion is fiercer than Lin Chen's any time in the past!

"Unexpectedly, the talent of this child's combat ability is not inferior to his talent in refining medicine!"

"Since ancient times, I am afraid that no mortal can achieve Yuanzunjing Tu Huang!"

At the time when many powerful people were stunned, Lin Chen turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the sky. Those powerful people who had many ideas about Lin Chen all took away the greed in their hearts!

They confess that under the finger of Lin Chen, who is under the rule of the world, their end may not be better than the two war emperors of the Mo family!

Moreover, who knows how many times this kid can use this kind of attack! His morale loss can be made up in a flash, no one can guarantee how many cards he still has!

The Yang family and others stood on a mountain peak, and they were breathtaking. Yang Qinger's eyes flickered, staring at the direction of Lin Chen's departure, and his heart was mixed.

Yang Family Lord saw her daughter's complicated eyes, and she rubbed her green silk helplessly and spoiled.

This boy is so good. It is not at the level that their Yang family can retain. This daughter of mine may find it hard to find a loved one in the future.

After Lin Chen left the Burial Soul Mountain Range, there were still strong men peeping at him secretly, seemingly hesitating whether to shoot.

But what made him more concerned was the kind of look that made him feel cold.

From the beginning of the Summit, Lin Chen felt a gaze has been monitoring himself, but with his cultivation practice, it is impossible to tell who is spying on him in secret!

"Phantom Rune!"

Lin Chen's figure suddenly struck, and split into three self-identical self, plus his body, they were withdrawn in four different directions!

This hand completely stunned the strong who had coveted Lin Chen! One after another appeared in the void, some were the emperor, and some were half-step emperor.

They watched Lin Chen fled in four directions, unable to tell who was true or not!


Eight days later, inside the sky tower, Haiyun City outside the main city of No. 1.

In a sealed room, many torture tools and blood stains are scattered together, and the miserable screams sounded!

"No, don't! Master Yun Potian, you and I have no injustice, why do you torture me!"

"Don't cut off my hand, Master Yun Potian, I am willing to allegiance to you, poof!"

"Yun Potian, I'm your grandma! Someone like you will go to **** sooner or later!"

Fifty-six Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong lived tortured to death by the master in the secret room, not to die!

After a long time, Yun Potian's figure came out of the secret room. At this time, he was already a one-handed man, with a violent and fierce face!

The beautiful woman in the red robe outside the secret room shivered, bowed her head slightly, and was cold all over!

"It seems that I also have a chance to leave this madman..."

The woman in the red robe figured that Yun Potian was in the main city of No. 1 almost a lot of forces were frightened!

There is no reason for him, and the general war emperor does not bother to target Yuanzun Realm, but Yun Potian is different, he has a creepy hobby!

Whenever he is in a bad mood, he will go out and capture some Yuanzun Realm to kill him. Those Yuanzun Realm caught by him will usually end extremely terrible!

This leads to Yun Potian's fierce reputation, which is more terrible than many old warlords!

"This kid dared to waste my arm and wait for me to send a message to my elder brother. My brother and I joined forces. As long as we catch this kid, I will make him unable to survive, not to die!"

Yun Potian's facial muscles twitched a few times, and she walked out of the secret room with grief and madness, followed by the beautiful woman in red robe...


Shenzhou Lingmo City, the first floor of Shixian Restaurant. Many guests stared dumbfounded at a silver robe boy who was gobbling!

"That person seems to be the most popular Lingzhou Linchen recently?"

"My God, he dare to appear here without pretense, is this crazy?"

Many strong men in the restaurant were terrified and swallowed saliva, but no one dared to act rashly!

Lin Chen's record of killing the two emperors in one finger has already passed into the Divine Land. Without the strength of the war emperor, he would dare to hit him.

Lin Chen ordered a handful of "Full Man seats", and he was so happy that the previous series of battles had already starved him, even though Reiki could resist hunger, he could not resist someone Lin's appetite.

Solving the pile of delicacies, Lin Chen burped with satisfaction and opened the system panel.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Yuan Zunjing's sixth middle stage.

Ultimate Strength: 925000 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 978000 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 936600 points.

Intermediate mental power: 894 points

Intermediate exercises: 165,500 points.

Intermediate rune energy: 275,400 points.

Sky value: 444080 points.

Talent points: 326200 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 2554 points in the fire system, 1050 points in the soil system, 1098 points in the wood system, 1175 points in the gold system, and 1358 points in the water system. Thunder system 2782 points, wind system 997 points, light system 998 points, dark system 88 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talent: Reinforced iron bone 30%, life growth 100%, divine power 25%, Emperor Destruction. Active Talent: Ultimate Moment, Ultimate Return, King's Land (Cooldown: 22 days)

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Penetrate Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4.

Possessed Treasures: 390 kinds of blue-level combat skills, 9 kinds of semi-violet-level combat skills, 9 kinds of purple-level low-level medicinal materials, 2899 kinds of sixth-level medicinal materials, 64 kinds of seventh-level celestial treasures, and 3 kinds of seventh-level low-level weapons.

System update: 5.0 version update requires 1 million points of Heavenly Dao value, 400,000 points of intermediate skills.

This time Lin Chen beheaded hundreds of Yuan Zunjing and two war emperors. The harvest of two war emperors was seriously horrible! More than the talents of the God-killer have been harvested!

Except for the side effects of the God-killers, the Yuanzun Realm that Lin Chen beheaded this time is all eightfold or more, and the gold content is too much stronger than the Yuanzun Realm that faced the strong family such as Baijia!

After Lin Chens Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon absorbed the body of two war emperors, the pure power completely stopped at 999999 Dragon Power!

There is only one step left from the legendary million dragon power. As long as this step is taken, the green dragon is a real seventh-order beast!

Just as Lin Chen was about to open the fusion function, there was a scream suddenly on the street outside!

"No! Master Long, the children are not sensible, and you have a large number of adults, just spare him!"

An old man pulled a little and knelt in front of the dragon robe youth, and the old man kept apologizing.

The people on the whole street, men, women, children, and children are kneeling down on the ground. They dare not speak out, for fear of annoying the dragon robe youth!

"My Long Qingyu is a descendant of God, a descendant of the creator, and seeing me who does not kneel is equivalent to ignoring Shenwei! Cut!"

The young robe of the dragon roared his sleeves, his expression was extremely arrogant, and his eyes were empty, as if the two fate were sentenced.