My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 524

Vol 5 Chapter 524: I Hit The Descendants Of God

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Chapter 524, I hit the descendants of God! !

Long Qingyu retired for two years, just after going out and encountered something that made him very unpleasant, a mortal, even dare not to kneel down the **** descendants! This is simply contempt for their'creator'!

When the sword of warfare turned and the edge was flowing, Long Qingyu raised his hand and was about to wave this palm when the young and old were right in place!

Dang ~!

The collision of gold and iron sounded, and the Yinpao boy stood in front of an old and a young and grabbed Long Qingyu's wrist!

"Well? Where are you savages who dare to stop Ben Shao's execution?"

Long Qingyu sneered and said with a sneer-"Boy, you know, Ben Shao is a descendant of God! You dare to block me, it seems that you want to die too?"

Everyone on the street was stunned! How ignorant is this kid, who dares to stop the descendants of God?

However, when the strong men in the restaurant looked outside, their hearts suddenly choked!

Finished! This is really over!

Not that the silver robe boy is over, but Long Qingyu is over!

In Shenzhou, the name of descendants of gods can bluff any force!

Even in Kyushu, the name of descendants of gods can deter most forces!

But there is only one exception! That is the Lin Chen in front of Long Qingyu!

No one can deter the identity of a descendant of God, but this kid alone can't do it!

Not only can't be shaken, the identity of the descendant of God appears in front of him, then his mother does not call deterrence, it is called itchy and hammer!

This is not called deterrence at all, what is this called "send sheep into tiger's mouth"!

Because he is simply an iron boy! Not only are they not afraid of the descendants of God, but they also pick the descendants of God!

However, Long Qingyu retired for two years. He never heard of the character Lin Chen when he went out!

"The descendants of God, are they hanging? Isn't Lao Zi playing the descendants of God!"

Lin Chen smiled and said that at the next moment, he punched him in the face with a punch!


Long Qingyu was shocked and angry! Did anyone dare to do anything with him?

Long Qingyu put his hands up and started his defensive combat skills, but Lin Chen's punch was as heavy as Wanyue Zhenfu, and he shattered Long Qingyu's defense!

He vomited blood and retreated, and, in horror, he gritted his teeth and pulled out a seventh-order knife to slash Lin Chen backhand!

"Four changes!"

Lin Chen launched the four changes of the Jiuhuang Transformation, and the whole Lingmo City set off a terrifying battle, and pedestrians all around retreated. The old and the young were even more grateful to Lin Chen, and fled quickly.

"Bloodthirsty Dragon Claw! Heavenly Devil Cut!"

When the knife burst out, the dragon-shaped knife gasified into a real dragon flying. When he slashed Lin Chen, Long Qingyu found another claw, and the fighting spirit was galloping.

"I let you Qianlong! Let you cut!"

Lin Chen held "Bai Shuang Qing Hong" with a sword, tearing off many of his offensives, making Long Qingyu instantly realize the gap between him and the boy in front of him!

The master of Lingmo City was no more than a half-step emperor. When he saw the battle between Lin Chen and Long Qingyu, he did not dare to interfere more!

When Long Qingyu launched the power of his bloodline to escape, Lin Chen was shot with another 8000 rune energy. After calming down his action, a sword slammed away! Endless Jianmang shot out and forced Long Qingyu's hole cards!

In less than half a quarter of an hour, when everyone on the street witnessed that Long Qingyu in the late seventh layer of Yuanzunjing was defeated by the silver robe boy, and even one arm was cut off, he stayed in place!

That is a descendant of God! Known as the invincible presence in the same level!

The arrogance of Shenzhous evil spirits is nothing but the back of touching the descendants of God. Such a powerful existence would be defeated by a younger boy than him?

[The host gains 450 Heavenly Dao, 800 Runic Energy, 3000 Qi and Blood Energy, 2800 Essential Qi, 2700 Elite Skills,]

When taking away the attributed light ball dropped by Long Qingyu, Lin Chen grabbed the amethyst treasure chest dropped by Long Qingyu and opened it, a brilliant light of purple light was incorporated into the body.

[Host gains active talent (one-time use): Super counterattack. This talent can have the effect of rebounding all attacks by consuming talent points. It is applicable to all attacks below the Holy Land, including: spiritual attack, pure power attack, combat gas attack, etc...]

It turned out to be a new talent! From the literal effect, this is a big trick!

Counterattack any attacks under the Holy Land? If this is to fight back against the strong, suddenly such a counterattack will definitely kill the enemy!

In all fairness, Lin Chen did not have much means of confronting the emperor-level strongmen, except for consuming a large amount of slow runes to seal the opponent's strength or space.

"Damn, the attributes and talents of these descendants of pseudo-gods are one by one!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, staring at Long Qingyu with an excited expression!

"You, what do you want to do, I'm from the Dragon family! If you dare to kill me, my dragon family will not let you down! The elder brother is still in Lingmo City!"

Long Qingyu's expression was terrified, and when he vomited blood and retreated, he warned Lin Chen and pulled out a space jade slip.

"Your elder brother? Is your elder brother also a descendant of a false god?"

Someone Lin lighted up and asked excitedly. That Long Qingyu gritted his teeth fiercely-"Shut up! The mortals who don't understand respect, my elder brother and me are descendants of the creator, and it's not your turn to export insults!"

"Then quickly call him over!"

Lin Chen was very excited, and hurriedly urged him to make Long Qingyu stunned!

Not only was Long Qingyu stunned, but also many powerful people under the Lingmo City were stunned!

crazy! It must be crazy!

What are you addicted to? This is a descendant of God! It's serious enough to provoke one. Do you want to fight two?

Why don't you go to heaven?

"You call him quickly! I'm in a hurry!"

Lin Chen urged again, and let many of the strong players who watched the battle twitch!

Why are you almost killing people? Are you anxious than Long Qingyu? Who the **** should he be!

Those who once prostrate under the majesty of the descendants of God, all impact their worldview and reason at this moment, what's wrong with this world? Why is there such a demon in Kyushu!

The strong men who recognized Lin Chen's identity frowned, this kid came true! He specifically picked the descendants of God to call this sentence, really not bragging!

"Since you want to die like that, then I will fulfill you!"

Long Qingyu became angry and shattered, crushing the jade jade space, just between two breaths, when the space was distorted, a jade robe young Meiyu was proud and proud, and when he stepped out, the world and the world changed!

"Huh? Qingyu, what are you doing! What about your arm?"

"Brother! This kid did it, and he said he would hit our **** descendants exclusively!"

Long Qingyu's previous momentum suddenly disappeared, and he complained to his big brother in tears. When the young man in the robe saw the figure not far away, his expression slightly changed and lost his voice.

"Lingzhou Linchen?"