My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 525

Vol 5 Chapter 525: Revenge Re Emerging

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Chapter 525, God Killer, Reborn!

Lin Chen, this name is now too loud in Shenzhou! It even reached a point where everyone and God shared their anger and everyone knew it!

Why is it that people and gods resent together, because in the Far East region, believers with too many descendants of pseudo-gods grin their teeth at Lin Chen!

"I hit a small one and gave a big one. Today, I will cook with someone!"

Lin Chen grinned and urged Jiuhuang to change into the fifth change, and Xiu Wei temporarily rushed to the late seventh stage, launching the moment of the final moment, and the faint moonlight vanished the void.

The young robe of Yupao looked abruptly. With a palm, he shot the void steeply, and his five fingers grasped the crystal wall of space, trying to pull back to Long Qingyu.

The palm lingered around the nine dragon patterns, and slammed into the heart of Long Qingyu. Dark Dragon Jin penetrated him all over the body, exploding into the sky and turning into a large number of attribute light **** scattered! Lin Chen snatched his Naling Ring!

The youth of Yupao is uncertain, but Lin Chen dares to kill his brother in front of him?

At the next moment, the speed of Lin Chen's eruption was so fast that the youth of Yupao in the later period of Yazhong felt shocked!

"Baishui bursts!"

The youth of Yupao's pace is like a cloud, and every step is embellished with a faint shadow of water. As his body retreated, he took out a blue space jade.

"Compared with me, you are not qualified! You will not have the opportunity to call people!"

With the palm of his hand, Lin Chen broke the wrist of the Yupao youth, and his space jade jade dropped into the void!

The warlord class placed in the family of descendants of pseudo-gods is still a high-end power, as strong as the jade robe youth, and it is impossible to protect the warlord class personally every moment.

"Damn Lin Chen! Damn me!"

Five fingers into claws, the jade robe youth darted out of one claw, three claw marks like blue dragon marks remained in the void, Lin Chen was not afraid, and urged the nine-robbery war body, lingering the fists of the wind and thunder robbery. 980,000 dragon powers exploded violently and came out!

When the claws collide, the two sides retreat, Lin Chen only takes two steps back, and the Yupao Youth is a dozen steps!

A flash of thunder, a blue cyan claw worn on the hand, is a seventh-order low-level weapon. The Yupao Youth slammed out with a claw, and the energy claw shattered the space crystal wall!

"Qingyou tears soul claws!"

"Dead! Extremely short!"

Lin Chen's hoarfrost and green rainbow flashed in his hand, and when he launched recharging and penetrating the runes, a sword was dotted to save the fierce water, cutting off between the energy claws, and a sword smashed the blue ghost nether claw of the Yupao youth!

"Seventh-tier intermediate-grade sword weapon?"

Before waiting for the jade robe youth to be shocked, the penetrating rune's characteristics caused Jianmang's after rhyme to cut off his arm!

Lin Chen lifted hoarfrost and green rainbow with both hands, and fell down in anger! The jade-like bright sword flashed through, and the body of the youth in jade robe split in two! Roll out a lot of attribute light **** and fall on the spot!

He couldn't even start his bloodline!

Now Lin Chen is different now!

In cultivation practice, after launching the fivefold change, he has entered the late seventhfold, not far from these descendants of pseudo-gods, plus his two major attack runes and the ultimate moment, he is also close to the realm of Yuanzun Realm. The limit, ordinary descendants of false gods met him, there is only one dead word!

[The host gains 8900 points of merit, 450 points of rune energy, 1850 points of heavenly path value, 85 points of wind energy,]

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and gains: 50,000 Heavenly Dao.

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains: God Slayer Talent Fragment (3/3).

[The godslayers talent fusion is completed, and the talent bar of the host's consecutive system can be used.

When the system light screen pops up, Lin Chen's heart shows endless ecstasy!

coming! It is another complete God-killer, the strongest group in history to pick talent!

"It's not a happy time now. The Dragon family fell two descendants of pseudo-gods. I must have noticed the anomaly. I must return to the sky tower as soon as possible."

Lin Chen escaped away with a Naling Ring that took away the Yupao Youth!

Under Lingmo City, staring at the direction of Lin Chen leaving, countless people have mixed feelings!

When they witnessed that two descendants of the gods fell into the hands of Lin Chen, they realized that unprecedented variables appeared in the era when the **** descendants ruled the Divine State!

Less than a quarter of an hour after Lin Chen's departure, two battle emperor-level breaths descended on Lingmo City, and a violent outburst broke out!

That's afterword.


The sky tower, Lin Chen returned to the main city No. 1. Lin Chen strolling on the street suddenly turned back, and the light of Zi Jin Pu flashed through his eyes, and after finding out that there was no abnormality, Lin Chen's heart burst into deep doubt.

"Strange, why do I still feel that someone is monitoring me... This feeling has reappeared since I arrived in Shenzhou..."

No result of the investigation, Lin Chen went to the Trial Secret Realm Hall. After he left, a black robe silhouetted like a shadow and followed him away. The pupil under the cloak turned a faint purple awn. If someone noticed this person, maybe even the chin All fall off.

In this area of the main city where the release of fighting energy is forbidden, when this black robe figure walks like a ghost, does it actually touch its feet?

Black Abyss Trial Secret Realm, here is the secret realm Lin Chen entered with the green order trial secret order.

The surrounding forest is dark and inky, and there is a strong dark attribute all the time, and the world is dim. If it is not for the eyes of the war, it is impossible to see the road at all.

[The host gains 14 points of dark energy, 9 points of dark energy, 11 points of dark energy,]

Lin Chen walked in the secret territory of the Black Abyss, and a large number of dark attribute light **** were taken away by him. As he expected, there were a large number of dark energy attribute light balls!

Lin Chens nine types of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare, only the Dark Tribulation Warfares attribute value has not been improved. This place just makes up for Lin Chens big shortcoming. The fighting spirit will also rise.

Within three days, Lin Chen had collected hundreds of dark-energy light spheres in the secret territory of the Black Abyss, and the dark-energy energy attribute value reached 1880 points!

In the inheritance of Emperor Yun, Lin Chen also obtained a Qingjie trial token. However, the Qingjie Secret Realm is suitable for the war emperor level, and every opportunity to enter is extremely precious. Lin Chen does not intend to use it now.

It's like a thin man who can only eat fifty pounds. If you give him a chance to eat three hundred pounds, he still can only eat fifty pounds.

In the main city of No. 1, in front of the entrance of the mission hall, Lin Chen who was about to enter the mission hall was stopped by a thin man with a thief eye.

"Hey, brother, you are Lin Chen, right."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, his eyes filled with coldness-"Why, there is a problem?"

"Sure enough, the name is well-deserved, and the whole body exudes a dangerous breath. Hey, do you want to make a deal with me."

The thin man in civilian clothes pulled out a roster from his arms and smiled insignificantly-"This dark book records the information of the 103 warlords registered in the list in the main city of No. 1, including some of their privacy information, how In the same way, I sell you 5000 Yuan coins, do you want it?"

"What a shabby thing, dare to sell 5000 sky coins?"

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, turned and walked away, and the clothed man laughed.

"The price can be negotiated again, but I have something more important to you to sell to you, otherwise you will regret it."