My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 527

Vol 5 Chapter 527: Robbery Or Robbery?

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Chapter 527

Taking over the task of the ruins of the sky, Lin Chen put on a cloak to cover his face and left the hall.

Before leaving the main city of No. 1, Lin Chen went to three exits to observe, slightly urged Zijin Tong, as expected, the map exits marked in the dark book were guarded by cautious personnel.

At night, Lin Chen chose to leave the city. The ambush did not appear. The thin man did not pit him. At this point, Lin Chen knew his intention very well!

At noon the next day, a caravan flew into the air. The seven-headed and six-tier beast ladder Dragon Horse carried a huge giant across the sky. The back of the Dragon Horse team pulled a hundred-foot-sized palace with a heavy iron chain.

The corpse of the fierce beast shone coldly, the dark green scale armor permeated with an indestructible sense of metal. Come close!

The deadly beast of the seventh-level intermediate peak, the fierce prestige of the world! Even the top-level Naling ring is difficult to fit into this class of beast corpses, and a little carelessness will cause the Naling ring to be broken by this violent and brutal breath.

At this time, there was a violent shaking and trembling in the small palace dragged by the Dragon Horse team. A series of incredible screams and moans sounded, and the Yuanzun Realm escorted by the **** was a creepy horror.

"It's really slow, it's not useful at all, come next."

The lazy and soft voice came out slowly, and the sturdy and powerful Yuan Zunjing men shot directly in front of the small palace! Insulted in my heart-hell, you can't use it a little bit!

Soon, the small palace flying high began to shake again.

"Walk past, don't miss it~~ The super powerful Zilongsan helps you get in and out of seven, your waist is not tired, your legs are not sore~ Hello, she is also good~"

Above a mountain peak under the sky, the Yinpao youth pulled up the banner of the "century-old brand nameAncestral Secret", and actually set up a stall?

This bizarre scene instantly caused alertness for all caravans!

He picked up another jade bottle and shouted.

"Descendant Shiri Dan, after helping you to overwork, find the man's self-confidence, the sun shines, and the sun hangs on the top. For a century-old brand, please look for 479511 Oh no, please look for the Lin brand, give me a chance, and give You have a chance, everyone is really good~"

Instead, the shouting stopped the small palace from shaking, and a charming smile came out of the sky.

"Little brother, this place is a dead place, an area where ordinary people don't go. Why do you appear here. Shouldn't it be so simple to sell it?"

"Of course I am here to sell things. In addition to the above babies, I also specialize in selling food, such as this mustard tea egg, which I abbreviate as: squeezed eggs. Do you want me to send a squeezed egg to the younger sister?"

The silver gown youth laughed, giggling from the palace.

"Little brother, my sister likes to be simple and rude. Tell me your intentions straight away."

The silver gown youth slowly stood up and smiled loudly-"Sister really has good eyesight, here is the next..."

The smile slowly solidified and spit out two words coldly.


"Oh? Money or money?"

Lin Chen: "I..."


In Yuntian Mansion, Yun Potian's secret room, two figures fell into contemplation.

"It's not right! According to the news from the Dark Guardian, this child has entered the sky tower. Why have we put so many eyeliners, even the wind?"

The green-robed man's eyebrows were cold, and doubts remained in his fiery eyes.

"This kid has just won the double emperor's heritage. Could it be that he bought a large number of trial secret orders and is closed?"

Yun Potian aside hesitated.

The man in the green robe flicked his sleeves, "Impossible, I have sent three strands of horses to die in the trial hall. This kid went in once, and left after three days. My people lost him, and he most likely left the city. "

The Qingpao man is Yun Potian's elder brother, Yun Mingqing! The top 20 triple battle emperors in the No. 1 main city battle emperor list!

"Master Mingqing, Master Heaven and Earth, we found Lin Chen's trace!"

"Where?" Yun Mingqing questioned the guard outside the door, and after a moment of hesitation, the guard clenched his fists.

"Outside the gate of Yuntian Mansion! I also took a ball and racked there. I heard what seemed to be playing basketball? Invite two adults to go out and sing and dance."


A dumbfounded in the heart of the two, this kid still dare to come to the door?

At the door, Yun Potian brothers hurried to the scene. A group of bodyguards looked at the teenager in front of him in surprise, and no one dared to act rashly.

The silver gown boy was skillful in fancy dribbling and was very chic. When he saw the two of them, he was very happy to wave to them and smiled!

"Isn't this the famous Yun Mingqing and Yun Potian? I just left a place for you. You are responsible for singing and jumping. I am responsible for basketball. How do you say?"

A group of bodyguards looked shocked! This **** is playing with fire!

Seeing that the two did not speak, Lin Chen said again-"What's the matter? No, then why don't we change the game?"

The two did not speak, and the atmosphere was extremely cold! Especially Yun Yuntian, who lost his arm, exposed the muscles of his facial muscles.

But no! No main city can fight privately, otherwise it will be forcibly suppressed by the mysterious forces in the tower and even corrected on the spot!

Yun Ming Qingpi smiled but not smiled-"Very good, it really is the Yangtze River wave after the wave..."

"I'm the best at this algebra, low-key, low-key ~~"

Yun Mingqing, a ten-year-old fox, how could he not understand Lin Chen's act of aggression, he wanted to provoke himself so that he could borrow a knife to kill someone.

Yun Mingqing actually calmed down, as if in control of the situation, said indifferently.

"You came here to provoke me, indicating that you also realized that you could not leave the main city No. 1, right. Want to borrow a knife to kill someone on purpose?"

"Why are you so smart! Unfortunately, I don't have a small red flower to reward you. Hey, there is a small green flower, or else, put some green on your head?"

The young man's expression with a smile on his face surprised all the guards in the corner of his eyes!

This is not playing with fire, this **** rhythm is about to explode the volcano!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, you can jump. The more you jump, the more panic you prove. There is so much time in this seat. Let me see what tricks you want to play!"

Yun Mingqing slapped his brother's shoulder, suppressing the latter's anger and laughing out loud! He already thought that he completely saw through Lin Chen's trick!

Seeing this old fox in the middle, Lin Chen's mouth slightly lifted a ridiculous arc.

At this time, in front of everyone, to be precise, it should be Lin Chen's avatar!

The two of their brothers, and even all of them had no idea that Lin Chen could perform his avatar like his deity in a place where the fighting spirit could not be released. Because his doppelganger is not a combat skill at all!

The two of them would never even think that Lin Chen had begun to actively rob his Yunmingqing caravan outside the No. 1 main city!

As long as the old fox is delayed here, everything is not a problem!