My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 528

Vol 5 Chapter 528: Hard Bomb Battle Royale

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Chapter 528

The caravan left the main city less than a day and a half. If Yun Qingming reacted, Lin Chen might not have the opportunity to escape again at that time!

The war emperor-level strongman, the gap between each realm is extremely large, and Lin Chen will not be easily exposed in front of Yun Qingming without the absolute certainty. Therefore, the longer his doppelganger delays in Yuntian House, the smaller his future troubles will be!

Main City No. 1; a land of silence.

In the small palace, slender plain hands grabbed Lin Chen's neck, and the red robe and beautiful woman sneered.

"Yuan Zunjing dares to rob my warlord? Little brother, aren't you Shou Xing Gong hanging?"

Lin Chen's clothes burst with a wave of his palm! The streamlined muscle contour of the teenager brightened her eyes!

"It's quite young, and the cost is not small."

When the red robe and the beautiful woman smiled again and again, you know, Lin Chen's mouth slightly lifted, revealing a strange sneer!

Under the palace, a figure flashed, and the arm was wrapped around the nine dragon-pattern strength, and when it turned to the palm, it was a palm up!

Bang ~!

A dark dragon palm overturns the entire palace! Explosion into the sky debris, the men of Yuanzun Realm Nine Heavy were flew away!

"Five changes!"

All avatars and even Lin Chen's body have exhibited five changes, and Xiu Wei briefly entered the seventh peak!

When the red robe and the beautiful woman were out of the air, a vigorous kick kicked away, and the rolling dragon force kicked the beautiful woman's chin with a sharp wind robbery and fighting spirit!

This leg forced her to let go, and was kicked by Yu Jin for a few feet to stabilize her figure!

"In the end, the Warlord is still strong. Except for the ultimate moment, this magic leg is full of strength. Both of the two attack runes have been used, and even the close range can't even break the defense!"

Lin Chen was solemn, launching the'Ultimate Moment' in his thoughts, and his whole body was surrounded by a glorious blue brilliance.

Although this is a phantom avatar, the true strength of Lin Chen is as strong as it is. Lin Chen has already planned to use this avatar to test how far he is now from the Zhuanghuang strong!

This beautiful woman is the first stage of the Emperor Zhan Emperor, and is the most suitable opponent for Lin Chen to test his current strength!

"I can't think of a little sheep who can bite people. With this strength, I'm not qualified to rob under my sister~"

With a cold smile, the red robe and the beautiful woman turned into a residual light split, and the jade hand was mixed with the chilling terror of the body to shoot Lin Chen's heavenly cover!

Tear ~!

When Su Su was photographed, Lin Chen turned into a moonlight star exploding, and the beautiful woman looked surprised. This still shot empty?

call out! The wind and thunder disaster were like a saw blade crossing, Lin Chen swept out of the whip leg sweeping the mountains and rivers and hit her left temple!

"Broken!" The jade finger lifted slightly, and a disc-like turning wheel of qi flew up from the side. As he flew to Linchen, 20% of the penetration power brought her a little lingering energy, but Without substantial harm, the eyes of the beautiful woman in the red robe are still a little dignified!

After the whip leg swept, a dark dragon palm shot like a violent wind and a storm, the offensive was fierce, palms and leg skills were repeatedly displayed, and then a volley of a knee hit, two steps of shaking the beautiful woman!

Her plain jade fingers flicked fiercely, a crackling sound like a sizzle, but what was split was the afterimage formed by moonlight!

Lin Chenshen appeared haunted behind her, strode meteor, held his palm high, and slammed it!

The beautiful woman in red in a sleeve robe popped a jade hand to face the camera, palms collided, and nine dark dragons exploded in a chain! Shocked the red robe beautiful woman backed back four steps, some arms numb!

Lin Chen seemed to have repulsed the beautiful woman in red robe, but his arm was covered with shocking cracks at the moment, and there was a faint trace of blood!

Hard to fight the emperor! Even at the beginning of the first heavyweight, it is still a very strong existence! Now Lin Chen is fighting!

"This son's attack is so weird, the pure power is close to the half-step emperor. Every attack has a strong penetrating power, and even my fighting spirit can't be completely resisted. Emperor's speed, where is this sacred?"

Shocked in my heart, the woman in the red robe squinted her eyes and stared at Lin Chen"Have to say, beat me with the power of Yuan Zunjing, you are the first one. I have to say, you are really a monster, it is impossible Are you a descendant of God in the Far East?"

"I will wait until you win!"

When Lin Chen sneered, it was turned into a moonlight!


"Do not think that you are handsome because of your sharp teeth. Your sister will not clean up you. You will die today!"

When the sheath sword sounded Long Yin, a seventh-order low-grade inferior sword appeared, and it slammed towards Lin Chen, and the countless swords and thorns struck away like a spiral sword, forcing Lin Chen to switch again with his body method. Attack direction, forcibly blast a path from Jianguang!

"Thousand souls!"

Pulling out a top-level sixth-level war sword, Lin Chen held the sword with one hand, and danced and chopped. When the storm of sword air raged, covering the perception of the red robe and the beautiful woman, he fell into a meteor, and It is the magic leg of the **** shadow wind!

Tear ~!

Suddenly, the white sword light cuts horizontally and horizontally, which is a trick of purple order swordsmanship! Lin Chenchen was cut in half at one click, and his avatar disappeared!

"Huh? Fake?"

As the beautiful woman looks around, her expression changes slightly! At the time of her entanglement with Lin Chen's avatar, all her horses have been controlled by Lin Chen and another avatar's silent lifeless capture!

"Son, son! Forgiveness! We just came out to eat together in the sky tower. The son's strength is superb, Mo Yao and I have to wait and see!"

Many Yuanzun realm wailed at the ninth level, Lin Chen frowned, and after snatching their Naling ring, said coldly-"Go away, there won't be such a good opportunity next time, and see who should do things."

Most of these people are in the early ninth level of Yuanzunjing, and they have no more attributes of light balls. They just collected money for Yunmingqing. As long as they are not the cronies around Yun Potian, Lin Chen is too lazy to kill. .

"Good boy, capture 30 Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong! Was that just your avatar just now?"

The beautiful woman in the red robe stared at Lin Chen standing above the dead beast, and said coldly.

"Yeah, yes, not using the power of high-level fighters and some of the cards, it can play more than 30 rounds with the Emperor Yizhong at the beginning, and the record is OK."

Lin Chen lightly smiled, the flash of Wulong Dynasty flashed in his hand!

"Tier 7 Intermediate High-grade Fighter?"

Recognizing the extraordinary rifle in Lin Chen's hand, the red robe and beautiful woman appeared greedy, and became particularly terrible!

"It is worthy to dare to rob the caravan escorted by the old lady, it really is not an ordinary person! If you are slaughtered today, you will earn more than me for this ticket!"

"Then see who died first!"


No. 1 main city, Yuntian Mansion.

Yun Mingqing looked at the boy in front of him, still uncomfortable.

"Something's wrong, there must be something wrong! Why is this kid still calm and comfortable, with no trace of pretentious calm at all...? Could it be said that I'm under control now?"

Yun Mingqing's eyes narrowed, sharp as sharp as an owl!

Obviously, he has felt abnormal, but he still can't guess what Lin Chen's intention is!