My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 529

Vol 5 Chapter 529: A Key Step To Become The Dragon Emperor

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Chapter 529: A key step to become the Dragon Emperor! !

In a dead place, high above the sky.

The sword light traverses like a galaxy, and the vastness is boundless.

An aurora falls like a star into the galaxy, crashes into a collision, and bursts into countless sword mansions!


Ziyan Moonlight flashed by, the golden war gun fell from the top of the beautiful woman's head, the sonic boom continued to scream, the red robe beautiful woman's expression changed slightly, and the sword was stunned!


Lin Chen's figure does not know when to appear from her left again! A shot swept through, and her blood was tumbling!

"Slow rune!"

When a 8000-point slow rune was played, and the space was frozen, the look of the beautiful woman in red robe was completely horrified, and a trace of fear was rare!

"What kind of combat skills..."

Before the words fell, Lin Chen quickly waved the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun, and moved a thousand demons through the heart, turning the anime sky gun shadow, such as the violent wind and the rain pours on the other party, releasing the whole body!

Guns and guns suddenly hit the red robe beautiful woman, her fighting spirit was blocked for half, Lin Chen was 980,000 dragon power superimposed two big attack runes and the ultimate moment, a beating!

The spear of the gun was chaotic, and when she pierced her skin and flesh, the attribute light ball rolled wildly, and the red soft gauze in her red robe was almost broken!

Sigh~! Click~

The moment when the slow rune's **** was broken, the beautiful woman in red robe was bathed in blood, and she was afraid!

too frightening! She has never seen such a perverted Yuan Zunjing!

The battle spirit of the Lien Zhan Emperor can be sealed like a turtle. This kind of heavenly means has not even descended from the gods!

"This kid is so weird. I will grind it down with him again. Maybe it is me who is dead! He can't take too far away from the seventh-level intermediate peak beast. I rushed to the No. 1 main city at full speed. , As long as Master Yun Mingqing is invited out, this kid will definitely die!"

Think of this, the red robe beautiful woman looked around, but found that the half-step battle emperor who was connected to the Tibetan caravan actually disappeared strangely!

"Damn it, was it killed?"-She gritted her teeth fiercely, and instantly disappeared into the sky as a streamer, not entangled with Lin Chen at all.

Lin Chen wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth, running the wood spirit essence element method, without chasing, fighting the emperor-level strongman, one of the initial cultivation actions, he can fully fight with it with his firepower when the fire is fully on.

However, if you want to defeat the opponent, even the Bahuangzhi is quite difficult. You must use the high amount of rune energy to launch the slow rune!

Relying on slow runes is not the result that Lin Chen wants. This is one of his killer skills. In the event of a real strong enemy and insufficient rune energy, he may always overturn the ditch!

[The host gains 8500 points of merit, 100 points of wind energy, 650 points of sky power, 3500 points of rune energy, 8999 points of essence of war energy, 2555 points of energy of blood and energy,]

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains: 30000 rune energy.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains active talent fragments: not working, the thief harbinger talent (1/3), inherits the will of Zhou ancestors, and can use the burglar harbinger when consuming talent points. The host steals the other partys attribute value by contacting others Or a treasure chest, it can only be launched once in the face of anyone.

New talent fragments! Lin Chen's eyes lit up. If this talent were to let him go to the main city to launch it, wouldn't it be profitable?

Taking away the attributed light ball dropped by the red robe, Lin Chen narrowed her eyes, turned to the other end, and sneered.

"Come out, I know you are here."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzziaz, yeah, it's really evil! You guys did not guess wrong, you really dare to grab Yun Mingqing's caravan. Retreat to Imperial Realm."

The old man in black robe leaned on crutches and appeared with two Tsing Yi men. The pressure on his body was stronger than that of the beautiful woman in red robe. The other two were half-step war emperors.

"Little guy, let's make a deal. This Naling Ring was previously taken from the caravan by the old caravan. There are other core commodities transported by the caravan this time. How about all for you? The old man only needs this thing!"

The war emperor-level old man raised his hand to the dead beast body behind Lin Chen, and smiled indifferently-"This thing is quite difficult for you to take away, the old woman went back to call someone, I'm afraid it will be there in two days. No matter how good the chance is, you must have a life! Young people, those who know the current affairs are handsome."

"Jun, are you a big-headed ghost, my lord is the most handsome in Kyushu, and everyone will know it sooner or later. You old man will now let me put down your precepts, otherwise all of you will die!"

Lin Chen smiled fiercely. Since he participated in the Summit Summit, he clearly realized that Shenzhou and even the sky tower have no place for him. Since he has offended the descendants of God, then Lin Chen has no taboos!

If you want to routine me, I will reverse your routine, my lord!


Three breaths of terror flashed out, two other avatars of Lin Chen and Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon!

The old man with crutches looks in a condensed manner, and the two newly appeared figures are exactly the same as Lin Chen, whose breath is not inferior to his deity!

"Wan Zai Xuan Qing Dragon with Purple Phoenix Wings? How is this possible!"

"His! Tier 7 intermediate high-grade sword? No, Tier 7 intermediate best! This is a rare treasure even in the top five of the No. 1 main city battle emperor list. How can this child Yuanzun Realm control such an artifact!"

Seeing the avatars in charge of "Yong Ye" and "Bai Shuang Qing Hong", the two Tsing Yi half-step battle emperors beside the old man were ashamed!

"One I can defeat the Emperor Yizhong, three me, I don't know if I can destroy your old man."

The murderous intent of the young boy completely deterred the old man with crutches! He didn't use the avatar to fight the red robe before, just to beware of this old guy lurking in the dark!

The body plus two avatars together launched the "Eight Wild Fingers", Lin Chen is confident and will definitely allow this old guy to eat a pot!

His eyes flickered a few times and gave Lin Chen a deep look. The old man smiled angrily.

"Sure enough, even the descendants of God dare to offend people. The main city of No. 1 has a talented genius like you. With your ability, I am afraid that you can reach the main cities of No. 2 and No. 3 soon. You have made a wedding dress, and you are not as good as others."

As soon as he brushed his sleeves, the old man of crutches said in a deep voice-"Let us go!"


Lin Chen and the two avatars rushed into endless fighting, and began to transform into the energy of the wild, and the atmosphere of the cracking sky spread to the sky!

"You?" The old man with crutches panicked!

"Na Jie stays! I won't say the third time!"

The light at his fingertips condensed, Lin Chen sneered, the old man with crutches, who had become a war emperor in the middle and middle weights, had a wave of lingering fear. This child actually has a purple-level intermediate combat skill?

"Damn, I'm out of luck! No. 1 main city still has such a ruthless role as you!"

At the moment of throwing his sleeves and throwing Najie to Lin Chen, the old man with crutches took his men away in retreat!

Lin Chen took the Naling Ring and swept away her mental strength, which was filled with a lot of heavenly treasures and rare treasures, as well as some medicines and exercises.

"This old fox is also cunning, and the thief is not dead."

Lin Chen swept a mountain far away, sneered, he knew that the other party had not gone far. He concluded that Lin Chen could not take away the corpses of the seventh-level intermediate peak beast!

Lin Chen grinned as he turned to see the mountain-like, indestructible behemoth.

"Why should I take this big guy, this is my Qinglong, the most critical step to become the Dragon Emperor!!"