My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 530

Vol 5 Chapter 530: Poke A Horse Honeycomb? ?

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Chapter 530 ?

The time limit of the final moment has come, Lin Chen and his avatars have been lifted, but they still maintain vigilance around them.

Lin Chen leaped up and picked up the gun, tearing the talisman of fighting spirit that suppressed the corpse!


The fierce prestige of the seventh-order intermediate peak beast deterred the heavens and the earth, the crystal walls of the space were faintly distorted, and dozens of mountains near the dead place were crumbling!

"It's terrifying, this thing should be the seventh-level mid-level peak of the magic flame dragon scorpion. I am afraid that it will be comparable to the five-level mid-level or even late warlord-level strongman in the heyday!"

Lin Chens pupils shrunk, and if his flesh shells and Jiu Tribulation were strong enough, this might could make the general Yuanzun Realm Eighth and even Nineth all squeeze into pieces!

This kind of fierce beast is definitely not the existence that Yun Mingqing can kill! I dont know where he came from, anyway, its cheaper for someone in Lin!

Lin Chen stood with one of his avatars and the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, and Baishuang Qinghong and Wulong Dynasty Emperor glowed with supreme light!

"Break me!"

Lin Chen once again launched the ultimate moment, the two and one dragon used all their strengths, aimed at the most vulnerable part of the magic flame dragon scorpion and pierced and torn!

After a series of violent bombardments, the weak part of the magic flame dragon scorpion was torn apart by a mouth of hundreds of feet!

If it is still alive, it will run a little, even if it is the weakest part, it will not be shaken by Lin Chen anyhow!

"Qinglong, swallow me! Swallow up its flesh and blood, how fast it will eat!"

Lin Chen issued a fierce command, and the green dragon shouted, shrunk into the crack, and the dragon claws tore the flesh, swallowing endless energy of qi and blood!


The 100,000th dragon vein in Qinglong's body began to agitate continuously, exuding endless dragon power! Like a sea of thousands of seas, it flows into the dragon veins!

This is the boundary between Tier 6 and Tier 7 beasts. As long as this dragon vein is cleared, it will be a step in the sky! Can be called Dragon Emperor!

"The shell of this dragon scorpion is also a treasure, not inferior to the general seventh-tier intermediate mine, grandma's, peeled!"

Lin Chen carried the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun and pryed and smashed it. With his pure power of 980,000 dragons, he could only pry the corpse of this fierce beast. I can imagine how terrifying this thing is!

One person and one dragon, one prying shell, one devouring flesh and blood, the magic flame dragon scorpion suspended in the sky like a mountain is decreasing at the speed visible to the naked eye!

In the mountains tens of thousands of miles away, the two Tsing Yis are desperately popular!

"Damn, this kid has this trick! We're miscalculated!"

"His blue dragon is also terrifying, even dare to directly devour the body of the magic flame dragon scorpion! Yin Lao, what shall we do?"

The old man on the side of the crutches was cloudy and sighed a moment later.

"This card is endless, and it really deserves its reputation. This time the transaction between Yun Mingqing and our rivals is too extensive. The old heroes are not good at their side.

The three eventually disappeared and disappeared.

One day later, in the main city of No. 1!

In front of Yuntian Mansion, the beautiful woman in red robe hurried back to the gate, and before she could open her mouth in the future, she was frightened by Lin Chen at the gate!

How is this kid somewhat similar to the silver robe who robbed her!

Seeing the red robe and the beautiful woman returning home in embarrassment, Yun Mingqing's eyes were like electricity, and she drunk suddenly!

"What's going on, Chi Niang, why are you back!"

"Master Mingqing, me, the caravan was robbed, I can't protect it!"

Chi Niang said with tears and tears, Yun Mingqing gave a palm, and said coldly-"People in the No. 2 main city?"

"No! It's a Yuanzun Realm!"

As soon as this remark came out, all the strong players and even the guards in the audience set off a storm in the heart!

A Yuanzun realm robbed the caravans escorted by the warlord, and repelled the warlord back? Damn it! The descendants of the strongest gods of all generations have no such strength!

Suddenly, Yun Mingqing, who seemed to think of something, finally recovered. Staring at Lin Chen deadly!

"It's your kid?"

"Ah? What is Ming Qingqing talking about? The wind is too strong for me to hear?"

Lin Chen teased and laughed, completely disregarding his attitude.

"The one who can challenge and defeat Warlord Realm in Yuanzun is currently only you! There can be no second one!"

As soon as this sentence came out, Yun Mingqing himself was deeply puzzled! Since he is the only one, then this child is now in front of his own eyes. How did he manage to rob his caravan in these days of staying in front of his eyes?

A one-armed cloud burst into a shock, and he recalled the scene when he and Mo family were being teased, and said unbelievably-"Your avatar, can it still be displayed in the main city?"

"Avatar? Speaking of this, this son's intelligence does mention that his avatar skills are fascinating! But here is the main city!"

Yun Mingqing frowned, showing his fighting skills in the main city? Even the Emperor Jiuzhong can't do it!

"Is his avatar skill not a combat skill? It is not a combat skill, but it can be exactly the same as the body, and even the alchemy can be completed together?"

A stern killing opportunity appeared in Yun Mingqing's heart, and he waved his hand!

"Move the whole team, he can't take away the body of the magic flame dragon scorpion! This seat is going to destroy this little king bastard!"

"What about this kid?"

Some guards hesitated, Yun Mingqing was about to speak, Lin Chen laughed.

"Of course I left~"

The voice just fell, the avatar turned into a ray of light smoke, disappeared!

This scene shocked all the eyewitnesses to frown, and this kid could actually perform the avatar technique in the main city where the fighting could not be released?

When things were exposed, Lin Chen didn't need to hide it! Leaving people directly will also allow you to show one more avatar!

"Damn, if this child is allowed to grow up, it will be a deadly threat to us!"

Yun Mingqing personally taught Lin Chen's evildoer, and his heart was murderous! When he walked fast, everyone followed him, and all the onlookers knew that the outside world might whistle a **** storm!

The land of silence is above the sky. The vast body of the magic flame dragon scorpion has been devoured about 70%! Lin Chens Qinglong didnt know how much energy he had consumed! The most important thing is that this dragon scorpion has a part of the dragon blood, which is very suitable for the absorption of the blue dragon!

"His! This thing hasn't even taken away the fierce beast core of the seventh-level intermediate peak!"

When Qinglong swallowed 80% of the flesh and blood energy, Lin Chen sucked a cold air!

This level of fierce beast core can sell more than one hundred thousand sky coins! Rich in oil!

"The ferocious beast core was not taken because it was the best way to preserve the energy of this corpse. It seems that this caravan is involved in a wide range of forces. If I can't do it, I may have poked a horse honeycomb!"