My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 531

Vol 5 Chapter 531: Kill Two Of Them

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Chapter 531

Lin Chen touched his nose, and since he did it, he would do it in the end! No matter what it is, it has to kick both feet even if it is a tiger butt!

Lin Chen dug out the inner fierce beast core, the size of a watermelon, the whole diamond shape, such as refraction crystal, exuding domineering hot energy fluctuations!

A piece of income in the Lingling ring, this thing is too high level, even if Lin Chen is now used for alchemy, it can not fully play its value, and the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon who has not yet become the Dragon Emperor does not have the ability to devour this thing. qualifications.

The fierce beast core of the seventh-order intermediate peak, and the strongest sixth-order beast are not qualified for refining, unless there is ancient power to help or the blood is the same line.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and Zi Jin Tong looked into the distance.

"Have you started killing here, but anyway, I'm done!"

Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon swallowed all the way, before it was an hour to devour the last flesh and blood!

Qinglong, who was biting cleanly, turned into a stream of light and returned to Lin Chen's Yuan Qi Mansion. This time, Qinglong will fall into a deep sleep and concentrate on refining all the swallowed blood energy.

When the 100,000th Dragon Vessel opens, it will be when his Dragon Emperor comes to the world!


Lin Chen turned into a sonic boom beam, flapping the purple phoenix wings to pierce the sky!

Three quarters later, the brigade arrived!


The battle spirit exploded, the space crystal wall cracked, and looking at the corpse with only an empty shelf, Yun Mingqing was angry!

Everyone's afraid to speak, shocked in my heart, did not expect this hand at all! Lin Chen didn't even plan to take away the dead beasts, but swallowed them on the spot!

The question is, can't one swallow? This is too weird...

"Lin Chen! No matter where you are, I will kill you no matter what price you pay!"

In the palm of his hand, the Qingwu battle spirit exploded, and Yun Mingqing touched the eyes, the heaven and earth spirits gathered, as if to reproduce the previous breath, clearly seeing the direction of Lin Chen leaving!

This is also a very rare pupil technique, which can actually see the direction chosen by Lin Chen's previous breath!

"That direction is, the ruins of the sky dome? Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, **** nowhere you break in! The ruins of the sky dome have recently been in turmoil, and there are many war emperors who are willing to sell me Yun Mingqing's humanity. Just see how big a spray you can make!"

"I'm going to take a step first, the ruins of the heavens meet!"

Yun Mingqing swept towards the sky and turned into a stream of light!


Two days later, the entrance to the sky ruins!

Located on the edge of the No. 1 main city area, a mysterious cave house is built in a basin. The cave house is like an ancient civilization, with giant doors on both sides to deter the eight wastelands!

Inside the entrance of the Dong Mansion, a group of people gathered together, with dignified and proud arrogance, as well as the protection of the four war emperors in the later period!

The five young men headed, three men and two women, are actually descendants of false gods! The three late eighth and the second nineth middle are all descendants of the first-class and pseudo-gods who have been practicing for hundreds of years and are stronger than Mo Zixiao!

"At this time the enchantment has not been completely lifted. If I enter, I am afraid that I will not be able to protect the young masters."

One of the war emperor elders said cautiously that all five descendants of pseudo-gods from different families were frowning, but they did not dare to break through. The remains of the sky dome and the space boundary are extremely strong, and only war emperor realm can enter.

In addition, there are a large number of half-step emperors and Jiuzhong Peak's Yuan Zunjing standing at the door waiting for the disappearance of the enchantment.

Most of these people are coming soon. There is no time to collect the sky coins to break through the realm. I want to bet on my life and death to see if I can get the top treasures and turn over.

Boom! The sonic boom swept, the figure fell to the ground, the ground shattered like a web of spider webs, and the war emperors turned their heads and looked around.

"Damn, this old dog is really tight!"

When the young boy smashed a pill, when he scolded, everyone's expression suddenly changed!

"Lin Chen?"

"Lin Chen of Lingzhou? My day! Or him?"

The look of the older generation of strong men and the descendants of the five false gods is very exciting!

Lin Chen blinked and looked overjoyed!

"Five pseudo-god descendants? Everyone has a special attribute light ball light? Hahaha! Well come, all dry!"

The ultimate moment of the five-fold change superimposed, short hair fluttering and flying, Lin Chen instantly seemed like a **** descended, unstoppable!

He stepped forward, the purple phoenix wings flapped into a touch of afterglow! The faces of the four war emperors changed dramatically, and they suddenly released the cover-up fighting spirit to block them beside them!

Bang ~!

A piece of earth robbery is like a mountain of skirmishes. When it breaks out, it will disturb the position of nine people!

Tear ~! The sound of the waves was like a dragon roaring, and the nine dragon patterns screamed and screamed to the back of a black shirt boy!

Fuck~! Click! Click! The teenager's body broke with countless bone cracking sounds, and when his eyes were desperately wide, the **** shadow wind magic leg swept upside down and hung upside down, like a golden hook kicking upside down!

boom! Lin Chen kicked the descendant of the pseudo-god of the late eightfold with one leg, and finally recharged and penetrated the rune at the last moment, which was outrageous!

When the powerful people around retreated, they took a breath! At the time of Lin Chen's shot, the breath covered by the Ten Thousand Fire Strategy was exposed!

"This kid didn't even achieve the eighth rehearsal, he even killed a false **** descendant of the Long family?"

[The host gains 1000 points of Qi and blood energy, 3050 points of power, 10 points of spiritual power, 5000 points of rune energy, 100 points of ignition energy,]

Grab a talent fragment with one hand and the system light screen pops up.

[The host obtains the active talent fragment: the thief harbinger talent (2/3),]

"Master Teng'er! Damn things, die for me!"

The dragon family war emperor in the void was slammed and shouted like a mourning test, a flash of blue lightning thundered his hand, slammed to Lin Chen, and squeezed the space!

brush! brush!

Lin Chen's body style flashed twice quickly, and the Warlord of the Dragon Family didn't even wipe his clothes corner!

The other three war emperors shot one after another. Lin Chens Moonlight Lanying was like a divine light shuttle, and as strong as the four emperors could not even touch his hair!

Meiyu Lengsha's snow-dressed woman shouted awe-inspiringly-"This lowly mortal is weird! Can't keep it, use the power of the bloodline!"

As soon as the voice fell, a leg shadow cut across the waist to the woman in snow clothes, and her snow eyes appeared incredible shock!

The moment before the leg shadow blasted her, a cold and awkward boy turned back into her eyes. For the first time, she had received countless admiration from her birth and showed fear!

Fist, anger!


[The host gains 5000 points of essence of war, 3400 points of merit, 200 points of water energy,]

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains Talent Fragment: Omen of Thief (3/3), Active Talent: Omen of Thief has been automatically synthesized.

The moment the woman in snow fell, everyone was shocked. With just two breaths, they witnessed the fall of the descendants of two false gods?