My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 532

Vol 5 Chapter 532: You Are Fiercer Than Me

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Chapter 532

The four war emperors drank in anger!

"Shoot! Join forces to launch a space blockade, he can't break our space barrier with a Yuanzun Realm!"


The enchantment of the space extended by the four people centered around the entrance of Dongfu, and Lin Chen's Purple Phoenix wings disappeared like a ghost!

The eyes of the four battle emperors tremble slightly. How fast is he? Even the speed of the space blockade couldn't stop him half a point!

"Unfortunately, the old man came after!"

Lin Chen, who flashed to the void, glanced pitifully at the remaining three descendants of the frightened pseudo-god, Yun Mingqing was nearby, and there were four war emperor tigers staring next to him, and he had no time to solve the three of them!

"The ruins of the sky dome inside? Then go in!"

Lin Chen smiled, lifted the five changes, and turned into a stream of light gliding into the entrance of Dongfu. The old generation who were waiting for the enchantment to disappear completely was horrified!

"Does he dare to go in a Yuanzun realm now?"

"There is a terrible space storm inside, which can't be compensated by physical method!"

Lin Chen had just left his forefoot and ushered in a more terrible breath on his hind foot, and Yun Mingqing arrived!

"This kid has entered the ruins first? As soon as the person who treats me arrives, you are the bird in the cage!"

Yun Mingqing overlooked the entrance of Dongfu, sneering in his heart.


Stepping into the tunnel of the cave house, the dark and dark tunnel extends to the ground, a large amount of space folds are twisted, and from time to time ejects a turbulent space like a sharp blade, without the strength of the warlord, it can't resist!

"Nine Eyes!"

There was a nine-color pupil on the top of his head. Now Lin Chen has launched nine eye-catching eyes. It is completely different from the past. The nine types of sky-trigger warfare are complete.


The silhouette flashes, Lin Chen easily avoids all the turbulence in space!

Suddenly, the dim channel flashed like a starry light, and when you looked closely, it was the property of the earth!

"It must have been left behind by those emperors who dared to enter the cave, and it was cheaper for me!"

The figure flickered in the faint moonlight, Lin Chen swept across the void with the attribute light ball suspended, and all were missing!

[The host gains 9588 essence of qi, 3400 merits of energy, 89 energy of wood, 8710 energy of qi and blood, 13 spirit power, 12005 essence of qi,]

Boom~! The more violent volatility of the fighting spirit spilled out of Lin Chen's body, and the seventh fighting qi Yuan Mansion has taken shape.

Lin Chen, who has been fighting all the way in the imperial realm and the descendant of the false gods, has finally entered the late sixth stage!

"It's over!"

The light shines like a blazing sun. After Lin Chen stepped out of the Dongfu Passage, what was in sight was a vast and infinite valley with bright light and a shocking energy explosion resounding through the sky!

There were dozens of archaic stone statues all around, and a roll of radiant light rose into the sky, dazzling. When Zijin Tong looked at it, Lin Chen took a breath.

All these glows flying into the sky are actually exercises above the purple order! If you count down, maybe there are dozens of volumes! If there is a volume of purple-level intermediate exercises, it is enough for any war emperor to be worthwhile!

"Huang Cang old man, get away!"

"Well, the old man lost to your last four strokes five hundred years ago, and now come to revenge on the sword!"

The two battle emperors struggled, and after the battle, the stars shifted, and even Lin Chen had to retreat to the side! It is the early stage of the two war emperors duo!

"There are at least twenty warlords. What is the chaotic situation... lying trough? Why is she here too?"

Lin Chen's eyes widened abruptly. Among the many chaotic battles, an elegant and beautiful Qianying attracted Lin Chen's attention. It was Yan Qianyun!

At this time, she circulated colorful lights, and she didn't know what secret method was used. She was able to face head-to-head battle with Warlord Realm in the later period.

Regardless of the attributed light spheres scattered around, Lin Chen swept away. He could see that Yan Qianyun only used external force. When the time limit arrived, it would definitely return to the original cultivation behavior!

"Little Nizi, but Yuan Zunjing is fivefold, how did you get here!"

The old man in the green robe who fought against Yan Qianyun sneered, grabbed the palm of his hand, and the five fingers penetrated the blazing flames, the battle was violent, and he wanted to capture Yan Qianyun and the secret volume in her hand!

The pretty face is slightly cold, the jade hand is even a bit empty, and a finger spans across, tearing the flame giant hand. When just preparing to fight back, a gray-white rung solidified in the crystal wall of the space blasted the top of the old man in the blue robe, making him look. Great change!

Tear ~!

Launching the ultimate moment and the five-fold change, Lin Chen turned into a demon, and fell from the sky. A shot of rage smashed down. The guns intertwined with dark fire penetrated the body of the old man in Qingpao!

boom! boom!

The guns intertwined with dark fire exploded repeatedly, and the penetration characteristics shattered his defensive treasures. This gun was almost Lin Chens full strength. In the face of a heavy warlord in the later period, he did not underestimate the enemy!

The moment the spear pierced the top of his head, Lin Chen reached out his palm and touched the other person's body like a ghost, and the ghost made a new talent!

[Consume 5000 talent points, use stolen omens, and steal 30,000 points of heavenly value.

A series of stars are integrated into Lin Chen's arm, and the system light screen pops up!

"Tier 7 Intermediate High Grade Warfare? What a ninja, and a helper!"

The old man in Qingpao was injured by Lin Chen's one-shot attack, and his head broke blood, and the slow rune prevented him from launching a combat defense in the first place.

"Damn, today it is in the hands of these two little cubs. The situation is not good. Let's evacuate first!"

Seeing that his injuries were not light, the war emperor immediately escaped. If it was outside, he must break the net with Lin Chenyu, but in the chaotic situation of more than twenty war emperors, there is always the danger of falling!

"Lin Chen!"

Yan Qianyun exulted, exclaiming. Lin Chen's mouth twitched, and the opening was just one sentence.

"Sister, you are more fierce than me! Yuanzunjing Wuzhong dare to come to such a place?"

Upon hearing the words, Yan Qianyun covered her mouth and chuckled, her colorful light flowing into her ancient books, and Xiu Wei returned to Yuanzun Realm again.

Lin Chen can enter here by virtue of Jiujiaoyan. Presumably, she also avoided the turbulence of the space of Dongfu Passage by her own arithmetic.

Lin Chen cast a doubtful look, Yan Qianyun smiled-"This is the power of the ancestor I found in Mingzhou, you can briefly use the ancestor's cultivation."

"What are you doing here."

Lin Chen turned her back to her and stood around to guard her.

"The ruins of the sky dome contain the mysterious "Qianshen Count", which is very important to my Yan family. I have to take it back. It is divided into two parts. I only have one of them."

Yan Qianyun raised the ancient secret secret in Yang Yu's hand, Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, glanced at it, and remembered the similar breath contained in the ancient books.

While looking around the audience, the two also found that the "Thousand Gods Calculation" in the second half was being fiercely contested by the two emperors!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's eyes, which made Lin Chen feel cold and horrified, locked him awesomely!

The aggressive and domineering fist wind penetrated through the crystal wall of space. Almost instantly, Lin Chen, who suddenly turned around, pulled Yan Qianyun, and backed a dark dragon palm!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Fists of palms collided, and both sides took ten steps back. Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, staring at the young star robe in front of him.

"Half Step King?"