My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 533

Vol 5 Chapter 533: Pinnacles

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Chapter 533

Lin Chen, who opened the five-fold change plus the ultimate moment, this is the first time he has encountered a strong player who can compete with him under Battle Royal Realm!

"Being able to break into here by virtue of Yuan Zunjing's cultivation practice, and still be able to take a punch with the book, you really are the mortal Lin Chen, right?"

Xingpao youth flicked his sleeves and raised his mouth slightly.

Lin Chen was a little surprised-"Descendants of false gods?"

Hearing these four words, the Xingpao youth's eyebrows shook a little, and his expression gradually became cold and sullen-"It really is an annoying lowly slut, your life, I'm going to be buried!"

Soul burial? This person is the first master under the so-called war emperor realm!


A glimpse of the moonlight turned into a sharp and sharp gun shadow, and the soul burial sky retreated one after another, with a look of consternation.

Lin Chen's three phantom avatars appeared, one of which protected Yan Qianyun, and the other two lightning flashed out to collect the attribute light **** scattered around!

[The host gains 3500 points of merit, 1200 points of heavenly value, 13000 points of essence of combat spirit, 122 points of gold energy, 7 points of spiritual power, and 890 points of talent.]

There are a lot of attributed light **** in this group of emperor battles! Lin Chen accepted all the orders and didn't intend to let it go!

"Hide first and wait for me to solve him."

The avatar said seriously to Yan Qianyun, she nodded and retreated to the side.

"Despite what you are, the master is the descendant of the false god!"

Lin Chen was shocked! With the sixth-level late cultivation as the five-level change, now he has temporarily entered the eighth-level early stage!

"Slow rune!"

A slow rune with 5000 points of energy was blasted out, and when it burst open, the space solidified, and the soul buried in the sky showed a surprised look!

Boom~! The war guns turned round and smashed, like a mad dragon slamming, head down and furiously!

boom! boom! boom!

The ground veins are cracked and the space is distorted. Lin Chen's shot fell empty?

"Sure enough, it's a bit of a ghost, but unfortunately, if this is your hole card, then I am the one who restrains you the most!"

Senran's cold sword gas flew to Lin Chen's back, and he stepped a little, turning into moonlight to avoid!

Avoiding this killing knife, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he held a seventh-order low-grade superb knife from the soul burial ground beyond his own, and looked down on himself from the top, as if he was a normal person!

His slow rune didn't seal his space?

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"


Layers of guns resemble a peacock opening screen, rolling and advancing, the momentum is like a raging wave! The airtight knife light screamed, and the two sides were diametrically opposed.

"Slow rune!"

Another slow rune was played, this time consuming 8000 intermediate rune energy! Even Lien Zhan can block most of his breath in the first stage!

The purple phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chenburuo moonlight shocked glance, still launched two major attack runes, a magic gun crack penetrated his space!

Bang! The gun burst like a rainbow, flashing through, but it never hit the soul burial sky!


Lin Chen screamed badly in his heart, a magnificent black sword air flew to the sky, and the fierce sword wind came from all directions, and the sword's lingering rhythm was enough to kill most of the half-step emperors, Lien Chan. The Imperial Realm has to be taken seriously!

"Huang Demon sacrifices heaven!"

When the dragon force broke out, and the dark and fire-robbing fighting spirits flowed, Lin Chen shot the sky with anger, and when he penetrated the sword gas, it exploded!

Lin Chen stood back a dozen steps, and suddenly, strangely, the exploding sword-like after rhythm seemed to jump into the void, turning into an endless stream of starlight. Catapult a lot of sharp knife lights!

"Shit, so strong!"

Lin Chen shook his numb and blood-stained arm, his expression was dignified!

At this time, the soul burial sky stood staring at himself with a sneer and sneer.

Through the previous fights, Lin Chen is almost certain why this guy can keep up with his body style, and his ability to escape the slow runes, and the ability to jump continuously in space. These forces come from the power of his blood!

Soul Burial is a person of the Soul Family, and the soul ink white line with Lin Chen was originally a line, and the characteristics of the blood line belong to the category of the space system.

Soul Mobais bloodline power is could absorb and crush the space, instantly creating a horrible killing move to kill the enemy at close range!

In terms of potential, Soul Mobai is stronger than the descendants of false gods such as Long Qingyu and Mo Zixiao that Lin Chen has encountered! Hidden families of descendants of pseudo-gods, the soul family's talent is indeed higher than other pseudo-gods!

Soul Burial Sky does have the capital to fight against the Emperor Realm. The most important thing is that Lin Chen's biggest trump card is also one of the capitals he can fight against the Emperor Realm. The Rune of Slowness. Has no effect on him!

If the opponent of Soul Burial is the top priority of the war emperor, then he can be at an undefeated place at most. It is difficult to defeat the opponent.

But if it is Lin Chen, by virtue of body style and slow runes, he can defeat the first stage of the war emperor!

But he may not be able to defeat Soul Burial!

Because his proud body speed and slow runes in front of the war emperor can play the effect of "surprise attack", but these are not useful for the soul burial days!

He can use his blood power to move ultra-high-speed space without any warning, even with his aggressive attack!

There is no doubt that this soul burial day is the most troublesome and difficult enemy that Lin Chen encountered at this stage!

Unless Lin Chen played a slow rune with tens of thousands of rune energy and solidified a large space, it would be impossible to stop his actions! The rune energy he holds at this time is only about 240,000 points, which is largely used by this person, and it is not worth it at all.

"My two avatars are collecting attribute light **** faster and faster. Since the slow runes won't work, then I will turn you forward!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and he swept away suddenly, and his body speed was still terrifying!

Dang ~! Dang ~! Dang ~!

The two played fast, and between the gun and knife confrontations, burst out countless sparks!

On Xiu Wei, Lin Chen was more than one step behind him, but with the increased power of 980,000 dragons of the Divine Power and the lasting moment of sustained maintenance, the two moved the ground from the sky, cracked countless mountains, and shattered the airflow!

The crystal walls of the space cracked and collapsed, and the two of them turned into two gods haunting the divine light!

In terms of body speed, the soul-burial days are not as good as Lin Chen's, but he can move the space without warning, even Lin Chen's prediction can't predict his actions!

On the attack, Lin Chen continued to use penetrating runes, and the power of penetrating combat defense was completely blocked by his seventh-order intermediate inferior'Dragon Body Armor'!

In contrast, Lin Chen was forced to retreat again and again by the power of his bloodline! Every time he disperses his attack, there will always be so many unpredictable jumping spaces that can hit Lin Chen!