My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 534

Vol 5 Chapter 534: Then It Will Turn Upside Down

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Chapter 534

"What a terrible boy, the old man is the first to see the war emperor's realm, and he can force the burial master to launch the power of the gods again and again."

The two battle emperors were in two different battle circles, robbed each other of the Purple Order exercises, and paid attention to the battle of Soul Burial Heaven. When they saw the strength of Lin Chen, they were shocked and dignified!

This child is only 20 years old, and he can compete with their soul family's strongest Tianjiao of all generations. The soul burial sky has been cultivated for nearly a thousand years to reach this level! !

To a large extent, Lin Chen relied on the powerful talents of the Wulong dynasty emperor gun to face the soul burial heaven!

"Huang Demon sacrifices heaven!"

"Turn the Moon Dragon Sword!"

The dragon-like sword gas collided with Lin Chen's dark musket and the sky, and rolled up a monstrous storm. Lin Chen did not dare to be careless, and his body flashed for a thousand miles!

brush! brush! call out! call out!

The wind breaking noise screamed, as expected, those cracked sword qi Yu Yun's sharp edges continued to lock Lin Chen, and they all came in chaos. Lin Chen pulled the war gun, and it was another trick that a thousand demons pierced through the heart. Retreat to the aftertaste!

At this time, Lin Chen was bathing in blood, even though the wood spirit essence method continued to recover, his injury accumulation was much faster than the recovery speed!

His eyes were solid and rock-solid.

Looking back at the Soul Burial, because there is a seventh-level intermediate inferior defense armor specially assisted by his family to refine him, and Lin Chen's fierce battle, except for the consumption of blood power and part of the fighting spirit, there is almost no injury!

Lin Chen, for the first time, was forced into a disadvantage by a character who was not even in the Imperial Realm!

"Lin Chen is so strong that he didn't expect this soul burial day to be evil!"

Yan Qianyun gave Lin Chen a worried look. She knew that Lin Chen only lost to practice time! If he was allowed to practice half the days of the soul burial, the two sides must not be on the same level!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, you are just like that, let me die!"

The Soul Burial is overbearing with laughter, and the sword of the hand is raging again! The sword that is transparent and bright like a long river is cut!

"The Ultimate Guiyuan! Shura's Fury, Huang Demon Offering Heaven!"

There was a smile on the corner of Lin Chens mouth, the mental image above his head shouted with anger, and the sound of the mountain shattered the mountains and the sea, and the golden dragon gun in his hand was a thorn!

Bang ~~!

The dark musket pierced the sword gas, and carried out the violent plunder to the soul burial sky. Those bursting sword gas after rhymes were annihilated by the spiritual impact into nothingness. Frightened!

The power of Lin Chen's shot has skyrocketed several times than before?

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the seventh and middle seventh layers.

At this time, the system suddenly popped up the light screen, Lin Chen's breath soared and flew, the real repair was to span two levels, and bless the five changes, now he has temporarily entered the late eighth stage!

"Finally picked up the attribute light ball! Laozi bombed you to death!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a terrible war broke out instantly! Talent points dropped by 4000 points!

The soul burial days, which have been shaken back dozens of steps, have not yet stabilized their attributes, and two ghostly moonlight figures are coming with a sword and a sword!

He was horrified by the horror. Among the sharp sword spirit, there was even a sword spirit that even he felt terrified!

The Emperor urged the power of the bloodline, the figure of Soul Burial left in a flash, and the sword and sword shadow split into empty space!

However, as if everything was within Lin Chen's expectations! As the corners of the mouth rose, Lin Chen played a 500-point slow rune, blasting to another soul burial sky that appeared in the void, scaring him to urge the bloodline!

Then, Lin Chen repeatedly flicked his fingertips, continuously shooting out the 500-point rune energy of slow runes, and continued to approach with phantom avatars, attacking the soul burial days again and again!

After urging blood to jump into space nine times in a row, he finally came to a halt!

Lin Chen's eyes were astonished, and sure enough, the blood power of this guy could not be used continuously for unlimited!

"Wait when you can't jump! Give me death!"

Lin Chen's momentum surged! The two major attack runes launched, and the body's five kinds of Tiankai fighting tactics were transformed into flood energy. All the fighting abilities of Lin Chen's Yuanfu disappeared at a speed of four-fifths!


Bang ~! The light and dark wind and thunder and fire, the five kinds of huge fingers that are surrounded by the energy of the wilderness are nearly 100 acres, and they are born out of the sky, like the fall of the galaxy.

"This kid still has a hole card? Shit, do you think you have a purple-level intermediate power!"

"Soul's FuneralCultivation of Souls!"

The soul burial sky was furious, and the fighting spirit was flowing between the blades. A ghost of the ghost of the ghost appeared in his sword. The sword slaughtered the sky, slashing a blue rainbow-like knife to the vastness. The broken eight fingers!

boom! boom! Bang ~~!

Daoman and the giant finger of energy suddenly came into contact, and the heaven and earth opened up the energy storm of the heaven and earth, covering all directions, cutting off the mountains and rivers, and the nearby valleys were razed to the ground!

Soul burial days with excessive blood power can only be forced to greet Lin Chens eighth barrage, but this time, 20% of the power penetrates the front and shocks the soul burial days! His seventh-tier intermediate defense weapon also fell into a bleak future!

Bleeding from the corners of the mouth, the soul burial sky fell like a kite with a broken thread and flew out!

It's not over yet!

"Cut Soul! Extremely short!"

Cut one's arms and one sword!

Lin Chen's two phantom avatars are already ready to take off, and in the state of the ultimate moment, they take the strongest attack, and a dark knife that sinks into the infinite light cuts off the left arm of Soul Burial Heaven! Sprinkle a bunch of attribute light balls!

Another extreme speed of water moon sword light is even more terrifying! Blessing the sharp edge of the seventh-grade intermediate-grade sword, even if it is the purple sword incomplete swordsmanship, its power is not inferior to Lin Chen's eight wild fingers!

Dang ~! Bang~! Click~ Click~ Click!

The extreme sword speed of the water moon sword light is like a streamer of horizontal lines, puncturing the neck of the soul burial sky. At a critical moment, his defensive treasure automatically protects the master. Although he blocked this sword, he completely broke 70%!

The 20% penetration power still penetrates the whole body of Soul Burial Heaven, just a moment, and the meridian of Soul Burial Heaven is 90% broken! Healed is a waste!

When the moonlight flickered, Lin Chen slammed with the five dragon dynasty guns, only the last time, this soul burial day can return to the west!

"Good boy, dare to hurt my young master!"

A dry hand with a ghost-like hand slammed behind Lin Chen's back, seemingly powerless, and the old five fingers slashed through the empty area of the vacuum!

Lin Chen's eyes were stunned, and his instantaneous volley turned upside down. If the whirlwind turned sharply, he turned back and swept a shot, offering a virtual image of Shura's spirit.


Lin Chen was still flying with a palm, bleeding at the corner of his mouth, and a slight fracture sound came from his arm bones!

He chewed a panacea indiscriminately, a way to limit the Guiyuan to supplement the fighting, and quickly run the wood spirit essence treatment! The two avatars immediately returned to the body of Fang Linchen, waiting for them!

The shooter, but a late war emperor realm! If Lin Chen reacted a little slower, maybe he was already in a different place!

The other party glanced over the side of Soul Burial, and when he reached out to investigate, his expression suddenly changed! I didn't expect that in today's Divine Realm, people who haven't reached the Imperial Realm, some people were able to beat the soul to the end!

"A good Lin Chen, the best genius of my soul family. From today, Shenzhou will have no place for you!"

The other party roared wildly, Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, and he was laughing wildly!

"Go to Nima's old dog! Just let your pseudo-families of the gods defy life and abuse people to kill people at will? My lord, I have decided not to be merciless to you, the family of descendants of the pseudo-gods! , Then do it until the whole country is turned upside down! Someone in Lin I dont know what Houlu is!"