My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 535

Vol 5 Chapter 535: Deterring The Emperor

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Chapter 535: Deterring the War Emperor!

Lin Chen VS Soul Burial, an overwhelming victory!

That war emperor realm abandoned the skill that he competed with another war emperor, saved the soul and buried the sky, and when he threatened Lin Chen, he caused Lin Chen to laugh wildly!

Lin Chen's eyes flickered with coldness when he was about to leave with the soul buried in the sky!

"Want to go? There are no doors! Since the shot was taken, the Warlord would have to leave some price for Lao Tzu!"

Bang ~!

The phantom avatar next to him holds hoarfrost and green rainbow, and the sword glows brightly! A sword slammed out!

"Ji Que Shui Guang Slow Rune!"

The three big runes came out, Lin Chen struck out the slow runes of 20,000 rune energy in one breath, and instantly solidified the space around the war emperor, making his face change!

Soul Burial Heaven has the power of blood, but he does not!


Lin Chen's body and avatar pointed out with one finger, and they were two eight-five fingers of five kinds of sky-tribulation tactics to transform the energy of the wilderness. They went away with anger, and added a very short water light, hit the other side and the soul burial day head-on!

Once in a while, breaking through the half-delayed rune-bound Soul Parents, the old doubles steeply lifted the void, a vast ancient mirror that contained the warlike and latitude fluctuations in the world, and suddenly took Lin Chen's three tricks!

boom! boom! boom!

Xuntiandi's explosive explosion of war attracted some warlords to cast a surprised look. The strength of Yuan Zunjing in this kid's district can actually carry out such a terrible attack?

Add two big attack runes at the last moment, two tricks and eight wild fingers add a record of extremely short water, this is almost the strongest attack of Lin Chen at this stage!

At the next moment, the second war emperor elder of the Soul Family looked shocked. He was one of the few early dual war emperors on the scene!

The second Soul Parent also gave up the fight decisively, and the figure moved to the near two of the void, tearing the energy storm, and it appeared to be a corpse and a dead soul burial day!

Seeing this scene, even other war emperor realms noticed were stunned! !


A war emperor of the soul family died in such a late period?

Although the kid's hole card is strange and the offensive is strong, it will not reach the level of the second stage of the second kill!

Looking at the attributed light sphere that was seriously injured by Soul Burial and the large number of attributed light spheres left by a fallen emperor, they were suspended into the void, and even Lin Chen himself was stunned for the dazzling scene!

He just wanted to make the other person not walk so easily, how much did he leave a price, how can he kill people?

"Could it be that?"

The inner ecstasy has just emerged, and the system light screen pops up.

[The host succeeds in triggering the Emperor Destruction talent, and has successfully spiked the target creature.

Destroyer! Sure enough, it is a talent for destroying the emperor! Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's furious shot actually caused the ghost to trigger the one thousandth chance of destroying the king!

"Ha ha ha ha! Cool, happy! One finger to kill the emperor, which one is not convinced, although stand up!"

Lin Chen's raging laughter shocked Qiankun and surrounded the sky!

With a smile at the sky, the emperors dared to tremble!

"This kid is too weird! When did such a figure appear in the No. 1 main city, where is the sacred, and Yuanzunjing killed the emperor with one finger?

"He has such strength, why should he fight with that soul burial sky for so long?"

"Damn, this little boy is hidden too deep! That soul parent is not as inferior as the old husband, and he will be killed with one finger! The old husband must also hide from him!"

Some war emperor realm secretly glanced at Lin Chen with unbelievable horror, the young man held the dragon gun alone, majestic and majestic, one was suspended in the air, and no one dared to touch its prestige!

"How can this kid have such strength? Damn, it's important to protect the young master! If even the young master can't take it back, the emperor's life must be accounted for in the family!"

The last soul parent is old, and the early stage of the second stage of cultivation is that he did not dare to shoot Lin Chen and evacuated with his soul buried!

One of the phantom avatars flew away, taking away the vast mass of light spheres and two treasure chests!

The five-fold change was lifted, and the time limit of the final moment had arrived. Lin Chen consumed 3000 talent points and launched the limit return again. The fighting was full!

[The host gains 150 points of water energy, 11500 points of essence of war energy, 8000 points of energy of blood, 800 points of talent, 1100 points of heavenly value, 4705 points of merit, 8 points of spiritual power, 4000 points of rune energy,]

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains: 5 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and gains: 50000 Heavenly Dao.

Massive attribute values are booming, Lin Chen is full of heart! The fighting strength repair is only one step away from the late seventh stage!

In particular, Lin Chens element attribute values, even light and dark attributes, now exceed 3,000 points or more!

The extremely rapid growth of the element attribute value made Lin Chens nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting gas further expand the storage of the fighting gas in Yuanfu. At this speed, perhaps his Yuanzun Realms ninth heavy repair can complete the transformation of eight kinds of wild energy. , Hit a perfect eight wild fingers!

At that time, Lien Zhan Huang Realm had to weigh his Lin Chen's finger!

"You are too scary..."

Yan Qianyun was amazed. She thought she was in control of her ancestors' powers. When she met Lin Chen again, he gave himself a finger to the emperor!

"Now it's not time to sigh how handsome I am, get your goals first!"

Lin Chen grabbed her catkins and swept to the war circle on the other side. These are the two emperors of the later period. The secrets of the skills they are fighting for are just under the "Thousand God Formula" by Yan Qianyun on this trip. Half!

"Two seniors, this thing I like, is it my own hands, or do you know the current affairs? I am a person who respects the old and loves the young."

Lin Chen smiled with a wicked look, the two war emperors who were fighting were quickly separated, and his face was extremely ugly!

They had just seen Lin Chen's strange finger up close, and they were not much stronger than the elder Warlord Realm who had fallen!

Seeing the pair of purple phoenix wings behind Lin Chen, majestic and majestic, there was a purple flame curling between the flappings, and the war emperor who held the lower half of the "Thousand Gods Formula" gritted his teeth and threw it to Lin Chen!

The old man in Tsing Yi, who had been fighting him for a long time, trembled the muscles in the corners of his eyes fiercely.

No idea! This kid is a monster! After fighting for so long just now, I can still maintain the state of near heyday!

No one knows whether the finger he played with his avatar will still be so perverted! The second war emperor can't kill the second war emperor realm!

The two of them dare not take their lives to try this possibility. The old monsters that have lived for tens of thousands of years are very clear to each other which is more important. A roll of ancient skills will not let them take their lives to fight!

"Boy, I wrote down this account!"

"Hmph! The devil in the main city, don't let the old man meet you next time!"

Both of them let out cruel words like scenes, and ran away in vain!

Seeing the two war emperors actually repelled by Lin Chen, Yan Qianyun, who had always been extraordinary, opened her cherry mouth slightly at this time, her beautiful eyes were unbelievable, like being jammed with lollipops, it was tempting.