My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 536

Vol 5 Chapter 536: Long Empire

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Chapter 536: The Dragon Emperor is Born! ! !

When taking over the second half of "Thousand God Calculations" thrown by Lin Chen, Yan Qianyun's heart shivered with emotion!

"How can I be so fierce... my brother Lin Chen..."

Without taking care of the many battle situations, Lin Chen suddenly turned around and urged Zijin Tong and Jiu Jieyan at the same time!

Zijin Hitomi is a top-notch appraisal pupil! Nine Eyes, the Xeon arithmetic for calculating the luck of the world!

The two are in one, one is for insight into the weather of the treasure, and the other is for the calculation of the luck and life of the treasure, which is almost perfect!

Looking around the audience, Lin Chen found that in the battle situation in which more than 20 battle emperors competed, there were two volumes of exercises with an 80% probability of being a Purple Rank Intermediate!

In the battle circle of Triple Warlords, Lin Chen did not dare to take the risk. Triple Warlords, fighting head-to-head, he couldn't even take the opponent's palm!


Lin Chen picked another battlefield, two early double battle emperors!

In Zihong Yaoshi, the two war emperor realms were dim and dark here, but they never expected a shadow like a moonlight to plunge into the purple rainbow, grabbing the volume of practice!

The speed of this afterimage is so fast that even the two of them did not react!

"court death!"

The two of them sighed in awe at the same time, and were about to take action, only to find that it was the young man who had just killed the soul parent with a finger, and stopped the fight in his hands, staring at Lin Chen uncertainly.

When they saw that Lin Chen had put away the exercises in their hands in front of them, they frowned! Did Nima look at both of them?

[The host obtains the purple intermediate intermediate grade arrow skills: "Dark Thunder Thousand Arrows".

Purple Level Intermediate! This is Lin Chen's second volume of purple-level intermediate combat skills, or a fairly rare dark attribute plus lightning attribute combat skills!

Lin Chen, who couldn't ignore the ecstasy, held back the excited state of mind, with an overbearing cold voice.

"I want this volume of exercises, and the two of you will roll it yourself or I will do it."

mad! Lin Chen still chose to pose!

There is no better chance than this right now. Be aware that no one except the Triple Battle King can kill the second stage of Battle King Realm. He is now bluffing and using this momentum to rob various methods!

The two war emperors' doubles were very angry at the beginning, and a Tsing Yi swordsman sneered-"What a arrogant younger junior, this emperor today wants to see how strong this new rising star in the main city is!"

"Lao Tzu is also coming to learn from the high-level skills of teaching, don't let me down!"

In addition, the war emperor wearing a giant axe also grinned, and someone in Lin's heart giggled!

My day! These two guys are so special! Reckless husband has a batch!

"Can't scare them like this?"

Lin Chen throbbed in his heart, this Nima will play big hair later! The two double war emperors can consume him to death!

Unless it is the talent to launch God Killer, but there are not enough people here, and launching God Killer may not be the best result!

Both of them are old war emperors who have been famous for a long time, and they belong to the No. 2 main city. They simply don't believe that Lin Chen can still play the kind of attack that was just a spike later!

Even if he can really fight, they also have a certain degree of confidence to take it, at most paying a heavy price, they are determined not to make such an easy concession!

Just as Lin Chen was in a dilemma, the two war emperors' doubles became more and more weird. Isn't this kid bluffing?

Suddenly, the change is steep!

Even Lin Chen didn't know what was going on. A breath of terror emerged from his body, and he was overbearing, as if a king came, and his face turned red especially instantly!

Lin Chen's body burned a **** flame, and the sea of fire, completely condensed by the fire of qi and blood, exploded from his body!

"Ah! Roar!"

The long roar that Lin Chen burst into a roar of dragons, shattered mountains and rivers, and howls changed!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Dozens of high mountains were annihilated into ashes under this roar, and exploded into pieces!

"Body Warrior?"

"Million Dragon Power?"

The two war emperors exclaimed in amazement. As the fierce and vast Dragon Power filled, a huge super dragon with a tens of thousands of wings was born!

It is shaped like a long snake, with a gray dragon hair on its back and a vigorous five-claw head; a unicorn head, a carp tail with a mane, a deer with a horn, a blue beard, a scale like a pan-black jade, a majestic wind, and the whole body releases prehistoric antiquity The brutality and domineering of the giant beast!

The green eyes flashed between the dragon pupils; bursting out the domineering and noble dominance of all living things in Vientiane!

Even more frightening is that the pair of purple flame phoenix wings behind it makes the knowledgeable war emperor stunned!

"There is a dragon emperor hidden in this boy's body?"

"What's special, how many cards does this kid have! My day!"

"It's worthy of being the kid who dares to enter the battlefield of Heavenly Dome with the strength of Yuanzun Realm.

Some war emperor realms have cast their eyes stunned but shocked. Their hearts have already regarded Lin Chen as a more difficult existence than the same level!

"Blue Dragon Body, Purple Phoenix Wing?"

"Dragon Phoenix Mixed Bloodline? But, wrong! Although the two bloodlines are fused together, but they are extremely pure, it is not like a mixed bloodline at all!"

The two war emperors were stunned, Lin Chen exhaled with excitement and swept his mind.

At this time, the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon has already awakened 100,500 dragon veins in its body!

1005000 Dragon Power! Real million dragon power! And it is a seventh-order beast, the real Dragon Emperor!

Wanzai Qinglonghuang! Throughout the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon family, being able to grow to the height of the Dragon Emperor also belongs to the top level!

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain!"

One releases the Xuanqing Dragon Field, and the dragon qi is between the vertical and horizontal. The dragon qi that is as heavy as the sun, the moon and the stars calms down the two quarters of the action speed of the two war emperor realms!

Brush ~ brush ~ snap! Snapped!

The afterimage of the moonlight flickered away, and the ghostly Lin Chen took two palms with his hands. He shot behind the two war emperor realms, making them both creepy!

"What did this kid do?"

"Couldn't you want to make a bad move?"

The two of them burst into battle, and after a large amount of dragon energy was shaken, they quickly retreated, and the shock was undecided!

[The host consumes 14,000 talent points, successfully casts two signs of thieves, and steals attribute values from the target person: 3000 thunder attributes and 50,000 heaven path values.

"Stolen success again! Haha, this talent is so special, 3000 points of mine attribute, 50000 points of heavenly value! I drop a mother!"

Feeling the more majestic thunderstorm in the body, Lin Chen was ecstatic, but the surface was pretending to be a sneer.

"The palm just now was the warning that the coach forced you both. Why, if you don't accept it, even if you come up, I will meet you both! Don't use life to measure my Lin's strength, my low-key, Not your forced capital."

Lin Chen, who straightened his waist, felt a good heart!

Damn, there is strength, and speaking is the toughness of his mother!

Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor has a purple phoenix wing, and with the many magical powers it had originally realized, it can break the wrist even in the early stage of the second layer, and then cooperate with Lin Chens slow rune.