My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 537

Vol 5 Chapter 537: Yun Mingqing Arrived

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Chapter 537: Yun Mingqing Arrives!

He can't fight the death of Emperor Lin Chen in the early stage of the second stage, and it is entirely possible to create a chance for his Dragon Emperor to make a sneak attack!

"The guy on the body is hard. My Lin's waist pole is his mother's straight!"

Lin Chen stared in the eyes of the two, with fierce gloom, he now even wanted to take the two early stages of the war emperor's double to start surgery! See how strong his new Dragon Emperor is!

"Damn, this kid has killed me! Really?"

"This ten-year-old Emperor Qinglong is too weird, even with the Purple Phoenix wings, and the boy is not inferior to the horror speed of the Emperor Zhan, just leave Qingshan in, without worrying about firewood."

The two of them felt reluctant, and after a cold snort, they stepped back to the side and dared not act lightly!

Before Lin Chen was happy, a large number of fighting volatility emerged. At this time, three other war emperors passed through the passage and reached the ruins of the sky dome!

Lin Chen fixed his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were slightly drawn!

The tricky guy is here!

Yun Mingqing! There is also Yun Potian and the beautiful woman in red robe, but the last time that Yun Potian's concubine didn't come, maybe it's a psychological shadow of the eight wild fingers that Lin Chen used to bless'Junlintianxia'...

Lin Chen's avatar pulled Yan Qianyun closer to his side and waited for it!

Opposite the three war emperors, Lin Chen's side counted as Yan Qianyun's short-term blessing of the power of the ancestors is also equivalent to the three war emperors, but only Yun Mingqing! This man is a triple war emperor, which is extremely threatening. I am afraid that even his own dragon emperor is not an opponent!

The enemies met with a special eye. As soon as the eyes of both sides meet, they are immediately murderous!

"Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor? When will this kid have another dragon emperor?"

Yun Potian was stunned. In the last battle of Danzhou, this kid's Qinglong was not so strong!

"It's the dragon corpse! His mother, I said why the dragon scorpion would be eaten clean. It turns out that this kid carries a strange green dragon with him!"

With a glance at the Purple Phoenix Wing of Wanzai Qinglong, Yun Mingqing looked gloomy.

For the appearance of Yun Mingqing three people, the atmosphere in the field became wonderful, triple war emperor, there are only two people here, Yun Yun Qing is only three! And the other two are just the beginning of triple!

At this time, the battle situation of the Sifang Warlords Realm has begun to gradually divide the victory and defeat. The first batch of secret recipes of the ruins that have been born in the ruins have been finalized!

Not counting Yun Mingqing's three people, the remaining nineteen war emperors each had their own side, and no one dared to act rashly, including seven double war emperors and two triple war emperors.

"You guys, in Yunmingqing, the No. 1 main city, have some friendship with Lord Longchi, the No. 2 main city."

At this moment, Yun Mingqing stood up and said loudly with a fist. When many war emperor realms looked at him, someone in Lin's heart was awkward!

"This time Lord Longchi arranged for the next transaction to be disturbed. This son is the number one principal. If any of you are willing to take action, this seat will offer a public reward of 200,000 sky coins. The sky coins will be distributed with you, and you can take advantage of Longchi's favor. Even if you can't believe me, you should trust Longchi."

A word arouses thousands of waves!

This Yun Mingqing turned out to be 200,000 sky coins!

You know, when Lin Chen got the Emperor Yun in the inheritance of the Double Emperors, all his net worth counted that purple rainbow war bow, and the total was less than about 110,000 sky coins, and the real wealth was actually 70,000 sky coins!

As the master of medicine refining, the Emperor Bai Dan, not counting the Danfang and the alchemy handprint, only accumulated hundreds of thousands after a long time.

200,000, absolutely can impress any of the warlords present!

"The **** bastard is really willing to make a copy of his mother! 200,000 yuan, but he lost the mouth!"

Lin Chen's heart sank, consciously intending to communicate with his "God-killer" talent at any time!

Once besieged by groups, Lin Chen has no second path except the God-killers. It is very difficult to kill even the heavy siege! Triple war emperor, there is a high probability to be able to stop him head-on!

"How do you provoke these people?"

Yan Qianyun was puzzled, Lin Chen shrugged, helplessly said-"They are jealous that I look too handsome, chasing me from Danzhou until now."

"You really can cause trouble."

Yan Qianyun gave him a white glance, and he was unambiguous. The ancient book in the jade hand turned quickly, ready to exert the power of his ancestors.

"Oh, looking at Longchi's name, this time it's a seat, and I just want to know this arrogant young man."

"In this case, the old man is also welcome. Recently, I just needed the Sky Coin to buy a green order trial secret order!"

"Then add me!"

Suddenly, two mid-doubles and one post-secondary emperor joined Yun Mingqing's camp! Counting the clouds and breaking the sky, that is the four double war emperors!

Yun Mingqing's gaze turned and looked at the two figures from thousands of miles away. They were the only two triple war emperors in the ruins!

As the two hesitated, Lin Chen's expression became more solemn, and suddenly, his eyes looked deep into the ruins!

A roar that shattered the sky shook the sky and resounded through the sky! Roaring broken mountains and rivers, like a hurricane that swept away and swept across the land!


The terrible energy of qi and blood is like a sea of turbulence, its head is like a fierce lion, like a fierce tiger, and its limbs are clad with red hair like sharp blades, breathing and exhaling, swallowing clouds and fog, like a flame storm sweeping!

This ancient beast makes everyone's expression change!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. This was the goal of the top mission he took in the mission hall, pure blood!

Its skull and fierce beast core add up to 100,000 sky coins!

"This breath of pure blood is more powerful than my Dragon Emperor. Hehe, there is a good show."

Lin Chen deliberately allowed his dragon emperor to launch Blue Dragon Piying to sneak into the void, so as not to attract the attention of pure blood.

"Those who break into the ruins, die!"

The pure blood Yang Tianxiao howling, one claw waved out in rage, five thousand feet of red claw marks ploughed like a blade, blasted like lightning, tearing the ground, and attacked toward the first two triple war emperors!

The two of them punched their sleeves and punched their hands, and the fighting was raging and violent, and the front was hard, and a mushroom cloud exploded!

The two men stepped back dozens of steps, with a dignified expression! The look of the remaining war emperor realm is also very exciting, the strength of this big guy is somewhat beyond their expectations!

"This big guy has reached the peak of the seventh stage of the early stage, comparable to the mid-level or even the late level of the war emperor triple!"

Lin Chen wondered, he could not have been more chaotic!

"Yun Mingqing, how are we cooperating? You shot and killed this pure blood monk with us, and we will join forces to help you catch the kid later."

At that moment, the black-robed man said coldly that he was one of the triple warlords.

Hearing this sentence, someone Lin frowned!

This pure blood is not a trivial matter, if Yun Mingqing does not take action, under the mortal counterattack, many people on the scene can be hit hard! Even pulling a few warlords together will never be a problem!