My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 538

Vol 5 Chapter 538: Be Ridiculous

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Chapter 538 ! !

All of these people present were old foxes, and they would never take such heavy risks and costs.

But if you don't knock down this big guy, you can't get the things in the ruins!

"Since that is the case, then we are happy to cooperate."

Yun Mingqing smiled, and the other triple war emperor was in a neutral state, neither side helped, but occasionally cast amazed eyes to observe Lin Chen.

"Everyone, if you are willing to deal with this big guy, we will rely on our own skills for other treasures in the remains of the meeting. If you don't want to shoot, you will dare to grab the ready-made. I will wait for the group to attack it!"

The black robe warrior warned everyone coldly. After looking at each war emperor, everyone except the two heavy midterm war emperors exited!

After all, Yunming Qing shot, and their probability of casualties will be much lower, no one wants to give up other treasures in the ruins.

"My people can't shoot, there are three of you. Beware of the exit, don't let the kid run away."

Yun Mingqing made a speech, and had previously promised his three double war emperors to unite with Yun Potian and the red robe beautiful woman to stare at Lin Chen together, but they were too happy to deal with the pure blood .

The fourteen emperors who are willing to shoot, plus Yun Mingqing, have a total of fifteen people!

Fifteen war emperors besieged a seventh-order beast. With such imposing momentum, the void of the whole ruins shivered! Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun couldn't help but retreat to the side, the other five war emperors stared at him violently.

"What should we do, if we want to break out, only now!"

Yan Qianyun's expression is solemn. If the other party is free, the two of them are not opponents of these famous foxes!

"Wait! Now is not the time to break out, wait for a moment!"

Lin Chen put away the five dragon dynasty imperial gun and held the purple rainbow war bow with one hand. The expression was solemn. Although Yan Qianyun was puzzled, she had to choose to believe him!

Zijin pupil light glanced through the pupil, Lin Chen noticed that in the depths of the ruins, there were several seals of war energy beams, and within these beams of war spirits, there were many fluctuations of high-level weapons, but it was not that he could sneak into destruction Level.

"There are individual seventh-order intermediate weapons inside the ruins, but they are not necessarily comparable to my hoarfrost swords. I have no conditions to compete for these things. The goal can only be pure blood! I only have one chance!"

Lin Chen exhaled, and with a bang, the pure-blooded monk and the fifteen war emperors handed in anger! The whole ruin was dim and dark, Lin Chen pulled Yan Qianyun back and forth!

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain!"

In the end, the terrible aftermath of the battle forced Lin Chen to open the Xuanqing Dragon Field to protect himself and Yan Qianyun.

Fifteen war emperors and a world-famous beast close to the triple post-war emperor, such a momentum, can easily crush a low-level war emperor!

Yun Potian and others were also evaded a lot in the direction of the exit. Although the joint attack of the fifteen war emperors was strong, everyone was pregnant with ghosts. The offensive was completely uncoordinated and the sand was scattered!

Coupled with the pure-blooded warrior who is not afraid of war, a powerful counterattack can actually repel many war emperors! Everyone does not want to be injured, let alone opponents around them have an opportunity!

Therefore, this battle is still very difficult to fight, and even the successive emperor injuries have been implicated!

Lin Chen sees all this in his eyes, he is waiting for pure blood to consume everyone's energy!

As soon as Yun Mingqing shot, his true behavior was revealed, the triple mid-term peak! Only one step away from the late stage of Warlord Triple!

Roar ~!

More than a dozen pillars of fire passed across the sky, and the twelve battle emperors were reflected in the air, between the fighting spirits, when they resisted the offensive, they were extremely embarrassed!

"Da Qing Qing Tian Zhi!"

Yun Mingqing's offensive became stronger, and when he was exhausted, he pointed a finger angrily. The gray energy fingers contained the momentum of the sky, and he angered down from the heights of 100,000 feet, ruthlessly pressed in pure blood. Overhead! Blow up the **** sky!

The other two triple war emperors showed their magical powers, the sword tactics danced wildly, the claw marks were crushed in the air, and a mad attack!

Although the pure blood is strong and powerful, after all, the siege of the invincible group of emperors has gradually fallen into the disadvantages!

At this time, the consumption of both sides reached a considerable situation, Lin Chen stepped out, the wind blew his silver robe hunting, his eyes were as sharp as a knife!

Yan Qianyun looked at his back in disbelief, and saw Lin Chen wanting to take action. Yun Potian and others quickly waited closely and stared at Lin Chen, guarding against any tricks he wanted to escape!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen filled the bowstring of the purple bow with a bow. When he took the bow and pulled the string, countless battle spirits condensed at his fingertips and turned into a massive arrow. Lin Chen handed the residual image to quickly pull the long bow!

call out! call out! call out!

The sound of lightning breaking through the sky, the thunder and lightning, the light of the robbery condensed into the infinite arrows, and the purple lightning bolts like the violent wind and rain poured into the body, blasting into the pure blood.

boom! boom! boom!

The arrow light exploded, blasting the gorgeous Rayman light and shadow, but did not cause any damage to the pure blood !

However, Lin Chen still did not resign, and it was running the dragon force to pull the bow very quickly. The thunderbolt arrow turned into a vast meteor shower and fell to the body of pure blood !

"What is this kid doing next to?"

"Does he want to break this pure-blooded defense with this kind of attack?"

"Idiots say dreams! Even the Emperor Zhan's heavy defense is difficult to break through. The old man looks at this child to deliberately anger the pure blood !"

Those warlords who besieged the pure blood roar sneered inwardly, this kid is too self-confident, want to shake the pure blood roar roar with this kind of attack? It's totally dreaming!

The speed of the Tier 7 beasts is not weak. If you really want to avoid Lin Chens attack, it is still very simple, but at this time, the pure blood are all killed by the siege of the group emperor. Go to take care of the arrow light that Lin Chen shot at it!

"A thousand arrows will not work, then ten thousand arrows!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed a terrible murder! He just wanted to trigger the talent of the Emperor Destroyer and reproduce the scene when the True Flame Purple Phoenix was slaughtered before!

The present pure blood is a living target for Lin Chen!

However, Lin Chen couldn't let it be killed by the remaining war emperor, otherwise he wouldn't even be able to drink the soup! His target, but the **** monster core and skull!


The blood-colored flame exploded inside the pure-blooded monk, completely formed by the energy of qi and blood. The terrible temperature burned all over the mountains and rivers for a short time. The blazing fire ignited the inside of the ruins of the sky dome!

"No! This big guy is going to gamble with us!"

Many war emperors were terrified. After launching the offensive, they repeatedly retreated, and even the three triple emperors felt a little tricky. While maintaining sufficient distance, they were preparing to start brewing offensives!

brush! brush! brush!

The gleaming white light of the Raymond Arrow burst into the air, and it was a new round of bombing! This has already bombed dozens of waves, at least shot seven or eight thousand arrows!

This scene made many people's mouths twitch slightly, this kid is still doing this useless work?


Suddenly, the previous moment was still burning with majestic blood and blood, and the pure blood of the sky was shocking. The next moment, the vitality was extinguished, the vitality quickly extinguished, and after a burst of wail, it fell to the ground, and the vitality suddenly turned Die!

At this moment, all the war emperors were stunned!

died? Is pure blood dying? Just now, such a terrifying momentum broke out, and he was desperately trying to die. He died in a blink of an eye, and suddenly died without warning!

This is impossible, their offensive is not so strong! Unless it is a five-fold repair for the above war emperor shot!

Suddenly, everyone's pupils tremble!

Between the flapping of the purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen's eyes were ruthless, his hands were drawn behind his shoulders, his left hand was "Yong Ye", and his right hand was "Hoarfrost Green Rainbow", aiming at the head of pure blood is a cross-section that splits the mountain and river!