My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 539

Vol 5 Chapter 539: Super All Counterattack

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Chapter 539 Super Super Counterattack! !

[The host successfully triggers the Emperor Destroyer talent, and has already killed the target creature.

Almost at the moment when the system's light screen popped up, Lin Chen, including his Dragon Emperor, had flashed to the top of the pure-blooded monk's head, and his three avatars were close behind!

The moment that the pure blood was killed by the Emperor Destroyer spiked, rolled out a massive amount of attribute light balls!

"Ji Que Shui GuangShou Hun!"

One sword and one sword, one blue and one dark sword, and the light of the sword flashed away, the volley cut across the head of the roar, and the blood was like a pillar!

[The host gains 9870 points of qi and blood energy, 140 ignition energy, 15020 points of qi and blood energy, 8700 points of qi and blood energy,]

The three avatars lightningly swept the attribute light ball!

Lin Chen almost worked hard to cut off the head of the pure blood . The moment the head was cut, the sword edge picked up, and after the fierce beast was dug out, the head of the was reduced in pressure. Start the Na Ling ring prepared in advance!

All the powerful emperors who were frightened by the momentum before the pure-blooded monk fought back, all watched this scene happen, and there was no reaction at all!

They even suspected that they were wrong! How could a pure-blooded monk die so abruptly!

When the head and the fierce beast core were included in the Naling Ring, Lin Chen and Wanzai Qinglong Emperor acted at the same time. They waved their claws violently, and two Wanzai Xuanguang Blades penetrated its beast body defense, and a tear was opened Its body!

The Dragon Emperor opened his mouth with anger and swallowed his pure blood. This is the most vigorous and essence part of its blood!

It is impossible for the other party to give Qinglong enough time to devour pure blood at the moment, and Lin Chen simply chooses to be small!

The avatars took away a large amount of qi and blood attribute light balls, Lin Chen's pure power climbed rapidly, 930,000, 940,000, 950,000! After the increase of the Divine Power, it began to break the bottleneck of 980,000 and started to rush to 990,000!

After swallowing the pure blood, the Wanzai Qinglong Emperor, the dragon veins in the body began to throb again, and 100,500 dragon veins began to soar to 102,000, 103,000, and the dragon veins opened wildly!

In addition to this, Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor is still consuming the muscles of pure blood, and the place where the blood is the strongest, it will not be overlooked!

Finally, when Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor swallowed the pure blood, and all the emperors had recovered! The pure blood really fell! What was the sudden death?

"It's impossible, is that boy's arrow?"

"Impossible! Damn, his arrow skills can't even break the defense of the seventh-order beast. How can he kill the pure-blooded monk!"

"The fierce beast core was taken by this kid! Kill him!"

Many war emperors angered and furiously shot!

"Yuanzun Realm dare to move our prey, die! Wan Xing Jian Jue!"

"Kurong Promise Palm!"

"Yunhuang Dragon Claw!"

The magical dragon claws, the star swords emptied by the galaxy straddled Jiuxiao, and the palm prints of the blooming golden lotus are in the cycle of death, each of which is the ultimate killer!

Heaven and Earth Aura riots, a dozen war emperors aimed at Lin Chen! It was dim and dark, no matter how fast he was, he would never escape!

Even the three triple war emperors in the front row shot angry! Yun Mingqing completely moved Lin Lin's heart. Lin Chen's move completely aroused public anger and robbed ready-made prey. Sin is unforgivable!

Yan Qianyun was disappointed, 15 war emperors had a furious blow, and three were triple war emperors! A hundred thousand miles in the ruins are shrouded in murderous opportunities, as if they are about to be crushed!

In Lin Chen's eyes, a madness and madness were transmitted!

Sooner or later he will be under siege. If so, it would be better to add another fire!

"If you want to kill Lin, you have to drop a few pieces of meat for Lao Tzu! The system, start super super counterattack talent!"

[The system consumes 200,000 talent points and starts a one-time active talent: Super All Counterattack.

Lin Chen stretched out with one hand, the azure blue barrier stretched to the vastness, like a mirror!

All the combat attacks, mental attacks, pure power attacks, the moment you touch this azure mirror, all rebound!

The destructive swordmans, the blades that killed all beings, the giant fingers of energy that shattered the stars, and the tears of the claws of the universe, many Xeon skills were rebounded back!


Many powerhouses were shocked, they quickly retreated, and more than half of the powerhouses were involved in their full blows, and the three triple warlords were no exception!

A part of the offensive was rebounded by Lin Chen to the direction of Na Yun Po Tian and others!

The terrible fighting attack hit like a flood and a huge current, destroying the mountains and the sea, and breaking the stars. The five people were so shocked that they did not dare to meet them, and they retreated while launching the fighting defense!

Bang ~~!

The terrible explosions on both sides rolled up the devastating storm and affected half of the sky ruins!

The war emperor realms that were rebounded and attacked were shaken back thousands of miles, and flew to thousands of miles away, and nearly half of the ruins were reduced to rubble!

The war emperors who had not been attacked by bounce back to the side, patting their chests and feeling terrified. This is so horrible!

They have never seen such a perverted Yuan Zunjing!

Bounce back the fierce blows of 15 war emperors in an instant? This Nima warlord can't do four or five?

He is a Yuanzun Realm! This is a living monster!

Through Lin Chen's hand, many people realized that the sudden **** brutal death just now was absolutely related to this kid!

Damn, this strange method, only he will! This is too hidden!

[The host gains 3800 rune energy, 18200 essence of fighting spirit, 1800 heavenly value, 2200 talent point, 6780 skill essence, 15 spiritual power, 120 ignition energy, 115 earth energy...]

Lin Chen's three avatars frantically swept a large number of attribute light balls. This is the attribute light ball that bounced back from those warlords just now!


Lin Chen and Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor took Yan Qianyun, fled the road, and rushed to the exit of Dongfu!

This is Lin Chen's only chance. If he doesn't kill him, he will have to plant it here today!

Perhaps there are several tier seven warriors in the ruins, and there is no shortage of tier seven intermediate ranks, but he has no life to blend in anymore, all he should get from Lin Chen!

The purple-level intermediate-level exercises, the pure blood of the fierce beast core and skull, and the massive attribute light ball, as long as he can leave this trip, it is blood earning!

The five people who were frightened before were suddenly shocked, this kid is about to rush out of the channel!

"Want to run, die for me!"

Yun Mingqing, who was baffled by his own attack, suddenly grabbed a palm, his five fingers broke the void, and a huge blue palm of more than 100 acres grabbed Lin Chen and his million-year-old Qinglong Emperor!

In the mid-term attack of the Emperor of the War, as long as he hits, Lin Chen will definitely fear the destruction of his form!

Yan Qianyun's expression was solemn and she was about to make a desperate blow. Lin Chen stopped her and pushed the void with both hands!

"Slow rune!"

This time, Lin Chen consumed 70,000 intermediate rune energy!

It hit an unprecedented slow rune, exploded into the void, and when the space solidified, the blue giant palm suddenly froze in the void, very slowly, like a eagle that cut through the sky suddenly turned into The old, weak and sick zombie makes everyone stagnant!

The slow rune only delays one breath, and the giant palm of energy tears the solidified slow space. A palm shoots at the entrance of the ruins, tearing open the abyss, Lin Chen and the two have long disappeared!

Seeing this scene, the minds of all the powerful warlords suddenly fell into a blank!