My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 540

Vol 5 Chapter 540: A Dead End?

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Chapter 540 !

Run away?

Two young people in Yuanzun Realm, plus a dragon emperor who has just broken through, were actually killed from the siege of twenty war emperors?

Within the ruins, there are only three Lin Chen's phantom avatars, flashing in the void, grabbing the attribute light **** that were dropped by the previous warlords when they were bounced back!

"Damn, this little **** still has this hand?"

Yun Mingqing is uncertain, Lin Chen's three avatars have just received all the attributes of the light ball, and he was wiped out into nothingness by his hand!


In the Dongfu Passage, the Dragon Emperor flew by, and Qian Qianyun was shocked and stunned. She did not react now. How did Lin Chen use the body of Yuan Zunjing to rebound the attacks of more than a dozen war emperors? of!

High-end treasures? No matter how high-level treasures need to be controlled by strength!

In addition, what kind of rank can achieve the joint attack of many warlords like Lin Chen!

"How many secrets do you have..."

Yan Qianyunfang sitting at the head of the Dragon Emperor throbbed with a sigh.

The young man in front of him is beyond common sense from beginning to end. Every time you think you have seen through some of his heritage, you find every time it is just the tip of the iceberg!

At this time, the system light screen pops up.

[Congratulations to the host who entered the Yuanzun Realm in the seventh post-cultivation period.

Among the attribute light **** collected by the last three avatars, the essence of fighting spirit contained once again made Lin Chen's cultivation go further!

But Lin Chen's expression was still grim, and this time the price he paid to escape the siege of the emperors was really heavy!

The one-time super counterattack talent consumed his 200,000 talent points in one breath! There were nearly 400,000 talent points, but now there are 170,000 talent points left!

If the talent points are exhausted, then Lin Chen cant even use the ultimate moment and the ultimate return to the yuan. At that time, encountering two double war emperors can threaten his life!

"There are still a lot of rune energy in the attribute light sphere collected by the avatar. Now there are 200,000 points left, and the sky value is already 650,000 points! 300,000 points of intermediate power, distance 5.0 version of the update system requirements Not far away!"

Lin Chen was very excited. Updating the 5.0 version of the system required 800,000 days of Taoism and 400,000 intermediate skills. Now he is not far from this condition!

As long as the system is updated, the upgrade brought by the level 5 feature rune alone will have an immediate effect!

"Those guys are still not giving up!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun, who urged Jiujiayan, turned to look at the back of the channel at the same time. Both of them were mathematicians, and their perception of the crisis far exceeded that of ordinary people!

Yun Mingqing's breath began to emerge into the passage. Obviously, he did not intend to let Lin Chen pass!

"Hurry up, let's kill!"

Lin Chen held Baishuang Qinghong with one hand, sword rushed to the sky, murderous awe-inspiring! Yan Qianyun held his left hand, even if he was surrounded, as long as he was beside him, there was always a sense of security.

boom! boom! Bang!

The entrance of the cave house exploded, and the ten-thousand-year-old dragon embarked outside the cave house. The half-step emperors who were preparing to enter the ruins of the sky dome were scared and lost their souls!

"Lin Chen? It's you!"

"Dead to us!"

The four war emperors from the false **** family were suddenly glared and angry, and when the palms were on the beat, they turned into a pragmatic war and swept away!

Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor waved his claws steeply, and the rolling purple flame burst out with the thick, mountain-like Dragon Breath Light Blade!

boom! boom! boom!

One dragon fights the four emperors, and the ten-thousand-year-old dragon emperor releases the Xuanqing dragon domain, delaying the moment when the other party's offensive is delayed, Lin Chen urges the five changes and the ultimate moment! Xiu Wei entered the early stage of the Ninth Layer!

For the first time, Lin Chen condensed the ninth Yuan Yuan Mansion, even if it was a bit unreal!

The purple phoenix flapped, Lin Chen cut out two extremely short waters to avoid the three descendants of the false gods, and could no longer care about them. They flew across the sky and disappeared in everyone's eyes!

The moment when Lin Chen fought for time, Wan Zai Qinglong became a streamer and returned to Lin Chen's body!


"This king and **** still has a seventh-order dragon to protect him?"

Everyone stared at Lin Chen's direction, but no one could catch up!

Bang ~!

The exit of the Dongfu House rang again, and Yun Mingqing took Yun Potian and five others to kill. In addition, there was a triple war emperor!

The black-robed warlord, who was directed at the pure-blooded beast core in the ruins of the sky dome, is now robbed by Lin Chen. He would rather give up the last few remaining treasures and pursue Lin Chen. !

"That kid fled towards Silvermoon Valley!"

"Relax, he can't run, just relying on a high-level body technique and a pair of purple phoenix wings. On stamina, how could our war emperor lose to a Yuanzun Realm!"

Yun Ming Qingao smiled, he took six people to the direction of Lin Chen!

Chase to death! Yun Mingqing is determined to kill Lin Chen! Long Chis trade was disturbed, and even he had to pay a heavy price, but what was even more terrifying was the potential of this kid. If he was allowed to grow up, he would become their number one enemy in the future!

Yuan Zunjing is so terrible. If he is promoted to the Imperial War Realm, is it not invincible?

Many half-step emperors stared dumbstruckly at the direction of the disappearance of the war emperors. The cracks in the open space roared into the chilling space turbulence. I don't know who murmured a word.

"This kid, Yuan Zunjing's strength has provoked seven war emperors to run away, are they still humans..."


Yinyuegu, a streamer blasted a sonic boom, blazing the sky and purple flames flashing across the sky! Yan Qianyun hugged Lin Chen's waist tightly, and Qian eyes stared at the seven streamers in the distance behind him, looking worried.

"The gang of **** are real! I want to chase the young man to death, I really despise me!"

Lin Chen glanced at the breath behind him, and once again launched the ultimate return!

Although his pure power soared to 980,000, and the Divine Power increased to 990,000, but the speed compared to the triple war emperor is still in the middle. The most important thing is that Yun Mingqing and the black robe war emperor have purple-level low-level stature!

Looking at the diminishing talent points, Lin Chen's expression was unprecedentedly severe!

If you go on like this, you can't get rid of the seven war emperors behind you, and if you have not enough talent points, it is Lin Chen's death!

"Are you going to use Qinglong to catch your way? Now Qinglong is as fast as me, but once Qinglong's energy is exhausted, I will be caught up, then I will really be a fish on the board when facing these seven warlords!"

There are countless thoughts in the heart, Lin Chen fell into contemplation!

"I still have a talent for killing gods now, but the strength of this talent depends entirely on the number of enemies. The other party has only seven war emperors. It is launched at the risk of death. Once the strength of the increase is not enough, I and Qian Qianyun both have to die!"

Lin Chenhan rained like rain, this time was completely forced into desperation!

Indeed, as expected by Yun Mingqing, if they chase down dead, they dont even need two days, Lin Chens talent points must be completely consumed!

Yuan Zun realm, can not consume the war emperor realm!