My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 541

Vol 5 Chapter 541: Crazy Death? ?

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Chapter 541 ?

In order to maintain the state of the ultimate moment of the whole process, and to maintain the highest speed of the body method, it is necessary to use the extreme return element frequently. This requires a lot of talent points!

If you can't get rid of it, Lin Chen's discussion on the durability of flight can't be compared with that of Warlord Realm!

In one thought, the Dragon Emperor possessed and Lin Chen's pure power was replaced with the Dragon Power held by the Dragon Emperor! The purple phoenix wing behind spreads out, and the speed is accelerated again!

"Junlin's talents have a 20-day cooldown, which is simply not realistic... If you use Dragon Emperor to rush, it is difficult to rush back to the main city of No. 1 before the talent points are exhausted, and then it will be the last mountain and water..."

The ruins of the sky dome are located on the edge of the territory of the No. 1 main city. It takes at least four days for Lin Chen to reach the main city completely.

At that time, his talents had already been exhausted, and he was unable to launch the two ultimate trump cards of "Ultimate Time" and "Extreme Return", he was not worth it in front of the Warlord Realm!

When Lin Chen couldn't think of a countermeasure, he put away the Baishuang Qinghong sword and accidentally touched an album in his arms.

When he met the album in his arms, Lin Chen was stunned! That was the secret book he had bought!

Suddenly, an unprecedented crazy idea emerged!

Damn, someone in Lin now has a **** killer, afraid of hair!

What he needs, the enemy!

Only the overwhelming enemy is needed, he Linchen is invincible, he is the gods!

Lin Chen's eyes flashed with an excited and crazy fighting spirit!

Than crazy, no one can match him Lin someone!

Isn't it the enemy? In this sky tower, there is no enemy that can offend?

Lenovo now, Lin Chen opened the dark book, the direction of flight suddenly changed!

"Huh? Did this guy turn around?"

Black robe warlord stunned!

"Don't run back to the main city, why is he running in the direction of Luohui City, does he have rescuers over there?"

Yun Potian hesitated, but Yun Mingqing sneered instead.

"Salvage? With the name of Lord Longchi, who dares to be his rescuer! Even in the main city of No. 2, few dare to offend Lord Longchi! He will definitely die today!"

The speed of the emperors immediately followed Lin Chen, turning into a row of meteors flying side by side!

Luohui City, a private city territory created by the two-repaired Baiquan Warlord.

When Lin Chen was close to the tens of thousands of miles of Luohui City, Yan Qianyun covered her ears with fighting spirit. I saw the strength and breath of Yun Yun suddenly burst into shock and sway!

"Hundred boxing warlords, you get me out!"


Today, the Hundred Boxing Champions are still in the back garden of the city with some subordinates to taste tea rituals. Suddenly, a roar tears the sky.

"Hundred boxing warlords, you get me out!"

This young and powerful voice was so shocked that the King of Fighters tasting tea in the back garden stood up in angrily!

"Dare to disrespect the King of Fighters, I'm going to see where is Xiaofang Xiao!"

The immortal Daoist Hundred Fists and Emperor shook his head and smiled, and continued to sip hot tea and laughed.

"No, it's just a junior. How could the old man care about him? You guys, drink tea."

I don't know, the hundred fists and the emperor are talking and laughing, and the roar is coming again!

"Spicy Chicken Hundred Boxing Fighting Emperor, how dare you call this boxing champion? Was it defeated by Sun Yang Yue's fighting at the same time?

As soon as this sentence came out, the face of the immortal Daquan and the Emperor's face were stiff!

"The old man is a man of quality and self-cultivation. How could he care about him? Who would go out and interrupt his dog legs and wait for the old man to interrogate himself."

Commanded just fall, Lin Chen's voice came again and again!

"Just your spicy chicken boxing, the young man sprinkled rice in the park, and the chicken tai chi is more powerful than you! The grandson suffocated, and the unconvinced stood up!"


One hundred fists and the emperor smashed the desktop with a fist, and the entire back garden instantly turned into ruins. He was so murderous, he suddenly stood up in shock, with a look of anger!

"Fuck, what a terrible thing is! It's too much for the old man to see where the gods dare to humiliate this boxing skill!"


The Magic Moon Valley is half-moon shaped, with a width of 100,000 miles and a length of 200,000 miles. It belongs to the realm of the second-level post-cultivation, true demon and emperor.

Today, Fenghuaxueyue, the real demon war emperor met with the goddess who admired him for a long time, Xu Yuehuang, held a banquet in the magic moon valley, the atmosphere was beautiful.

"Xu fairy, the emperor's intentions, you know."

A real demon and handsome emperor with a purple robe, holding a jade cup, smiled slightly at the beautiful woman. The latter smiled slightly at the beautiful woman. Although the latter did not express his heart, his intentions have been somewhat inclined.

At this moment, the teenager's roar shook through the sky!

"True Demon and Emperor, dare to come out and fight with your brother Chen for three hundred rounds!"

The handsome True Devil Warrior frowned. In front of the beautiful lady, he didnt want to lose his temper. He would have to wait for his own man to go out and look for the man who made a big talk, without having to shoot it himself, immediately smiled slightly-"I dont know Where did the Xiaoxiao people come to make the fairy laugh?"

The words just fell, and a series of angry drinks tearing the sky!

"True demon warlord! Don't think that the young master does not know, every time you order a lot of beautiful women to serve yourself, in fact, to cover up your shortcomings, you are just a three-second thing!"

"Come out and have a fight with Lao Tzu. Brother Chen, let me tell you what the pure men are!"

The people of the entire Moon Valley are clearly audible. The women who have served the real devil and the emperor can't help but cover their mouths and laugh, as if they think of something extremely funny.

The real demon warlord in the gazebo was stunned! Before waiting for him to react, Xu Xianzi's eyes gradually grew cold and got up to leave.

"Fairy, I..."

"Grass! His grandma, which bastards, all assembled for me, I want to see today which beast dare to humiliate this reputation!"


Longyuanxia, Lengyueting. Above an attic of the ancient Shengwei, many physical exercisers gather.

Today, Purple Dragon Warrior, who is ranked in the top 25 of the No. 1 battle list of the main city, practiced here, and hundreds of disciples were called under the door to come and listen to it.

Bang ~!

The Purple Dragon Warlord who stood in the Zijin Dragon Robes stood against the wind.

Not waiting for the opening of the Purple Dragon Warlord, the sky directly above Longyuan Gorge, a violent earthquake opened a scream!

"Purple Dragon Emperor, you are not the same as the Dragon Clan, you entered the Dragon Clan on your own, you knelt and licked several female dragons to get their favor, they are kings and hegemons here, what is so great? Someone Lin gave you one hand, and you can turn you over with one hand!"

"What? Where did the **** come from, dare to insult the emperor, and find death!"

The look of the Purple Dragon Warlord rushed to the crown in an instant, and there were countless dragon roars roaring in the body, and the tiger's eyes exploded ejaculation, and flew into the air, and the hundreds of body-building experts were even angry!

"Dare to insult the Purple Dragon Warlord, to death!"