My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 542

Vol 5 Chapter 542: 30 Battle Emperors ?

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Chapter 542, 30 Warlords! ?

"Emperor Yunming, you look like you are embarrassed to kill your concubine in the remains of the Dragon, but you look really handsome in a cuckold!"

"Shuiyue Warlord, promise me, your legs are for walking only, don't rest on other people's shoulders, will you?"

"Good-looking skin bag 3000 a night, the interesting Yinxia Huang wants a stick and a room."

Exploded, all exploded!

In the territory of the No. 1 main city of the battle against the emperor, all of them have exploded!

Luohui City, Devil Moon Valley, Longyuan Gorge, Broken Yang River, Yunhuang Temple, and many of the territories held by the famous war emperors on the list of war emperors are all provoked!

As long as the parties are still in their own territory, almost all of them are irritated!

Lin Chen holds a large number of secrets and shortcomings in the "dark book"!

There were some warlords who had lived for tens of thousands of years and had no plans to compete with Lin Chen, but this guy madly poked at each other's shortcomings, it was so special!

What a three-second man, licking a dog, cheating, wearing a cuckold, your sister is bigger than you, all his mother made him shake!

Too deceiving! Even the color of the apron that some female warlords like to wear is known by this kid! It's simply heartbroken! Outrageous!

The Five Dragons Hall is the territory of the Emperor Xiao Ming in the late second stage.

Today, a crowd of powerful people gathered is the arrival of the elite guests invited by Xiao Zhanhuang from Danzhou.

One of them is cold and tall, like Bai Mei under the frost of Bixuefei, the delicate and beautiful face reveals a kind of indifference that refuses to be thousands of miles away. This is Xiao Feihuang's old lover, Ling Feixue.

The other woman, with her blue dress embellished, Fanghua peerless, young and beautiful, even more stunning, such as the pure and clean snow lotus, is one of the four top alchemy prides in Danzhou that has ever attended the summit of Dan Summit. !

"Sister Feixue, as well as this master of cold rain, this time can give me the face of Xiao Ming, I am grateful..."

When Xiao Ming solemnly clenched his fists and looked at Ling Feixue's eyes, he was complicated and confused.

At this time, the sky was surrounded by a laughter!

"Emperor Xiao Zhan, you only saw her present glory and beauty, but did not see her panic and strong one-to-five in the wagon in the No. 2 main city. May the grassland above you live a healthier life with you."

Hearing this voice, the three people looked discolored together! Han Yuxi's eyes were a bit stunned and unbelievable!

"Is this his voice?"

Bang ~!

Ling Feixue's face was cold and frost, and she suddenly stood up in shock, and she swept to the outside of the Five Dragons Hall!

Without further ado, Han Yuxi followed closely! Xiao Zhanhuang was stunned, and after recovering, his face became pig liver!


Uneasy emotions surround everyone's heart, and the seven emperors who chased down Lin Chen in the first place are all surprised and incredible!

This kid didn't actually move the rescuers, but provoke all the many old warlords in the No. 1 main city! What does he want to do? Suspected to die fast enough?

Between the flapping of the purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen's whole body circulated a faint moonlight star, swept across the sky and turned into a sound explosion!

Of the 103 war emperors on the war emperor list, two thirds of their territories were provoked by Lin Chen! Even he himself does not know how many strong men he has provoked!

Yan Qianyun hugged Lin Chen's waist, and when Qian Eye looked behind Lin Chen, her pupils were trembling, which was shocking!

Counting the first seven war emperors, now more than 20 war emperors have chased them both! In addition, there are more than a thousand Yuan Zunjing peak, half-step emperor!

"Lin Chen, what exactly do you want to do... are you really sure to break through this dilemma..."

The strong wind blew on the beautiful cheeks of the beautiful woman, the blue silk fluttered, Yan Qianyunfang was trembling, Qian Qian looked at Lin Chen with shock and incomprehension.

No matter how extraordinary she is, it is a perfect match, but in front of this boy, she can't see through him! I can't think of what he wants!

The seven war emperors have already forced them both to run out of mountains and waters. Are you still recruiting another dozen? Could it be expected that they would save the two of them?

Even if it's a rescue, you're going to irritate you crazy! Everyone wants to cut you into meat sauce! Whatever I think about is just adding fuel to the fire!

Where Lin Chen and the two passed, many forces in the No. 1 main city all blew up the sky!

crazy! It must be crazy!

This **** Yuanzun realm, how to face the peak of thousands of Yuanzun realm and more than 20 war emperors? Not to mention that there are some super powerful triple warlords!

"My mother, what kind of ghost lineup is this?"

"His! 26 war emperors? What kind of unprecedented decisive battle is this?"

"Let's not mix it up anymore. This level of battle is not even a glance at death!"

Under the chasing power of the group emperors, many forces and Yuanzun realms wandering outside the No. 1 main city are trembling!

"It really is him! Lingzhou Linchen! How could he be here? Saying that he was in a Yuanzun realm, he actually provoked so many war emperors, what on earth did he want to do?"

Han Yuxi followed the big army, swept away his mental strength, and his heart was trembling! This is 26 war emperors! All are strong, without a weak hand, is he confident to face 26 war emperors alone?

"He is crazy? Is he still deliberately provoking more powerful people?"

Han Yuxi saw Lin Chen shouting and shouting at a city again, full of doubts and shock!

Although I have seen Lin Chen kill Shuanghuang with one finger, 90% of the 26 warlords are of a much stronger level than the two warlords of the Mo family! The second half of the mid-term, late stage, and not at all!

Yun Potian also began to notice anomalies! According to his knowledge of Lin Chen, this kid is tricky, and he is by no means a character who will lose money and do useless work!

"Something wrong, he has done so, and has offended more than half of the strong men in the entire No. 1 main city battle emperor list! What is it worth relying on him to bet this last desperation on this?"

Yun Mingqing's eyes narrowed, and his palms of war were disillusioned. He noticed a dangerous breath in Lin Chen's body, and this son must be planning something!

The Plain of Blood Fury, this place is red and full of vitality.

Dozens of streamers flashed through the vast sky, and then the mighty force arrived and surrounded two figures from all directions!

Counting it down, the blood anger plain at this time, more than thirty warlords alone! The peak of Yuanzunjing has exceeded thousands!

If it is said that these thirty war emperors are gathered because of a Yuanzun Realm, no one will believe it!

The encircling circle formed by the thirty war emperors can be called a real heaven with no road and no way to enter the ground!

The encircling circle formed by the group of emperors has completely left Lin Chen without any retreat. Yan Qianyun stood beside him, his heart beating very fast, and the beautiful eyes flashed the last trace of hope to stare at Lin Chen's face.

He held the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun, facing the emperor, even could not help but slightly lift the corner of his mouth, showing a trace of inexplicably excited smile!

Yun Mingqing's mouth twitched, and sneered-"Have to say, your kid is really a freak, and has provoked so many war emperors, he can still laugh!"