My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 543

Vol 5 Chapter 543: God Killer Launched

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Chapter 543: The God Killer Launches!

"I don't care what this kid has to do with you. Today, his head, I will ask the Purple Dragon Warlord!"

"Fart! This humiliates my house and ruins my reputation. Lao Tzu said today that he would cramp him!"

"Fuck Nima, today this little king and **** must be hacked by the emperor, no one can talk to her mother!"

31 war emperors' arrows were drawn, but they almost hit it because who went up to kill Lin Chen!

"You, you are so infighted, but you will get involved in this kid's gangsters. This kid broke the deal between this seat and Lord Longchi. Since this one started chasing this boy, why not sell me Yunming Qing? "

As soon as Yun Mingqing spoke, many of the emperors surrounding Lin Chen calmed down and looked dignified.

Longchi, the main city on the 2nd, is an overlord! The five-fold war of emperor Xiu Wei, means the sky!

"Hahaha, I, Lin, thank you for your pursuit of the warlords. I don't care about the others, but the seven of you will definitely die today!"

At this moment, the youngster Yang Tian laughed and spread to everyone's ears, Lin Chen glanced at his talent point of only 23,000 points, and there was a sigh in his heart!

Almost, he Lin someone walked on the tip of the knife again today! Great deal! Lin Chen still seized the last chance!

Thirty-one war emperors and a thousand Yuan Yuanzun peak, this time the God-killer talent will be more terrifying than the Lingzhou outbreak!

"System, mobilize the God-killing talent!"

[The system has received a total of 1121 enemies that have detected hostility to the host, 1050 Yuan Zunjing, 40 half-step emperors, and 31 war emperors. The god-killer talent has started!

"Oh, Lin Chen, leave it to you this time..."

Yun Mingqing's words were not finished, his eyes suddenly widened, and his expression stayed in place!

On top of Lin Chen's head, a golden sky pattern flashed out of the world!

Bang ~! boom!

A wave of anger rushed into the sky, and the shock of Qiankun's turbulence fluctuated from Lin Chen's body, such as the birth and death of the world, and the chaos of time and space!

One after another, the energy of the latitude and longitude of the heavens, the earth and the earth are sprayed out thinly and turbulently, intersecting the heavens and the earth, interwoven on the endless sky! Smallpox crashes, the sun and the moon are new!

Bang~~! Click! Click!

Lin Chen circulated thousands of red glows, the aftermath of the war tore the crystal walls of the space, cracking the sky cracks, Lin Chen's short hair fluttered, and the pupils rotated like the sun and the moon!

The eight battle-force Yuanfus in the body instantly condensed into Yuanfu crystallization, and they were broken like lightning. They merged into Lin Chen's body, and the battle-qi fluctuated wildly, all the emperors were trembling!

After the crystals of battle energy are broken, the vast battlefield-like source of battle energy blends into every meridian, bone, and every drop of blood in the whole body to construct the unprecedented body of the war emperor!

Lin Chen's power is to break through the sky and overturn Kyushu with an unstoppable trend of fifty times, five hundred times, one thousand times, one thousand five hundred times, two thousand times, three thousand times.

31 war emperors were struck by thunder, and all stayed in place! Their common sense, world view, knowledge of cultivation, all collapsed, there is no sign at all!

This feeling is like a group of tigers approaching a sheep to a cliff, but the other party suddenly tears off the sheep's skin and turns into a giant dragon that can devour the tiger. This contrast of the sky, no one will not be moved!

In an instant, it's just an instant! Yuanzun Realm instantaneously breaks into Imperial Realm! And it's far more than fighting the Emperor Realm!

This is simply not a field that mortals can touch. Throughout the ages, Kyushu has no such exercises and secrets!

His spiritual power is as high as a million stars, and it will disappear for a thousand years!

His dragon power turned into hundreds of millions of dragons to cover the sky.

His fighting spirit merged into the endless universe of the sky and sky, and he could sweep away the sun, the moon, and the stars!

The emperor fears shock! Upside down!

The sky trembles! There is no light!

Those Yuanzun realms that came after the chase were completely dumbfounded!

What kind of scene is that? Nine kinds of punishment energy, gold, wood, fire, earth, wind, thunder and light are dark, forming nine sacred wheels of fighting spirit, just like the ninth heaven, rotating around the side for at least a year, not reaching the top!

The silver robe rolls, the wind dances, and his robe hunts and blows. Lin Chen holds the gun with one hand, and slowly walks out of the void. He glances at the emperors of the world, and smiles lightly and gently, telling the heavens. All worlds, only the domineering domineering!

Yan Qianyun and Han Yuxi stared at him stunnedly. If there was a **** in heaven and earth, that would be the case!

Lin Chen was fascinated by the power of the sea like an abyss in his body. This time, the talent for killing God was much stronger than last time!

Long Li broke through two million, his spiritual power reached the heaven, and his fighting strength was so strong that even Lin Chen himself did not know which realm he arrived in!

Plain of Bloodfury, a million miles away!

A mysterious man in a black robe stared at Lin Chen at the moment, the purple light in his pupils kept spinning!

"His talents are stronger than those of the Holy Realm!"

Above the plain, Lin Chen's mouth hung a bland smile, and soft laughter spread throughout the audience.

"Today, my goal is only them. If anyone disagrees, I will clean up even if I come up!"

Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun suddenly pointed, Lin Chenyao pointed to Yun Mingqing and other seven people, mouth corner slightly lifted, dumbfounded Yan Qianyun!

"You, how did you do it..."

Yan Qianyun was shocked and murmured to herself, Lin Chen just blinked at her and released the Dragon Emperor, protecting Yan Qianyun.

The five fingers grabbed the void, and the sky-dancing wind and robbery formed a raging tornado storm.

"I'll say it again, unrelated personnel, leave. Otherwise, die!"

Lin Chen once again said indifferently, the battle of Thousands of Thunder and Tribulation exploded into the sky, and the mountains and rivers were razed to the ground. Retreat!

These people have no injustice with Lin Chen, Lin Chen is just using them to maximize the talent for killing God, his goal is Yun Mingqing and others!

"What kind of demon did this kid use? Or did he say that he was in War Emperor Realm from the beginning!"

Yun Potian panicked God completely, he could feel the oppression felt by Lin Chen now, as strong as he is, maybe no longer his enemies of several rounds!

Suddenly, Yun Mingqing on the side was overjoyed and laughed in the sky! Suddenly turned back to the direction of another void and clenched his fists with both hands!

"Hahahaha! Welcome to Lord Longchi!"

As soon as this remark came out, the group emperors who had just retreated suddenly were horrified! Has the No. 2 main city overlord character also appeared in person?

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, but he saw a space crystal wall twisted and cracked a few hundred thousand miles away, and slowly walked out of a silver-robed man, Qi Yuxuan.

His eyebrows are sharp like swords, his waist is straight like a gun, and when his hands are behind him, his momentum is terrifying, and he has a magnificent spirit!

Longchi! Wu Zhongxiu's top war emperor could not even imagine him coming! The situation began to usher in unprecedented chaos!