My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 544

Vol 5 Chapter 544: God Killer Ultimate Moment

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Chapter 544, God Killer + Ultimate Moment!

"Ming Qing, is this the young man you mentioned?"-When the middle-aged man in silver robe opened his mouth and his eyes narrowed, he could feel the ruinous fluctuations that filled Lin Chen's body.

This kind of warfare fluctuations are not even available to the general four-fold war emperor. This child seems to step into the war emperor realm with external force. Although he has not reached the realm of the quadruple war emperor, he has become so strong!

"Yes, Master Longchi, this is broken. I wait for the deal!" Yun Mingqing gritted his teeth and said unwillingly.

The silver robe man's eyes were as sharp as electricity, and his eyes suddenly burst into two battle spirits to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was one of the best shots, and the Light Tribulation and Thunder Tribulation turned into two fingers.

Sigh~! boom! The sky shook the terrible aftermath of energy, tearing the void!

Lin Chen and Long Chi took two steps back and forth, Lin Chen flicked his nails and smiled indifferently.

"Your guts can't do it, so I sent an avatar. So, Mr. Lu was right and coerced, he couldn't beat me Lin."

Lin Chen knew the true and false as soon as he fought, this Long Chi was just a fighting doppelganger, and the cultivation base was probably around the early stage of the fifth layer, and it really fought, whether it is the fighting endurance or the resistance to fight, compared to the real one. There is still a distance between the five-fold war emperor.

"Young juniors, with sharp teeth and sharp mouths, let's take a look at this seat. When will you be able to control this external force! Several of you, help me take this together!"

Long Chi's doppelganger smiled angrily, flicking his sleeves and shattering the wind-robbing tornado that ravaged the sky.

He stood with Yun Mingqing and others, and today he wants to see how long the kid's external force can last!

"Hammer to death, more than enough!"

Lin Chen smiled, not to mention the doppelganger today, even if Long Chi's dearest dearest, he Lin someone is not afraid!


The five dragons' royal guns are tumbling around with the five-colored dragon light. At this moment, they belong to the sharp edge of the seventh-grade intermediate-grade warships and reappear! Now Lin Chen can give full play to its power! !

"Magic Rupture!"

The fighting spirit was condensed, the fire robbery and fighting spirit were like dragons, Lin Chen embellished the void with a gun, the guns burst into the sky, and the thrilling rainbow turned into eight people!

"Shoot! Don't give him a chance to fight back! Yunhuang Great Sword Skill!"

While Long Chi was immersed in drinking, he took a backhand print of the "cloud" sword swordprint, and the sky collapsed, turning into hundreds of acres of sword palms!

Yun Mingqing pulled out a seventh-order intermediate knife and slashed it out, and the sword fell into the river.

The black robe and the emperor punched the sky and dominated the world! Yun Potian and others show their magical powers and go all out!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

One move of the magic gun was broken, Lin Chen pulled the golden war gun like lightning, and the five-colored dragon light shuddered and spurted out of the sky. The countless fire, wind and thunder disasters were condensed into dense gun shadows. Stormy pear blossoms, advancing layer by layer, crushed the attack of eight people!

A huge cloud of mushrooms explodes the space in the center of both sides!

Most of the Plain of Bloodfury was torn, and the shocking rift made many war emperors stunned!

With Longchi's avatar as an opponent, this child can still take a joint blow from all of them?

"Huh! The four-fold unfinished practice, a little brute force, the marksmanship is acceptable. Your bottom is thin, this seat has already seen through!"

Long Chi sneered and stepped on the soles of his feet. The whole person seemed to move the void. For a thousand miles, was it an exquisite purple order?

The rank of light theory may not be inferior to Lin Chen's "Moonlight Lanying" level!

The Purple Phoenix Wing angrily row out the infinite purple flame and enter the state of God killer Lin Chen, the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing got a qualitative leap!

I thought that I wanted to suppress Lin Chen's Long Chi with speed. At the next moment, the fist with the impenetrable Gengjin qi was like a sea of turmoil, and it fell to Long Chi's chest, and he was shocked. Sudden change!

Sigh~! boom!

Long Chi was blown away with a punch, Lin Chen was holding a golden war gun, and appeared ghostly from the void. He shot his gun and pointed it at the top of Long Chi's head.

The latter turned around and when it was unavoidable, the gunshot penetrated the void, and stabbed at his heart. The skill of the shot was so shocking that even Long Chi was shocked. His palms were pushed horizontally, and the rotating palms shook back. At the tip of the gun, the backhand blasted Lin Chen's head with a punch!

Lin Chen was not inferior, lifted his hands into a fist like a king, throwing down, the two fists collided, the fist wind exploded, and shattered tens of thousands of space crystal walls!

Yun Mingqing and others quickly joined the battle circle and wielded the sword to Lin Chen. He wielded the five dragon dynasty emperor guns, fighting and eliminating them, and immediately fighting with several people, turning into a few shattered heaven and earth, Shatter the earth!

"Sen Luo Tianxing cut!"

Yun Mingqing waved his sword in all directions, Lin Chen even pulled the gun, picked out the spears of the blossoming fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation, and in an instant, the infinite spear burst out, and a series of thousands of demons were cast a series of times. Through heart, forced him to constantly urge defensive combat skills!

Yun Mingqing, as strong as the triple mid-peak, can only be retreated once and again!

"Master Longchi! This kid has True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings and Purple Order Body Techniques, so he can't fight hard with him!"

Yun Mingqing is sending a voice to Long Chi. With a snorted sound, the guns intertwined with thunder and dark robbery are exploded without warning, piercing the arm of a double-middle war emperor!

The black robe warlord waved his fist and smashed Lin Chen's figure, he couldn't help but be surprised! It's actually a residual image!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chen's seven flashes in a row, the speed has suddenly improved several grades, and even Long Chi was dumbfounded!

"Why is this kid so fast?"

The turbulent gunpoints of thunder and light robbery battles through the body of a double-middle war emperor, and when a large number of attribute light **** roll down, Lin Chen is surrounded by the blue and glorious glory, making the watching emperors gather together Change color!

Long Chi's palms turned into claws, grabbing down, and the white dragon's claws condensed into the white, condensed, and struck like lightning, hitting the blood anger plain! Thousands of miles of huge pits!

Actually emptied again?

Lin Chen flashed into the void on the other side, the figure turned upside down, holding the gun in both hands, and swept out with anger! Boom~! laugh! A shot blasted through the sky, and even Yun Mingqing's woman in red robe was no exception!

One after another, scattered with the sky of attribute light, Lin Chen was unmoved and looked directly at the remaining people.

Kill the two emperors in one shot!

Those who watched the war emperor realm could not help but tremble, Lin Chen at this time, even if they all swarmed up, I am afraid they will only be killed in the end!

Lin Chen was expressionless, flicking the blood above the point of the gun, glancing indifferently at Yun Mingqing, who was like a mourning test!

"Your stature, is it Zi Zi intermediate?"

Long Chi was shocked, and his body style could be suppressed by Lin Chen, then there was only one possibility, the Purple Rank Intermediate Body Method!

If simply maintaining the talent-killing status, it is really difficult for Lin Chen to take Long Chi's avatar. The five-layer initial cultivation plan is placed there, and the ranks suppress Lin Chen.

But what if the God-killer talent plus an ultimate moment?