My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 545

Vol 5 Chapter 545: Killing Gods And Eight Wild Fingers

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Chapter 545 ! !

"Why, didn't you say that you have seen through my details. I was surprised. I said that even if you are close to you, you can only have a dead end!"

Lin Chen sneered, the fire-robbered fighting spirit condensed into the sea of fire, he stepped out of the gun, Zhuangruo demon descended, Huang Demon possessed, a spear of thorns flew out, the spiral fire light intertwined with dark fire penetrated the entire sky, stab Longchi and others!

A shot of the devil sacrifices to heaven, and the ghosts and gods are terrified!

Even Long Chi showed an unprecedented dignity, raised his palms, and pushed away in anger!

The sky lists the black-and-red magnificent rungs that have condensed the fighting spirit, and a flaming arm with a flame like a dragon is found inside, and it crashes into the dark lance!

Bang ~~! !

The Plain of Bloodfury was completely destroyed in this collision, and it became an endless ruin. Thousands of Yuan Yuan's realm retreated, and if they had the protection of the emperor, they would have died so long that there was no scum left!

Han Yuxi looked at the **** plain with a staring stare, she didn't expect that Lin Chen was almost equal to the evil spirit above the talent of refining medicine. At a young age, he can use the method of heaven, earth, spirit, and alchemy. The field of combat practice is even more outrageous!

A single group of warlords, judging from the strength he now shows as the five warlords, he will not be his opponent even if there are more than twenty warlords here! How old is he?

Reduced into a fragmented plain high above the sky, there were only two people left at this time, Yun Mingqing and Long Chi!

Several other war emperors have long gone!

joke! Isn't this **** running yet? This kid is so messed up, staying here is just waiting to die!

The fierce beast core of tens of thousands of sky coins and pure blood is not worth their life!

"This seat has more than 100,000 years of experience in Kyushu. I have to say that you are the most evil character you have ever seen."

Long Chi's expression was cold and cold, with a flash of vigilance in his hand, a **** warrior knife curved like a moon flashed in his hand, the blade was inlaid with jade, shining on Kyushu, and the **** world!

Long Chi's breath of dominance, soared again! Soared to the mid-five levels!

"Seventh-tier intermediate-grade knife, blood dragon sword!"

"Longchi is coming! Really, he never imagined that he would fight for thousands of years for a junior!"

Some war emperors yanked into the air, and began to pull back with their men!

The next battle is not the level they can watch!

Regardless of victory or defeat, after today, the reputation of this child will become the legend of the No. 1 main city!

The blood demon avatar that shakes Long Chi, the main city of No. 2, with Yuanzun Realm, even if it is replaced with some old warlords of No. 2 and No. 3, it may not be able to do just better than him!

"This combat doppelganger is the blood demon doppelganger that condensed from under the blood demon, and its strength is second only to my body. Now it takes all its strength to deal with you, enough to deserve your junior! , This seat has already been paid, now, it's your life!"

Long Chi screamed, the sword was lifted and cleaved, and the blood-stained dragon-shaped sword gas was expelled from the blade, and turned into a weeping blood plate dragon rushing to Lin Chen!

"Burn out the eight wastelands!"

Yun Potian fell, Yun Mingqing shot furiously, a black sword flashed in his hand with a black flame and a burning blade, as dark as the deep, and fell across the sky!

"Ha ha ha ha! Even if you are close to your body, I Lin Chen, fighting all the way, the world is not afraid!"

Lin Chen laughed with pride, his shoulders suddenly shook, the dark robbery, fire robbery and fighting spirit condensed in the five dragon dynasty imperial guns, one shot, the magic of the world, pierced the sky!

Bang ~~!

The cone-shaped dark fire spiral gun penetrates the two's sword moves, and has the extra power to penetrate the two people's body with powerful penetrating characteristics. Yun Mingqing vomits blood completely, Long Chi's avatar is shaken with anger and blood, The look is incredible!

Was his Zi-level intermediate-level exercises Blood Dragon Astonishment broken by a junior?

Just now, Lin Chen, the tactic of "Devil Sacrifice Heaven", was not only in the state of the ultimate moment, but also launched the two ace runes of penetration and recharge!

In the godslayer talent + ultimate use of these two characteristic runes, that kind of attack, one face, not only smashed the five mid-term attacks, the aftermath of the attack directly shook Yunming Qingcheng into a serious injury!

Lin Chen stepped into the void, turned into a touch of moonlight, and was about to jump into the void for thousands of miles, aiming at Long Chi's head and smashing down!

War knives slashed, knives and guns collided, set off a storm! The gun is like a dragon, winding and picking, the blade is horrified, and it turns three times in a row, and then picks up and cuts to Lin Chen's Purple Phoenix Wing!

He used one hand to rotate the five dragon dynasty guns, and easily turned on the blood dragon sword of Longchi. The dozens of guns forced him to retreat, and then the knife was cut vertically, and Lin Chen launched two major attacks. The rune's "magic gun crack" greeted quickly, and the space was shattered by a thousand miles!

One hundred rounds, two hundred rounds, three hundred rounds! Long Chi's blood demon avatar fiercely fights against Lin Chen, and gradually falls, and he is completely beaten by Lin Chen!

He became more and more frightened as he fought, the attack of this young junior was accompanied by a very strong penetrating characteristic, and every time he shook his defensive treasure, the light shook and the essence was lost!

Fighting against this kid is really unpredictable! I don't know when he will explode an attack with that strange penetrating feature!

After countless rounds of blasting, the defensive treasure armor of the Longchi blood demon avatar was nearly broken, and he finally realized that it would be unrealistic to want to win this today! Boom immediately!

"Ming Qing, you go!"

Yun Mingqing is the confidant he cultivated at a great cost. He must not die here. As long as he leaves, his blood demon avatar should be able to evacuate...

"Go? No one of you two wants to go today! The young man said that if you turn over you, you turn over you!"

Lin Chen was full of vigour, and launched recharging and penetrating runes, condensing five kinds of sky-tribulation fighting energies. A shot of "magic gun crack" penetrated the sky, and Long Chi was unable to prevent it. When the horizontal knife blocked it, he was shocked. The arm is split and bleeding continues!

When Yun Mingqing was seriously wounded and wanted to rip the space away, Jade Jane escaped away, Lin Chen released his hidden war to the fullest extent, and enveloped the heavens! Block the entire space and fall into eternal darkness!

Light robbery fighting spirit, can easily succeed the void. And the dark robbery can cut off the space!

At the moment when the space was blocked, Lin Chen was already ready to launch, charging and penetrating the runes at the same time. At this moment, his rune energy light was consumed by the two major attack runes and it was nearly 7000 points less!

"Huang Demon sacrifices heaven!"

One shot at a time, fire and robbery run through the world, day by day. Yun Mingqing's body of war emperor has been thoroughly penetrated, and countless attribute light **** scattered in succession!

"No! Ming Qing!"

Long Chi's blood demon avatar burst into rage, how do you know, Lin Chen's fighting strength of the Nine Tribulation is rapidly reduced!

His Nine Tribulation Warfare, in addition to the Dark Tribulation Warfare used to block the space, began to transform into eight kinds of wild energy!

Eight kinds of Heaven Tribulation tactics were turned into extinct flood energy, Lin Chen pointed out with one finger, two major attack runes urged, and the tens of thousands of energy fingers surrounded by the eight-color flood energy were dotted in the void, across the sky, like Sun, menstruation and days, fill hundreds of millions of mountains and rivers!

"Killing the gods!"

The eight-color energy fingers were crushed on Longchi's blood demon avatar and exploded! Explosions sounded for millions of miles!