My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 546

Vol 5 Chapter 546: The Mysterious Man Appeared

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Chapter 546, The Mysterious Man Appears! !

Godkiller talent + ultimate moment talent + penetration and recharge runes!

This time the Eight Famine Fingers can be called a finger to destroy the world!

This is Lin Chens first, and currently the only one with the strongest and most complete eight fingers, only Lin Chen, who is in the talent killing state, has this qualification! Perfectly exert the power of this hand-down purple-level intermediate combat skills!

The Plain of Bloodfury disappeared, and the direction in which the energy finger fell, when it finally revealed, was enough to make every warlord realm move!

Above the ruins of the plain, there is a crack that spreads thousands of miles away, and it is not bottomed out. It is shocking as if it was penetrated by some creatures in the outer sky.

Long Chi's blood demon avatar has long disappeared. It is not that he fled, but that he was completely blown away by Lin Chen's "killing gods and eight wild fingers" and even the dross is not left! The only light ball in the sky that only Lin Chen can see!

Lin Chen beckoned, and when Long Huang flew over with Yan Qianyun, she was so shocked that her hand gently covered her red lips!

That's like the Emperor Doppelganger in the mid-five times! What was the concept of Lin Chenyi being slammed into nothingness?

Lin Chen urged the three phantom avatars, and madly swept the attribute light ball and the treasure chest suspended into the void for him, as well as the Naling ring and the Sabre worn by the Yun Mingqing and Longchi blood demon avatars. !

[The host gains 5000 rune energy, 12000 meritorious spirit, 6580 heavenly path value, 9870 talent point...]

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains: 10 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains: 50,000 talent points.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains: 100,000 talent points.

Due to the limitation of the godslayer's talents, none of these attribute light **** dropped after the war emperor's realm fell, but even so, the attribute value it brought to Lin Chen is still unprecedented!

The most important thing is that Lin Chen has collected enough attribute values to update the new version of the system!

Tiandao picking system 5.0 version! Coming soon!


The main city of No. 2 is a top-level closed room.


The middle-aged man in the silver robe sitting in the secret room vomited a large amount of blood, the volatility of the fighting fluctuated violently, shrank for several laps, and his face paled several times before he calmed down.

This person is naturally the body of Longchi! The injuries he accumulated during the last battle with the magic flame dragon and scorpion have not been fully recovered, and Lin Chen has once again hit the blood demon avatar. I am afraid that without thousands of years of recovery, it is almost impossible to make any progress!

"Damn it, Lin Chen! Dare to kill my avatar and destroy my confidant. If you dare to reach the territory of the No. 2 main city, the emperor must kill you!"

Inside the chamber, Long Chi's roar filled with rage!

No. 1 main city territory Bloodfury Plains.

After Lin Chen collected many attribute light **** after the fall of the war emperor, the attribute value returned to a whole new level!

Especially Longchi's blood demon avatar, this avatar is derived from the body's essence and blood and tempering for countless years. It is completely inferior to a five-fold early war emperor. Weakening also reached a heinous point!

Lin Chen, who was about to open the system, suddenly froze his eyes, and blocked it in front of Yan Qianyun, staring at the southeast facing 100,000 miles away!

"It's the breath that secretly peeped at me?"

Lin Chen jumped in his heart and entered the talent-killing state of himself. Before his perception far exceeded, Zijin Tong entered the highest state, and at the same time he felt the breath that had been tracking himself before that one!

From the beginning of Danzhou's summit Danhui, he has a feeling of being monitored in his life, and it is no exception to return to the sky tower!

In the void, the violent wind dances, and an illusory figure looks a little thin, but it is very strange! When walking slowly from hundreds of thousands of miles away, a few flashes came to Lin Chen!

"who are you!"

Lin Chen burst into shock, holding the five dragon dynasty gun to point at each other, and did not dare to relax his vigilance!

This person may be much stronger than Longchi!

Suddenly, when he saw a pair of purple eyes under the black cloak, he couldn't help but be surprised!

Those eyes reminded him of the first warning from the system when Yandu was there!

"It's you? Have we all seen Yan at the Sky Spirit Ranking Conference?"

Lin Chen frowned and asked.

He couldn't see through the cultivation behavior of the other party, even in the state of killing the gods, Lin Chen had a feeling of being absolutely suppressed by the other party!

"We have seen it."

A hoarse voice came out, and it was impossible to hear men and women.

Then, the black-robed masked man continued-"Those ants are weak, but they still outperform you, how do you do it."

Lin Chen was shocked! This man actually turned those warlords he beheaded into ants?

Isn't he also a ants in front of this person?

"That's... eight wild fingers!"

Lin Chen said nothing, pointed out! Once again, the Eighth Wild Finger was launched with full force, and the eight-color flood energy finger embellished the void, releasing the wave of destruction energy that pushed the continental plate horizontally!

Dare not look down upon! Lin Chen did not dare to underestimate this person, he must take advantage of the time that the God-killer has not passed, and fight hard!

In this mysterious man, he faintly felt an unprecedented sense of suffocation! This person is even stronger than the vice president who is the strongest among the many strong men he has seen!

With one finger, Lin Chen did not hesitate, pulled Yan Qianyun, purple phoenix wings flapped, urged Moonlight Lanying, crazy retreat!


A plain word spit out, the mysterious man flicked his sleeves, Lin Chen launched the two runes of the eight wild fingers, as if lightly smoked by the mysterious man into nothingness?

Seeing this scene, Lin Chen's pupils shrunk!

Boom~! The mysterious figure moves for a thousand miles!

His palm rested on Lin Chen's shoulder, and Lin Chen, in a state of high-speed movement, was instantly suppressed and forced to stop!

Crush! Completely crushed!

Lin Chen, who launched the God-killer, could only be crushed with one hand by this mysterious man like a chicken!

I am afraid that even the eighth and ninth warlords can't do it?

Who is this person? The most important thing is whether the other party is an enemy or a friend!

Yan Qianyun also expressed panic. Obviously, as an arithmetician, she also noticed the horror of this mysterious man!

"You, follow me. Leaving the sky tower and the mainland of Kyushu, I will give you strength, how?"

The hoarse voice gradually became clear, as if it were a female voice. A faint scent lingered around Lin Chen's nose, making Lin Chen's breath tremble and gritted his teeth.

"No! Who are you? Why should I leave the sky tower with you? I still have a lot of things to do in mainland Kyushu!"

"What's the matter?" the mysterious man asked again.

"Your Excellency, should you first clarify your history and ask me about it?"

Lin Chen wondered, how could this person feel a little abnormal...

No matter whether she is abnormal or not, the most important thing is that her strength is terrifying beyond Lin Chen's cognition!