My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 547

Vol 5 Chapter 547: Version 5.0 Of Tiandao Picking System

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Chapter 547, Version 5.0 of the Tiandao Picking System!

"Me? I am a human...and not a human race..."

The mysterious man was hesitant and hopeful, making Lin Chen's mouth twitch slightly.

"Where are you from? Why did you take me away?"

Seeing that the other party didn't respond, Lin Chen could only ask for it with a daring scalp.

"I...from the mainland of Kyushu, I am looking for someone who can carry the strength of my clan. You are the one who meets the are stronger than those of the Holy Realm..."

Listening to the mysterious person's answer, Lin Chen was even more shocked! Is this feeling from the strong outside Kyushu?

Hearing his tone and feelings, has he ever been to the Holy Realm?

"What race are you? Why did you choose me to inherit the power of your ethnicity, and what is your purpose?"

Seeing the other party seemed to have no intention of killing himself, Lin Chen's mind immediately stabilized, and Yan Qianyun met with one eye, and quickly asked three key questions.

"I am a demon clan...your talent is worth cultivating for my clan...and as for the purpose..."

Suddenly, the mysterious man's body burst into a tremendous sense of war! !

"To challenge the gods."

At this moment, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun haven't realized what concept this person refers to as "the gods".

The two of them only know that this person is very dangerous!

"Are you sure you can see through my details? My current state is only temporary. When the time passes, I will return to a weaker existence than the ants you just looked down on."

Lin Chen frankly and confessed that if the other party forcibly took him away, then he would take a break!


The mysterious man stared at Lin Chen's breath, and it seemed that it was indeed slowly weakening at this time.

"Right, my talent is not worth cultivating by your Demon Clan. Or should you find another one? I'm just a scum!"

Lin Chen wiped his sweat while pulling a ghost. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen would rather have a day when his talent was weak! If this is caught by this mysterious man, I am afraid it will not be taken away by force!

The mysterious man looked at him in a circle and muttered to himself-"It is indeed getting weaker, so it seems that it is not qualified yet... However, talent is still worthy of attention. I will give you some time, you must not be lazy , Work hard."

The mysterious person's instructions made Lin Chen's mouth twitch slightly and tried hard to be taken away by you? Then fix a fart!

But on the bright side, Lin Chen smiled with a smile on his face-"That's natural, by the way, senior, what is your name?"

After all, Lin Chen touched the arm of the mysterious man, and launched the talent of Stolen Omen!

[The thief omen failed to activate, the target creature level is too high, beyond the range of talent intervention, please host to give up.

When the system light screen popped up, Lin almost jumped!

Damn, what's the use of breaking your talents!

He also wanted to see if he could steal some superb attributes or treasure chests from this mysterious man, and his emotions didn't even come out!

"You don't need to know my name, I will come to you next time."

The mysterious man came as soon as he said it, left as soon as he said it, and released Lin Chen with one hand.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, what is my wish? Does this treat me like a cargo? Free shipping? Take it if you want, take it if you want to go?

"This person's strength is too terrifying...When did you provoke such a strong man..."

Yan Qianyun turned around in doubt, Lin Chen shrugged-"How do I know that from Danzhou I have felt that someone has been following me, he followed me all the way, and only now appeared."

No matter what, Lin Chen at least knows that he is stared at by an extremely terrifying existence, and the other party knows the Holy Realm, at least it is also above the Holy Realm!

Being stared at by a saint, think about it, your scalp is numb!

"My strength is weakening and I have to hurry and leave."

"Go straight to No. 2 main city! It's closer to No. 2 main city!"

After making up her mind with Yan Qianyun, Lin Chen took her with her to leave. In this battle, only the words of horror are useful!

Both Yun Mingqing and Yun Potian's Naling Rings were taken away by Lin Chen. These two are the old warlords of the No. 1 main city, and the background is rich and substantial!

The Wanzai Qinglong Emperor also benefited from refining pure blood and blood, and the dragon veins opened to 140,000! 1.4 million dragon power!

Lin Chen, who is in the state of killing the gods, is only in the transition of thoughts, and between the flapping of the purple phoenix wings, taking Yan Qianyun to the No. 2 main city.

"System, I want to update version 5.0!"

[Updating the 5.0 version of the Tiandao picking system requires consumption: 400,000 intermediate skills and 800,000 Tiandao values. Time-consuming: 48 hours. Expected update content: 5-level feature rune function, decomposition function, open fourth blood state, talent evolution function. The host holds a heavenly value: 1.02 million points. Intermediate exercises: 450,000 points. Is the host sure to update?


[The host system enters the update state: 0.01%... During the system update, no system functions can be used.

Lin Chen's talent for killing the gods completely disappeared after only half a day.

At the beginning, Yan Qianyun was worried about whether Lin Chen's body would exceed her burden. After all, she used such a terrible magical power. If she didn't pay a heavy price, she wouldn't even believe it...

However, once again refreshing her cognition is that after the terror in Lin Chen's body disappeared, he was still alive and well, and nothing fart!

After experiencing the skyrocketing from the two realms of Yuanzun Realm and Zhanhuang Realm, this guy had nothing at all... Yan Qianyun sighed again, and the common sense is on this guy, and it really does not exist!

No wonder a mysterious person as strong as that demon clan will stare at him!

After the godslayer's talent was over, Lin Chen released the Dragon Emperor and rushed away. Two days later, in a blink of an eye, the two were about to arrive in the No. 2 main city.

One step earlier than arriving at the main city of No. 2 is the advent of the new system!

[Version 5.0 of the Tiandao Picking System has been updated.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Yuan Zunjing Seventh Stage

Ultimate Strength: 980000 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 1476500 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 1498600 points.

Intermediate Mental Strength: 1765 points (French Phase Realm Completed)

Intermediate exercises: 55,000 points.

Intermediate rune energy: 315500 points.

Sky value: 224080 points.

Talent points: 435400 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 5450 points in the fire system, 5050 points in the soil system, 4998 points in the wood system, 5175 points in the gold system, and 5358 points in the water system. Thunder system is 8750 points, wind system is 4880 points, light system is 5550 points, and dark system is 4960 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talents: (Green Tier) 30% reinforced iron bone, (Green Tier) 100% life growth, (Blue Tier) Divine Power 25%, (Blue Tier) Emperor Destruction. Active Talent: (Blue Rank) Omen of Thief, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Return, (Purple Rank) King's Land (Cooldown: 15 days)

Character Rune: Slowness 4th, Penetration 4th, Charge 4th, Phantom 4th.

Holding treasures:...

Lin Chen suddenly found that all of his talents have a new division of equal order! And there is an "upgradable" function in the upper right corner of the talent bar!