My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 548

Vol 5 Chapter 548: Upgrade Talent

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Chapter 548, Upgrade Talent!

"System, I want to upgrade all feature runes!"

Without further ado, the first time Lin Chen updated the system was to upgrade feature runes!

[The system prompts the host that the host holds 27 rune evolution stones, which is not enough to evolve all runes to level 5. 20 characteristic rune evolution stones can upgrade a 4 level rune to 5 levels.

what? Only 20 evolution stones can be upgraded to one level?

Lin Chen's mouth whizzed wildly, so why not increase the price?

[The system prompts the host: Level 5 runes are too much stronger than level 4 runes. The watershed of characteristic runes can use less rune energy to exert stronger rune characteristics. There are many rune evolution stones required, and the host should choose upgraded runes as appropriate.

Lin Chen was worried this time, can only choose one? Each of the four major runes is his trump card, which is really difficult to choose.

After much consideration, Lin Chen issued an order.

"System, I am sure that the rune is slow to upgrade!"

[The system receives and consumes 20 rune evolution stones, and the slow rune is upgraded to level 5.

Then, Lin Chen clicked on the upgradable option in the talent column, and clicked on the reinforced iron bone talent.

[Reinforced iron bones are green rank talents. If you upgrade to green ranks, you can increase the defense power of the shell by up to 100%. It takes 30,000 talent points.

[Life growth is a green level talent. If you upgrade to the blue level, you can increase the life recovery by up to 200%, and you need to consume 100,000 talent points.

Lin Chen read all the way, even the ultimate return, this active talent at the last moment can be upgraded! It's just that the price really made Lin Chen stop, millions, tens of millions of talent points, this is really astronomical!

"System, what is the rank of God-killer talent?" Suddenly, Lin Chen asked.

[God-killer talent is between the purple rank and orange rank talent, if the conditions are sufficient, it can become the orange rank talent.

Lin Chen marveled at the systematic answer, and the God-killer could be compared to the orange rank talent!

In the end, Lin Chen chose to upgrade the two talents of "Life Growth" and "Reinforced Iron Bone", which had been strengthened by Lin Chen to the limit, and now they have exceeded the limit.

After upgrading the two talents, Lin Chen then spent another 100,000 talent points to strengthen life growth to 150%, and reinforced iron bones to 100%.

There are these two great talents, plus his wood spirit essence element method, as long as it is not hit hard by the war emperor realm, basically don't have to worry about life being threatened!

"System, I want to start the decomposition function to decompose all the exercises I have on hand."

[The host possesses 790 blue-level combat skills, 89 semi-violet-level combat skills, and 31 low-level purple-level combat skills, all of which are decomposed, and will consume 9900 points of heavenly value. Is the host sure?


As soon as the words fell, the exercises in the Naling Rings such as Yun Potian and Yun Mingqing held in Lin Chen's hands were all turned into a stream of light, and were drawn into the system at the heart of the eyebrow.

[Boom~! After the decomposition is completed, the host gains: 87,500 points of intermediate skill.

The light screen of the system pops up, and with these skills, he can learn the Purple Order Intermediate Skill "Dark Thunder and Thousand Arrows" from the ruins of the sky dome.

Suddenly, Lin Chen moved in his heart and asked curiously-"Can the system, decompose function decompose all the resources on my hands?"

[The system answers the host: the decomposition function is applicable to all resources and treasures held by the host, and most of the decomposition results are attribute values.

Hearing this answer, Lin Chen opened the system again, and put part of his collection of seventh-order strange treasures and seventh-order Tiancaidibao into the decomposition function.

[Consume 4540 points of Heavenly Dao value, decompose 13 kinds of 7th-order celestial treasures, 21 kinds of 7th-order ores. The host obtains: 390 ignition energy, 220 dark energy, 390 wood energy, 400 wind energy, 345 thunder energy, 13540 qi and blood energy, 35 spiritual energy...]

This can also decompose the element attribute value?

[The system prompts the host that the decomposition function can be attached to the body of the host. The host can choose whether to decompose the target thing when the outside world touches the thing, but it cannot be used by creatures with higher intelligence.

Lin Chen jumped! This decomposition function is somewhat powerful and abnormal. Isn't it possible to convert all his cultivation resources into attribute values as soon as he decomposes them?

Of course, Lin Chen wouldn't do this naturally. He was a pharmacist, and the medicinal materials left in his hand had a magical effect.

Lin Chen swooped down into the low sky, Yan Qianyun looked at him suspiciously, only to see Lin Chen landed on a pine tree that grew tens of thousands of years. His palm rested on the body of the ancient tree and used the'decomposition function'.

[Consume 90 points of Heavenly Dao, decompose ten thousand ancient trees, gain: 60 points of wood energy.

The vast ancient tree turned into nothingness, and turned into three attribute light **** into Lin Chen's palm, his eyes brightened!

"Damn it! Lao Tzu has made a huge fortune this time! Find a secret place with a long history, Chen brother and I will break down all the way, ha ha ha! The world is full of attribute light balls, don't be too cool!"

However, the only drawback of this function is that it needs to consume the Sky Dao value. After updating the system, the Sky Dao value is now 200,000 points. Someone in Lin must save it!

"It's almost time to the main city No.2, first go to the main city and submit the task!"

Lin Chen was so excited that he controlled the Dragon Emperor to fly into the sky, and Yan Qianyun was stunned all the way!


No. 2 main city, when entering the main city, still can't use any war-outs.

This can't help but remind Lin Chen of the mysterious man. In the first main city, the other party can monitor himself. Is it possible that she can use her strength in the main city?

Think of it this way, it's terrible!

Lin Chen heard that even if the Holy Land enters the main city, it cannot be used for cultivation!

"It seems that I really got a big Buddha. Forget it, the boat is naturally straight to the bridgehead."

With a bitter smile in his heart, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun stepped into the mission hall of No. 2 main city.

He opened the mission manual, urged the Naling Ring, and placed the pure-blooded skull and the beast core in the secret room of the hall, and the elders in the hall were dumbfounded!

This child is so young that he can kill the seventh-order beast? It's still a **** rogue mortal who is not afraid of death!

Hunting a powerful seventh-order beast often requires multiple war emperors to form a team, and regardless of whether a single person has enough strength to kill the opponent, even if the heads-up can kill head-on, it will have to pay a heavy price.

If you meet other powerful players, you will be killed by a mission! When Lin Chen took out the head of pure blood, it was not difficult to understand that everyone in the mission hall was so shocked!

After the elders in the hall carefully determined that the goal was correct, Lin Chen received the reward for the task he took last time: 200,000 sky coins!

Long Chi's blood demon avatar didn't have many treasures, Lin Chen only got a knife.

The Naling Rings of Yun Mingqing and Yun Potian held a total of 260,000 sky coins, as well as a number of six seventh-order fighters. This is the net worth of the four fallen war emperors!