My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 549

Vol 5 Chapter 549: Fusion Warcraft

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Chapter 549, Fusion Warcraft!

In addition to Lin Chen's original 50,000 sky coins, he now has a net worth of 510,000 sky coins!

This heritage is not inferior to many top warlords in the 2nd and 3rd main cities!

"By Qian Yun, how did you get into the Sky Pagoda? Isn't this to be evaluated?"

Walking on the street of No. 2 main city, Lin Chen asked Yan Qianyun curiously.

"We Yan family has already been qualified to enter the sky tower, but it has only been unused. Never underestimate the connections of a family of mathematicians~"

Yan Qianyun smiled, and the two entered the treasure trove in the main city.

This time, Lin Chen wants to convert all the wealth of the sky-high coins into cultivation resources! He still has a batch of seventh-order weapons on hand, and he needs more high-end treasures to merge into new ones!

Just stepping into the second floor of the Treasure Pavilion, Lin Chen was hit by two young people on the shoulders, his eyes narrowed. The other two men and two women, handsome men and beautiful women, among the dragon and phoenix.

The other party patted the shoulder, glanced at Lin Chen's clothes, and sneered-"Where is the poor ratio, this second layer you can come in?"

The youth in Xueyi next to him saw Yan Qianyun's face and temperament, and his eyes lit up, pretending to be polite and smiling-"This beautiful lady, I am a swordsman, a true descendant of God, I don't know Where does the girl come from?"

The second woman beside him can see that Yan Qianyun's temperament and face are so extraordinary, she can't help but bite her silver teeth and feel jealous.

Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes flowed around without looking at Lin Chen.

Seeing the beautiful woman looking at Lin Chen, the snow-clad young man flicked his nails and said disdainfully: "Why is this lady walking with this kind of thing, it is better to wait with me for a walk on this second floor, with my swordsmans Financial resources, what the young lady likes, maybe the two of us can still buy it."

Lin Chen laughed in his heart. It turned out to be the swordsman of the false **** family. No wonder so arrogant!

He blinked to Yan Qianyun and motioned for her to solve it. Yan Qianyun covered her lips and smiled, pursed her lips and smiled, "Sorry, I'm not interested in Jianren."


There were a lot of chuckles in the hall. The two were so angry that Lin Chen shrugged and walked to the counter with Yan Qianyun. He was about to carefully select many cultivation resources, and the voices of the two swordsmen Tianjiao came from behind. .

"Poor people are poor people, hesitant to buy something."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, turned around, joking to the elder at the counter-"This elder, I don't know what they rich people want to buy?"

The elder at the counter looked at the four people contemptuously, pointing lightly at two pieces of 7th-level intermediate and inferior treasures, one knife and one bow, and said coldly-"Isn't that the two pieces, this family of gods is easy to get Where can't afford two 7th-level intermediate treasures, what a bragging scene."

As soon as this remark came out, the people around laughed wildly, and the four of Jianjian's faces suddenly turned into pig liver.

The two brothers have just become war emperors, and the sky coins are still funded by the elders in the family. Although they like the two treasures, they can afford them, but if they buy them, they will not have the sky coins to buy other cultivation resources. Too.

Lin Chen's mouth slightly lifted, throwing a Naling ring, pointing to the two treasures-"Elder, I bought it."

This move made many strong men stop and looked at Lin Chen in disbelief!

That's two pieces of seventh-grade intermediate-grade treasures! The two pieces add up to the price of 200,000 sky coins! Isn't this the way to gamble?

"That's how I am. If I see it right, I start with it. It's fast and accurate. Isn't it just 200,000 skycoins? I mean it. I can't say it's an idiot. After all, I'm a poor man."

Lin Chen jokingly looked at the two swordsmen of the Jian family, hey hey smiled and said: "It is a medium meaning."

The elder at the counter took Najie, carefully counted it, gave thumbs up to Lin Chen, and laughed broadly-"Hahaha, boy, it's still you, don't be so much more refreshed. Take it!"

Lin Chen took over two of the seventh-order intermediate-grade inferior weapons in one hand and received them in the ring.

"Qian Yun, do you have anything you want?"

Ignoring the noisy fellows of the sword family, Lin Chen smiled and asked Yan Qianyun, who quickly waved her hands. Lin Chen was very grateful for her snatching the "Thousand God Calculations" in the ruins of the heavenly sky. She was very grateful.

After Lin Chen's repeated perseverance, Lin Chen still sent her two green-level trial secret orders, one for every ten thousand sky coins.

Then he purchased a large amount of seventh-order medicinal herbs, and a middle-level middle-grade snake moon star bow worth 180,000 sky coins!

Finally, Lin Chen also spent 21,000 skycoins to purchase three seeds of the Holy Flame!

Spending his net worth to less than 30,000 sky coins, seeing him throwing hundreds of thousands of sky coins, many war emperors took a few breaths!

Was this kid his mother robbing some large caravans? This special shot is hundreds of thousands!

After temporarily saying goodbye to Yan Qianyun, Lin Chen spent another five thousand heavenly coins to buy an advanced training room. The training room has its own space, which has a strong heaven and earth aura, can run combat, and is a perfect place to close the practice.

The space of the advanced practice secret chamber is extremely wide. Lin Chen sat in the void, opened the system, and started the fusion function.

"System, I want to use Yaori Bow, Snake Moon Star Bow, Purple Rainbow War Bow as the main fusion material, and Dragon and Phoenix Double Ring... as the auxiliary fusion material."

Lin Chen bought a lot of high-end fighters, naturally not for anger, he is to maximize his combat power!

"The main fusion material is Blood Dragon Qiankun Dao, Yongye, and Soul of Sorrow, Bihai Sansheng Xiao... is the auxiliary fusion material."

Lin Chen uses four 7th-order low-level fighters as auxiliary materials, and three main fighters as the main fusion materials, and uses the fusion function twice in a row!

[Consume 29,000 points of heavenly value, fusion succeeds.

[Consumption of 31000 points of heavenly Dao value, the fusion is successful.

The brand-new two-handed weapon was born, Lin Chen looked excited!

The whole body of the war bow has moonlight pan-violet flashing, starry embellishment, and Wanlei vertical flashing, which contains endless heavenly anger! The seventh-grade intermediate grade, Ten Thousand Thunder Bow!

The other handle, the blade is one meter five, the handle is double hooked, the blade body is red with gold in the whole body, the blade is golden, and the unreasonable gas of Gengjin is like the sky. There is a round of **** from the **** in the center of the blade body month. Tier VII Intermediate Need, Mingyuetian Qingdao!

Both weapons are like newborn babies, who have just been wise, and were recognized by Lin Chen as blood, and became his left arm and right arm!

Someone's look is filled with unprecedented ecstasy!

He should be the first Kyushu continent to control the existence of three seventh-order intermediate-grade fighters before becoming a warlord!

"Bai Shuang Qing Hong Sword, Mingyue Tian Qing Sword, Ten Thousand Thunder Bow, Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun. With these four handles in hand, even without the help of slow runes, I can also make many one heavy war emperors good. Drink a pot!"