My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 550

Vol 5 Chapter 550: It Seems Is It Called Lin Xingchen?

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Chapter 550

[The host learns "Dark Thunder and Thousand Arrows", consuming 79,900 points of intermediate skills.

For three consecutive days, Lin Chen is inheriting "Dark Thunder Thousand Arrows". The purple light Thunder Arrow before Lin Chen's training was a mass killing arrow technique. This "Dark Thunder Thousand Arrows" is the real extreme single arrow technique!

There are three grades in total: Dark Thunder, Ye Leijun, Dark Thunder and Arrow!

These three moves, one arrow is more terrifying than one arrow, especially with Lin Chen's thunder and dark robbery warfare, the power is so strong that even he himself does not know how strong he can be!

On the fourth day, Lin Chen began to refine the panacea. This time, his goal was to refine the quasi-seven-level panacea medicine "Baiji Banhuanghuang" and "Ming Yuan Tianfu Pill" with seventh-order medicinal materials. These two immortals have the power to break through the bottleneck, which can help him gather the chance of fighting fortune.

With his level 7 refining medicine above the intermediate level, not to mention the spiritual breakthrough to the perfection of the state of law, refining these two types of panacea is completely at hand, just the eighth day, relying on the two quasi-level 7 panacea Lin Chen broke through the Eightfold Cultivation, and entered the middle of the Eighth Layer until he stopped.

Lin Chen also has a group of millions of heavenly treasures, the "Colorful Sacred Source", which can only be used when he enters the pinnacle of the spiritual power of the state of law. There is a greater possibility of promotion to the spiritual power of heaven!

The spiritual power of Tongtian Realm has been refined from the heaven and earth and the law of heaven and earth to the idea of heaven and earth. It can withstand the punishment and disaster of heaven and earth. Even if the physical body is afraid of destruction, the spiritual idea can leave the physical body for a long time to live, which is completely different from the legal environment. The two levels!

On the ninth day, Lin Chen fell into contemplation holding the "Hunyuan Longyang Pill" he had previously refined.

This immortal medicine is the best for refining the body. He originally planned to leave it to himself, but at the moment his own refining level has not yet broken through the imperial level and he is taking this pill rashly and will explode to death in no time.

But if you dont take it, in such a master-like 2nd main city, as long as he leaves the city, he is very likely to be in danger!

"With Danfang in hand, as long as the materials are sufficient, I can refine it. But I only have one Lin Lin's life, and give it to the Dragon Emperor, my strength can be the fastest!"

Lin Chen summoned the Wanlong Qinglong Emperor and swallowed his seventh-level intermediate inferior'Hangyuan Longyang Dan'. In addition, Lin Chen also injected three sacred fire seeds into his body. He found that in the sky tower The purchased flame seed does not have that kind of latent will.

That kind of weird will, I am afraid that only the torch seeds of the mainland of Lingzhou will have.

[The host obtains 1000 points of the blood of the green dragon, 1000 points of the blood of the purple phoenix,]

The torch seed madly refines Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor, and the value of the two bloodlines has skyrocketed!

Roar roar roar ~ ~!

The roaring dragon air penetrated into the dragon veins, 145,000, 150,000, and 160,000!

Dragon Emperor's dragon power is climbing at an unprecedented speed! In a blink of an eye, it broke the 1.7 million dragon power. The medicinal effect of the seventh-level intermediate medicine is only described by the word terror!

"Hangyuan Longyang Dan contains pure dragon's breath, which is exactly in line with the blood factor of Qinglong, and can be perfectly absorbed! Just don't know if it can break through 2 million dragon power!"

2 million dragon power, in the field of war emperor, every 1 million dragon power is a watershed, 2 million corresponds to the early stage of the double emperor, 3 million is the beginning of the triple!

Although there is no terrible transformation in numbers, in fact, each 1 million dragon power is more difficult to upgrade than the previous level by several times or even dozens of times! Of course, the destructive power is also several times, and the gap of tens of times is growing!

The 9.99 million dragon power is the pinnacle of the Nine Heavy Battle Royale! Below 10 million dragon powers, is the limit of pure power on which imperial creatures can grow. Above 10 million, it is the realm of holy beasts!

The retreat lasted for half a month, and the Wanlong Qinglong Emperor perfectly absorbed the "Hundred Dragon Longyang Pill", and the pure power stopped at 2.1 million dragon power! Pure power can rival the early dual emperor of the second level, and the fighting power can catch up with the late second level!

In addition, after absorbing three sacred fire seeds, Wanzai Qinglong Emperor officially transformed into Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon with the highest bloodline level. The attribute value of Blue Dragon's bloodline grew to 500,000 points, and the attribute value of Purple Phoenix bloodline grew to 250,000 points! In terms of supernatural powers, it is stronger and better than before!

Lin Chen exited the level and returned to the mission hall.

He arrived at one of the mission halls in the No. 2 main city. After randomly selecting a strong man, he patted the other person's shoulder with his hand deliberately, and launched the genius of the genius.

[Consumption of 2000 talent points, stealing stolen signs: 300 points of heaven.

"Wipe, only 300 points!"

Lin Chen screamed and lost a lot. This genius stealing talent can only be used to steal some strength to become a more powerful existence, and use it indiscriminately, I am afraid that even the talent point is lost.

The strong man who slapped him on the shoulders glared and he smirked"Sorry, your Excellency looks a bit like the prisoner who peeped into the girls bathhouse last night. I accidentally recognized the wrong person."

After testing his talents, Lin Chen was rummaging through the tasks in the hall again. He looked for the top and most dangerous tasks.

"In the upcoming high-level secret realm, look for the Shura armor in the nine tombs of Shura. One pair of armor can be exchanged for 10,000 sky coins. In the nine cemeteries of Shura, it is expected that more than 200 pairs of armor. This task is extremely dangerous. It is recommended Team up."

When he saw the mission of "Xiu Luo Nine Tombs", Lin Chen's heart moved, but he hadn't taken it yet. A monstrous murderous intention locked Lin Chen, and the powerful people around him evaded.

Lin Chen turned around and smiled. The angry face of the silver robe man made the strong men around shudder, and it was Long Chi who had previously fought Lin Chen!


Outside of Kyushu, there are vast lands. But among mortals and thousands of realms, they have not yet been able to match the human holy world.

It is said that above the Holy Realm, there are countless human civilizations created by the God Realm. Spirits, one thought can create hundreds of millions of souls, and create civilization and the world.

Located on the Tianchu River in the Holy Realm, within a vast star field, the continent is suspended, and a sacred mountain rushes towards the sky.

On the top of the sacred mountain, the pavilion white jade, two nizis sat happily, and one of the little girls asked curiously with her white and delicate jade legs.

"Grandpa, the story you told last time is not finished yet. How many geniuses are there in God Realm?"

The white-haired old man kindly stroked the blue silk of Nizi, revealing the look of memory-"God Realm, it is said that there are ten geniuses, and each one is a hope to continue the hundreds of billions of years of human civilization."

"Then how does the genius of the Holy Realm compare with the genius of the God Realm? Can my sister go to the God Realm?"

The eyes of another little girl in white flashed, and the old man smiled-"Your sister is still far away from the most common genius of God Realm. How can you compare it with the top ten geniuses."

"In the early years, there seems to be a legend spreading from the realm of the gods, the eleventh **** of the world was born, and the gods predicted that the **** of the world could subvert the future of the gods. ."

The old man was so fascinated that both the little girls were yearning and asked anxiously-"Then, later! What happened to the eleventh genius?"

"He became a meteor, a real meteor, which was born in God Realm for a moment and disappeared into God Realm eternally. The strong man of Holy Realm said that his existence threatened the gods of the heavens and the world, The spirit does not allow his existence. There are also prophecies that he will return and subvert all this. Of course, these are just gossip. Perhaps this genius has never existed, just a fabricated legend."

The two innocent little girls felt sorry for them. They still refused: "So, can the eleventh genius have a name?"

"first name?"

The white-haired old man froze, frowning, thinking for a long time, muttering to himself.

"It seems, is it called Lin Xingchen?"