My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 551

Vol 5 Chapter 551: Practice Outside The City?

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Chapter 551

"Then Grandpa, what is the holy prison of the Holy Realm?"

The two little girls seemed to be interested in everything in the Holy Realm, exuding an endless desire for knowledge.

"Oh, there is an eighteen heavy prison in the Holy Realm, with a weight of up to 100,000 miles. There are countless sinners and wicked people imprisoned in the Holy Realm. All of them are fierce and evil men of the Holy Realm. No criminal can ever run out."

"But inside the holy prison, there is a layer of the nineteenth holy prison, holding the most terrible prisoners of the Holy World. They are the existence of countless fresh lives, and everyone's hands are covered with ten billion, The blood of hundreds of billions or even trillions of lives. They are the most terrible holy people in the Holy Realm, and they are also the people who are most likely to enter the Divine Realm and become gods."

The two little girls heard goose bumps straight, and the little girl in white asked with a bite in her teeth"Why do they have to be held? Can't they walk for Tianxing Road?"

"Because they are so powerful, even the senior leaders of the Holy World do not want to ignore their existence. In this world, there will always be strange creatures, some of them are strong enough to covet our human holy world, and the eighteenth floor of the Holy Prison It is to suppress the entrance of the plane of a bizarre creature race. Those prisoners who are imprisoned need to fight those bizarre creatures all the time until they die."

The old man with white hair talked about this, his expression was dignified.

"Using the power of the prisoner to suppress the riots of the other races for the upper levels of the Holy Realm, this move is not a cure for the symptoms, it is really undesirable, so there was an event that shook the Holy Realm a long time ago: the Holy Prison was broken by a mysterious creature and released Many criminals in the 19th Holy Prison, that creature, also took away the most powerful group of prisoners! Hey, the Holy World is not peaceful now, sooner or later it will become the center of the storm..."


Sky Tower, in the mission hall of No. 2 main city.

Thousands of strong men stopped here, staring dumbfounded at Long Chi, who was mad at the crown.

"Lin Chen, do you dare to come to the main city 2?"

"Why can't I come? Are you jealous that I look handsome? Or is this the 2nd main city opened by your Longchi family?"

In the mission hall, Lin Chen and Long Chi are **** for tat against each other.

Which fairy is this kid? Dare to provoke Long Chi! This person exists in the top 3 of the No. 2 main city battle emperor list!

Lin Chen: "Don't you agree? Grass! Do you stare at me again? Let's go out and practice alone! If you are afraid that I will bully you, I will let you add a **** to each hand? Yeah, dare not dare?"

Long Chi: "What am I..."

Some Warlords who were once suppressed by Longchi looked shocked! Nima, who are you bullying?

A five-fold war emperor who has become famous for tens of thousands of years has been threatened by a new kid who entered the city. At his age, it seems that even the war emperor realm has not been reached!

The five levels of Yuanzun Realm's battle against Imperial Realm? Also let a hand plus an ass? Neuropathy!

Lin Chen raised his **** and said disdainfully: "Don't talk nonsense, you are so refreshing, fight or not fight, just last time I still think your blood demon avatar is poor, this time you better bring yours Na Ling ring, I have a very expensive shot!"

Long Chi's facial muscles shook violently a few times, his face twitched, but he didn't dare to take Lin Chen's challenge completely!

He dare not! The blood demon avatar had previously played against him, and he was completely suppressed by him! Even if you put on the main body to fight, Long Chi may not be the opponent of this kid, that trick of heavenly **** directly knocked his avatar into nothingness!

And the most weird thing is that this kid appeared in the No. 2 main city only half a month later, and he was born alive! It's completely fearless, and it's clear that I'm not afraid of him!

Lin Chen knows his own affairs from his family. He still has the talent for killing gods. He has to go all out when he meets a triple war emperor. Bluffing only!

The more rampant he is, the less dare the other party to act rashly!

These old war emperors who have lived tens of thousands of years and 100,000 years have cherished their lives one by one, don't look at their fierce and overbearing, they really encountered a fatal crisis, they may not be willing to die.

"I wipe, really fake, that Long Chi has been bullied one day?"

"I'm a good boy, what kind of fairy is this little brother, Long Chi is too frightened by him!"

"He, should he be Yuan Zunjing? The family of the descendants of the gods dare not treat Long Chi like this?"

Seeing that Long Chi was silent, many strong-minded strongmen were more and more shocked. The look at Lin Chen was shocking and incredible!

Lin Chen even walked in front of Long Chi and patted his face with his hand-"Why don't you say anything, are you talking, dumb?"

Snapped! Snapped!

The crackling sound of the face slap makes many strong men frown! Looking at the entire No. 2 main city, who dares to disrespect Longchi in this way!

"Boy, don't cheat too much..."


A crisp slap sounded, and the hot slap print was pumped **** Long Chi's face. Lin Chen overbearingly smiled: "What's wrong with me bullying you? Disagree? Practice outside the city?"

Long Chi looked at the young man in disbelief, shaking his hand and saying: "You..."

Snapped! Another slap!

"Exercise outside the city?"


Deathly silence!

The five-fold battle emperor, the top 3 in the main city battle emperor list, was slapped by a Yuanzun Realm in public?

Lin Chen is still a maddening sentence.

"Exercise outside the city?"

Long Chi's face was sullen and brutal, but he didn't smile, but he smiled somberly-"Very good, Lin Chen, you are looking for death on your own, Long Chi, I will never die with you!"

Lin Chen rolled up his sleeves: "Just talk, what are you going back, eh! Don't go!"

After watching Long Chi eat deflated and leave the mission hall with his sleeves, all the powerful people couldn't help but sigh!

Ruthless! Peerless and ruthless!

This **** is definitely the No. 2 main city for tens of thousands of years, almost a hundred thousand years of peerless cruelty!

Yuan Zunjing fought against Emperor's Realm fivefold, and the other party lost his temper!

"What's wrong with people now, I'll let you stop playing with one hand. It's boring to be handsome and invincible!"

Lin Chen shrugged, even if he didn't smoke Long Chi a few big mouths, this person had already been dying with himself for a long time.

After taking over the task of'Collecting Shura Armor', Lin Chen drove away, and the strong men of each road cast their eyes on his back with different eyes.

"Damn, Long Chi called this kid Lin Chen, you have to remember that if you meet him in the outside world next time, you will definitely get rid of his mother!"

"Longchi, the bastard, never loses money. He has been drawn a few big mouths and he dare not fight. This is definitely not simple! You can't mess with it, you can't mess with it!"

Many strong men made up their minds and carefully wrote down Lin Chen's appearance. If they met this man outside, they had to take a detour!