My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 552

Vol 5 Chapter 552: Shura Nine Tomb

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Chapter 552

Most of the people who have the courage to stay in the No. 2 main city are Yuanzun Realm or above, and the organized and powerful Yuanzun Realm or the half-step emperor are basically the elites of the elite. Inside the sky tower Old fritters.

Some Yuanzun realms who wanted to stagnate Longchi immediately followed Lin Chen and spontaneously acted as Longchi's eyeliner.

Lin Chen is naturally not a reckless husband, provokes Long Chi and can leave the main city of No. 2 with great swing.

He sneaked into several small alleys, turning a few times, such as ghosts and ghosts, after avoiding many eyeliners, the body was put on camouflage, put on a cloak, and cast a phantom rune.

The three avatars divided into three roads and left towards the three gates, attracting a lot of attention, Lin Chen left to the east gate of the main city No. 2!

After leaving the main city of No. 2, Lin Chen crossed a piece of Qinghai and headed to the extreme west of the northwest, "Xiu Luo Nine Tomb", which will be born three days later. At that time, it will attract a large number of warlords in No. 3 main city and No. 2 main city to set off an unprecedented scuffle!

Tomb of Shura Nine is the cemetery of the Shura people. In the sky tower, there are not many cemeteries of the Shura people, but every tomb house is extremely dangerous.

Lin Chens visit to the Tomb of Xiuluo Jiu was not just for a mission, it was more likely because of the news Yan Qianyun revealed to him. In the tomb of Xiuluo Jiu, there was an opportunity to become an emperor.

The cultivation methods of the Shura family are quite extreme. It is said that they will keep their descendants who have grown to a certain stage in a space and kill each other. The last few Survivors who survived will become the contemporary strongest existence!

The "Sura Nine-Huanghuang Change" practiced by Lin Chen is the evolution of the Shura clan's practices. The way the Shura clan cultivates descendants is similar to that of the human clan becoming a war emperor.

Outside of the Sky Pagoda, many things in Lingzhou were waiting for him, and several false gods were staring at him. Inside the Sky Pagoda, there are the powerful five-fold war emperor such as Long Chi as a dead enemy. Lin Chen must step into the war emperor realm in a short time!

There is also the inheritance of ChishenXuanlong47, which is still waiting for his excavation. The secret realm of Tomb of Nine Tombs plays a vital role in Lin Chen!

Two days later, Wanyuanjian, the land to the west of the main city No. 2!

Under the continuous ups and downs of the abyss, the nine caves are connected in a line, exuding a simple and ancient atmosphere, and sleeping with the strongest atmosphere in the world.

Lin Chen showed his possession of the blue dragon, and his Qinglong Piying shadow dispelled his breath, lurking in the dark.

"At least hundreds of battle emperors, grandma's, aren't they fighting for battle at that time? My day!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed when he looked around the many hidden atmospheres in the void.

With the birth of the Tomb of Shura Nine, even the war emperors in the main cities of No. 3 and No. 4 came!

Bang ~!

Three breaths cut through the sky, and three battles were opened for the strongest figure to reveal. One of them is the body of Longchi.

The other two are not people in the No. 2 main city, but the breath is not inferior to Long Chi, and they are also characters of the warlord's five or more!

This time the tomb of Shura Nine opened, fish and dragons were mixed, and even the people of the false **** family were present. Almost all the strong men were in the war emperor realm, and there was no one half-step emperor. Obviously, this level of secret realm has no war emperor-level strength. , And went to death.

Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~!

The nine pillars of light straddle the sky, rising from the sky and forming one piece, the tomb of Shura Nine opened at the same time!

A sensation of cold breath awakened from the Tomb Mansion, as if to warn all creatures, here, no violations!

Brush brush!

The emperors of various roads turned into a residual image and plundered into the tomb. Lin Chen said nothing, he just urged Jiujiaoyan and Zijintong, and scanned the weather of the nine tombs!

Among them, the weather in the ninth tomb is the most dangerous! But the hidden luck and luck are tens of times and hundreds of times stronger than the other eight tombs!

"Longchi also entered the ninth tomb palace? His uncle's, rich and expensive, begged! Fighted! Isn't it a group of war emperors, Hammer! According to Hammer!"

Lin Chen jumped into the sky and entered the most dangerous ninth tomb!


The mist is like a tide. Inside the tomb house is a group of ancient mountains that do not reach the top, surrounded by a ruined hall. Here, the perception as strong as the high-level warlord will also be suppressed, and the scope of exploration can be very small.

In the void, colorful attribute light spheres are suspended, Lin Chen picks it up madly, attribute hurricane!

[Host gains 8650 points of Qi and blood energy, 1500 points of rune energy, 8900 points of qi essence, 1200 points of heavenly value, 1250 points of talent points, 19500 points of energy of blood and blood,]

After collecting many attribute light spheres, Lin Chen's qi and blood energy attribute value skyrocketed. Most of these attribute light spheres are mainly qi and blood energy, urging Zijin pupil, and in the mist, he vaguely saw a pair of hidden in the dark Scarlet eyeballs everywhere!

"There are creatures lurking in the tomb!"

Lin Chen was creepy! Seize the five dragon dynasty guns and wait forever!


A beam of light rose, and the hidden creatures left quietly. Lin Chen turned his head and saw that a high-level treasure was born!

"Xuemei, there are treasures here!"

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen faced the three figures flying in the mist behind him!

The two sides stared at each other, and they lived in shock!

"Hahaha! It's your kid, **** nowhere. You break in and find death! A night of broken heart!"

The other party groaned, and when they met, they pulled out their waist knives and slashed them violently.

Lin Chen stepped out in one step and turned into the afterimage of the moonlight, Yin Hong and the **** mountains split the ten mountains, and the momentum was skyrocketing!

There are three opponents, two of whom are the sword family members that Lin Chen encountered before, and the three descendants of the pseudo-god who stepped into the war emperor realm!

"I can't think of you as a Yuanzun Realm, but you dare to break into the tomb of Shura Nine and find your way!"

Sword Qi rushed to the sky, and another descendant of the pseudo-god spread out, surrounded Lin Chen's retreat on the other side, and grinned.

Lin Chen's eyes were dignified. Although these three men entered the Imperial Realm at the beginning, their true combat power was terrifying! If they release the power of blood, even the Second War Emperor will be tricky, and the three will join forces. The danger is self-evident.

The purple phoenix flapped, and Lin Chen suddenly turned into a moonlight shuttle, flashing immediately behind the young man in white who had drawn his sword!

"What? So fast?"

The blade turned over, slashed back with a sharp knife, and the air was across the sky, breaking the mountain and breaking the mountain! But it was empty!

The war gun swept across the eight wastelands, violently swept and stirred around the waist of the white man, and the terrifying strength cooperated with several kinds of Tiankai fighting spirits to invade the body, causing the corner of his mouth to bleed!


The youth in white turned into a meteor and was swept out, grabbed a dozen attribute light **** dropped by the other party, ten stern sword lights revolved, and the sharp edge was directed at Lin Chen, bursting out ten numbers Thousands of cracks, sword air!

The Wulong Dynasty Emperor's spear smashed angrily, and Lin Chen, who burst into a sword light, straightly rushed out of the encircling circle, completely afraid of the other party's attack!

"Hahaha, you can't stop me in this Yuanzun Realm, send you two words, garbage!"

Lin Chen's loud laughter resounded through the tomb, and the two descendants of the sword family's descendants were pale.