My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 553

Vol 5 Chapter 553: Fatal Bloodthirsty Super Dimensional Teleportation

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Chapter 553, Fatal Bloodthirsty, Super Dimensional Teleportation!

Now he has eight levels of medium-level cultivation, even if he does not perform the five changes, the speed of the body has reached a kind of existence that scorns many low-level warlords!

"Don't care, attack him with the power of inspiring God! This person is not easy!"

The undressed girl next to him said coldly that the two idiots let each other take their noses as soon as they faced each other. Yuan Zunjing dared to venture into the tomb of Shura Nine. How could it be a simple generation!

"Dare you, the descendants of the false gods, dare to call yourself the gods?"

Lin Chen didn't say anything, urged the five-fold change, and Xiu Wei stepped into the late stage of the Nineth Layer!

One step away from the half-step emperor! He took a step ahead and launched the phantom rune. He held the Mixing Thunder Bow", and when he filled the bow string, he deflated the arrow and burst into hundreds of lightning bolts!

The plain-clothed woman turned around and shot the bow, a red arrow bursting through the stars and the moon shot out, and the arrow broke the Linchen hundred arrows!

boom! boom! boom!

The arrow blasted wildly, the plain-clothed woman's expression was solemn, and her arrow skills were among the best in the same level. Lin Chen was able to take her attack with Yuanzun Realm, which is completely alien!

"Seventh-grade intermediate-grade war bow? He could control this-grade war weapon with Yuan Zunjing's strength?"

The plain-clothed girl looked startled, a little air-sucked! These high-grade weapons are considered top-notch in the family of God!

"The Divine VeinsThe Blade of Judgment!"

"ShenmaiYongye Qianjian!"

Bang ~!

Qinghong's blade of light is as long as a crescent moon, slashing Lin Chen against the wind, and the sharp-edged candles in the sky shine on the Xiaohan, and the sword-mans turned into thousands of broken lights.

This is exactly the trick to force him to hard-wire the two!

This move ignited the power of the bloodline, and it was also the purple-level intermediate level of the bottom of the box. Its power is far beyond the realm of the first emperor!

"The two moves are equivalent to the warlord's mid-second stunt, and I can't hide it! Dragon Emperor, fight me!"

Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor wandering the dragon body appeared, the dragon body with endless heads stood upright, held up the dragon claw and burned the purple flame blue light, under the sway, the eight Xuan Qing purple flame dragon blade broke through the sky and whistled, with a heavy weight The pure power of Yue Zuozhi flew around in a flurry, and the strongest blow that shattered the two in front!

The rotating purple flame blue blade cuts through the sky, tearing the two men's defense of defense, blood spilling into the sky, rolling down a large number of attribute light **** and several amethyst treasure chests!

These two are descendants of false gods, and the war emperor Xiu Wei, the attributed light ball is extremely high!

What Lin Chen did not notice was that when his Wanzai Qinglong Emperor was born, the mysterious creature lurking in the dark suddenly shivered, and the beast pupil stared at the pair of purple phoenix wings behind Lin Chens Dragon Emperor, Seems to see some incredible facts!

"Dragon travels thousands of miles!"

The plain-clothed woman sneered with a cold bow, arched the arrow, and the endless broken light of the arrow light turned into a red-golden golden dragon.

"Ultimate moment! Huang Demon sacrifices heaven and dark thunder leaves!"

Lin Chen and the avatar, who launched the ultimate moment, spurted away with a shot, and the gun flew across the sky!

The avatar that moved the Thunderbolt Bow of Wanxing was even more overbearing, and his body was transformed into a dark robbery and thunder robbery warfare body. More than 70% of the fighting spirit was condensed on one arrow. Above the sky!

The two great masters collided with the plain-clothed women's "Long Xing Qian Li", and the explosion exploded into the sky.

A remnant image flashed, and the earth robbery and wind robbery were in full swing.

"Thousand souls!"

The turbulent sword air storm tornado raged, swallowing all the broken mansions, the sharp edge of the Mingyuetian Qingdao even crushed the broken golden dragon into nothingness!

Lin Chens two avatars held the Ming Xing Thunder Fury Ningyue Sky Engine, and the atmosphere of the fivefold change superimposed on the final moment made the two suns and moons like heaven and earth open together. The early women in plain clothes felt terrified!

She wanted to urge her body to escape, but she was stopped by the swift shooting of the dark thunder arrow and the ghosts and ghosts!

"Ji Que Shui Guang!" A bunch of extremely star-like swords burst into the sky and burst into the sky!

A little cold light comes first, and then the sword opens the sky!

The young man in white is being suppressed by Emperor Qing Zai of Wan Zai, and Shuiyue Jianguang cut off his left arm. When he was shocked, two gray-white runes descended from the sky, and when they burst open, they solidified a large space and put the two mens Action is closed in the void!

A round of golden gun shadows lingered around the five-colored dragon qi, circling at a high speed from high altitude, and instantly fell down!


The gunpoint hit the shoulder of the young man in white, blood hurricane, his expression for the first time showed fear of death!

"No, don't kill me! I can give you a lot of sky coins. I am a swordsman. I just became a war emperor. I don't want to die! I want to see my father who is a god, don't kill me , I will give you everything, OK!"

The youth in white desperately wailed, he was really scared! The space in which he is located has become closed and solidified, and even a trace of warfare does not move. It is like a lamb to be slaughtered!


Lin Chen said nothing, a shot penetrated his life-saving weapon, and even picked dozens of shots, blasting him into nothingness!

Lin Chen will not be soft to kill anyone in the false **** family!

Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor raised his claws and burst another gray shirt youth. He once lived in the sword family and became a descendant of the pseudo-god of the War Emperor. Today, the two fell in one fell swoop!

"The slow rune at level 5 is so strong! I used only less than 20,000 rune energy to completely kill the two!"

Lin Chen lamented that it is also a slow rune issued by the energy of 20,000 runes. The slow runes of level 4 and level 5 are completely two concepts!

The five-level slow rune not only slows the scope of space, but also the creatures in the joint space become completely slow! If this were not the case, Lin Chen could not kill the two so quickly!

I grabbed five amethyst treasure chests and flicked the system light screen!

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains: 10 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains: 5 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains the blue-level talent fragments: super-dimensional teleportation (1/3), which can consume talent points. The fixed point does not exceed two teleport locations. Spending high-cost talent points for space-time jump teleport, the longer the teleport distance , The longer the cooling time, the consumption of talent points can reduce the transmission cooling time.

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains the Blue Rank Talent Fragment: Fatal Bloodthirst (1/3), which consumes talent points, causing the host to attack with bloodthirsty special effects in one attack. If the enemy is injured by attacking an enemy target, part of the damage that has been caused to the opponent will be converted into a healing effect on the host. The maximum healing effect is no more than 30% of the damage caused.