My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 554

Vol 5 Chapter 554: 1. The Narrow Path Of The Enemy

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Chapter 554

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains: 30,000 intermediate rune energy.

Another 15 characteristic rune evolution stones! Lin Chen already has 22 Rune Evolution Stones!

The descendants of the pseudo-gods who beheaded the two war emperor realms exploded new talent fragments, and Lin Chen was ecstatic!

Especially the super-dimensional teleportation talent, which is literally an escape skill!

[Please host to collect more active talents, the number of talents reaches a certain level, you can unlock the system combination of talents.

The light screen popped up by the system makes Lin Chen fascinated and talented combination skills! This is a new version of the function, it seems to be able to connect several talents together to form a super combo combo!

Just when Lin Chen was silent in ecstasy, the plain-clothed woman had long disappeared!

"This woman runs very fast, otherwise I will let you try my two golden guns!"

Incarnate into the afterimage, Lin Chen took away all the attribute light **** suspended into the void!

[The host gains 8950 runic energy, 21000 essence of fighting spirit, 6850 skill essence, 110 wind energy, 2500 heavenly value, 1800 talent talent, 185 dark energy,]

[The host obtains the light ball of the best skill attribute, and obtains: Purple Rank Intermediate High Grade Combat Skill "Blaze Green Rainbow".

[The host obtains the light ball of the best skill attribute, and obtains: Purple Order Intermediate Intermediate Combat Skill "Yongye Ruling".

Double Purple Order Intermediate Exercise! And there is a kind of middle-level high-grade combat skill that is comparable to "The Eight Wastes"!

"I'm making money, haha!"

Lin Chen glanced at his skill column, just at this time there are 160,000 intermediate skill points, and then collect some to be able to inherit the two purple-level intermediate combat skills in one breath!

"System, I want to upgrade Charge Rune!"

[The upgrade is successful. The hosts rune has been upgraded to: Level 5.

Charge Rune Level 5! Attack power increased by 500% on the original basis! With Lin Chen's purple-level intermediate combat skills, it must be even more powerful!

And in the case of blessing the rune, the power of increasing the charged rune is also disguised to increase the penetration power of the rune!

After taking away the Naling Rings of the descendants of the two false gods, the avatar immediately received the newly born treasure in the beam of light, which was actually a seventh-order intermediate defense treasure, the gold and silver imperial armor!

This treasure seems to have been sealed for a long time, and the spirit has not been unsealed. Lin Chen has no pressure to confess his blood. This material turns into a golden light and silver awn and shoots at Lin Chen. His silver robe lifts a whole new golden light envelope, which is gold and silver Royal Armor's defensive characteristics.

"The gold and silver imperial armor, the most powerful defensive weapon, can defend the five-fold war emperor, can resist 20% of the power, and below the five-weight, can resist 40% of the power. Good thing!"

When Lin Chen's eyes lit up, there was a wave of unrest and a rise again!

The figures of the crystal walls of the three shattered spaces slowly emerged from the mist, and Lin Chen was locked in time!

"Huh? This kid doesn't seem to be in Warlord Realm?"

"This Shura's Tomb House still has Yuan Zunjing?"

When two of them were in doubt, the third person was shocked!

"Lin Chen? It's you!"

The person who came is actually Long Chi! Five-fold late battle emperor!

These three people are the most powerful three people who entered the Shura Tomb, and the other two are no less than Long Chi. It is also the cultivation practice of the later period of Wuzhong!

Lin Chen's pupil shrank instantly!

Bang ~!

The phantom avatar in the state of the ultimate moment suddenly pulled out an arrow and took a bow to pull the string!

This arrow is as bright as a thunder and overbearing. It is the "Ziwei Thunderbolt" purchased by Lin Chen at a unit price of 4000 sky coins! Compared to the arrows condensed by the fighting spirit, it is countless times stronger, and it is a seventh-class low-grade inferior consumable weapon!

"Shadow Lei Jun!"

As the bow was full, Wanxing Thunderbolt burst into Longchi and shot a dark thunderbolt tearing the galaxy, and the purple Weilei electric arrow stormed away, such as the purple light polar star breaking through the sky, and shot towards Longchi !

In the face of the five-fold war emperor, ordinary moves are impossible!

Lin Chen launched the Ultimate Guiyuan in one breath, and then consumed all the fighting energy and the 5th level charge, 4th level penetration rune, and even the purple power lightning bolt was taken out, decisively urged the thunder of the Thunder Thousand Arrows. The second type of "Shadow Lei Jun", used all his strength to shoot this arrow!

Without saying a word, after shooting an arrow, Lin Chen and many avatars retreated, and withdrew deeper into the tomb!

Only one thought left in his heart at this time!


The five-fold war emperor, not to mention the late five-fold battle, Lin Chen simply cannot be an opponent! This is an absolute cultivation gap. If you let the opponent recover, he has no chance to run!


Long Chi sleeved robe flicked, and suddenly reached out the palm of the hand, and the five fingers of dozens of feet shattered the space crystal wall.

The penetrating power of the penetrating rune penetrated into Long Chi's arm. His sleeve robe waved and shattered the penetrating Yuwei!

"It is indeed a monster to be able to break out such attacks with Yuanzun Realm. However, this kid was far more than that, and now it is only Yuanzun Realm. Can't he use the original force?"

Long Chi was suspicious. His expression suddenly showed vicious meaning. He clenched his fists and said: "Two people, please help me to take this shot. Afterwards, I will be thankful to someone. This exploration of the tomb house, Most of the copy of Longchi is given to me, I only want the head of this child!"

The two are puzzled and surprised, is this kid's head so valuable?

"You let the two of us shoot and help you catch a Yuanzun realm?"

One of the old grey robe frowned, Long Chi hoarse, seriously said-"This son is not Yuanzun Realm! The blood demon avatars of this seat are all damaged in his hands, if you look down on him, you will eat Great loss!"

The two were shocked and put away their inner contempt, the three of them kicked the void with their soles, crushed the space, turned the stars, and chased Lin Chen!

They unfolded in the shape of Pin. Even if there is a lot of fog here, Lin Chens position can still be clearly found. The strength of the five-fold warlord is evident!

"I was a fairy in my day, why did I meet so quickly, would I have to die a bit? No! The five-fold war emperor, using Level 5 slow runes to block one or two is already the limit. Three can't deal with it !"

Lin Chen's speed was so extreme that he temporarily advanced into the late nineth layer, and he cooperated with the ultimate moment, even blessing the pure power of the Dragon Emperor to urge the Purple Phoenix Wing, like a gleaming moonlight, running wildly in the mountains of the tomb between!

Sigh~! The dull sound burst into tears, one finger tears dozens of mountains, and points directly to Lin Chen!

His Nine Eyes urged to the extreme! Detecting the arrival of the crisis by half a breath ahead of time, the figure turned around, evading its original position! Refers to the destruction of the mans, cuts the ground and smashes the earth!