My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 555

Vol 5 Chapter 555: This Too?

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Chapter 555 !

Bloody fingers crossed the ground, bursting into a tens of thousands of abysses, which made Lin Chen's eyes dignified! It's just that the other party is trying to test themselves. If it's the five-layer late Warlord's serious attack, it's much more than that!

"The Dragon Emperor's match against the Emperor's Triple Triple is already the limit. It is difficult to delay the time in the face of the Five Emperor's Triple Emperor. Is there any way to reverse it..."

Lin Chen's inner thoughts were running at a rapid speed, Zi Jin Tong was urged to the extreme, and Jiujiayan was launched, maintaining the highest state of alert at all times!

His eyes gradually became ruthless, and if he was forced into a dead end, Lin Chen would not mind giving Long Chi a **** lesson! Want to eat him Lin Chen, at least he can also crush each other's teeth!

Suddenly, Lin Chen saw a vast and simple temple, exuding the infinite coercion of repression of the ancients, and gnashing his teeth, looting towards that temple!

At this moment, an angry roar broke the silence!

"Which king and **** dare to embarrass my brother?"

The earth shook, the roar that shattered the crystal walls of the space rang through the entire tomb, and even dispelled a little mist that shrouded in the sky for a long time!

Lin Chen covered her ears and looked surprised! Long Chi and three others stopped quickly, with a solemn expression, and in their perception, the noble breath that dominated Honghuang was waking up!

Bang ~!

When the purple flames rolled over the sky, when a time explosion exploded, a green dragon bathed in the sea of purple flames was born, and Longwei shocked all directions!

Lin Chen was stagnant!

The three veteran warlords were also dumbfounded!

What is different about this blue dragon is that it has a pair of purple flame wings flapping behind it. The hind paw of the dragon is shaped like an eagle. Does the dragon head have feathers?

"What the **** is this dragon?"

The old grey robe elders in the late Emperor Wuzhong couldn't help but yell! He has never seen such a strange green dragon!

"Wait a minute? This is the characteristic of True Flame Purple Phoenix and Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon? Is this dragon family a giant dragon combining the blood of Purple Phoenix Blue Dragon?"

Lin Chen's Zijin pupil looked at the characteristics of the dragon's whole body and the breath in the blood, and immediately noticed the clue!

"Brother, are you okay? Hey! I haven't thought of Lao Long for so many years. It is rare to see the sun again, and I thought I would be trapped in the tomb. I didn't expect to meet a brother like me!"

That dragon clan smiled vigorously towards Lin Chen's urn. When someone stunned Lin, he immediately smiled and clenched his fists"Xiongtai is polite, just..."

"His mother, who is your Xiongtai! Pay attention to it! I speak with my brother!"

I don't know, the dragon tribe blows his beard and glares, letting someone's mouth blow! I depend, you dont talk to me, do you talk to the air? Someone in Lin called you Xiongtai not to give you a face!

"Brother, you are coming out of the boy's body, why are you hiding!"

The ancient dragon clan roared anxiously, the three war emperors were stunned, and dared not act lightly!

This big guy is at least the strength of the seventh-level intermediate peak! The most important thing is that its breath has the blood pressure of the coexistence of the blue dragon and the purple phoenix. The pressure on the three major emperors is not inferior to that of the seventh-order advanced beast!

Hearing this sentence, Lin Chen suddenly patted his thigh and suddenly realized!

Without saying a word, Lin Chen released the Dragon Dragon for ten thousand years, and the Dragon Emperor was entrenched in the void and growled.

"Brother, are you looking for me?"

"Oh hey! Brother! I can't think of a world like me. Brother, I'm so happy!"

That ancient dragon clan excitedly gathered around Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor, someone Lin was completely happy!

There is such an operation! The ancient dragon clan that guarded the tomb palace actually mistakenly believed that Wanzai Qinglong Emperor was the same kind as it. They were all of the same kind with the fusion blood of True Flame Purple Phoenix and Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon!

"I said, brother, why did you run on this weak and uncontrollable human race!" the ancient dragon clan urgingly asked, Lin Mou's mouth twitched and rubbed, I was weak and could not help the wind? If it were not for you, I had to let you know my Lin's strength!

"Brother, this little friend Lin Chen is my life-saving benefactor. You can be polite. When my brother was on the verge of death, it was this little friend who laid down his life to save me. Survive together!"

Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor said seriously, actually Lin Chen was talking! Dragon Emperor and him are the source, and the two are one. He wants to control Wan Zaiqing Dragon Emperor only in one thought.

"It turns out to be a life-saving benefactor! Humanoid boy, I don't see that you and my brother still have this kind of sentiment. Well, I will treat you as my half brother for now!"

The serious appearance of the ancient dragon clan made Lin Chen laugh, and controlled Wan Zai Qinglong Emperor to continue to complain-"Brother, these three guys said they would kill both of us, they also said that they would stew me to eat, spread Put on the cumin on the grill, wrap the top with frying, add a bottle of snowflakes with red bull, and treat my brother as a supper! Brother, you said, this brother can bear, brother can't bear it!"

"My grandmother's day!"

The ancient dragons were suddenly angry! The monstrous blue and purple flames rolled in its body, burning all the way to the void, completely letting Long Chi and other three mouths rush!

grass! Who should treat it as a supper! This product is definitely an integral part of Lin Chen, it must be Lin Chen, the little bastard, made it say so!

"It seems that the human races are jumping a bit now. Lao Tzu wants to see how good you are! Dare to treat my brother as a supper? Shit, die for Lao Tzu!"

Ancient Qinglong sprayed a dozen purple flame beams across his mouth, sweeping across the sky and sweeping three people away!


Long Chi frowned violently, drunk violently!

The three turned into three Divine Lights to avoid, the body unfolded, stepped on the void for dozens of steps, and the figure jumped like a star pill, avoiding the pillar of purple flame that destroyed the world!

"I'm going to haunt it, you take the kid!"

Long Chi gritted his teeth and greeted him actively! In addition, the two outstretched formations in an instant, and killed Lin Chen!

"You want to stop the emperor just because of your trash?"

The ancient Qinglong disdain, the dragon's body hangs in the air, the dragon's tail swept the wasteland, and the overbearing crushed away!

Purple Phoenix Wings shot, Dragon Tail's strength surged sharply!

Long Chi's expression changed slightly, his hands were suddenly lifted, and an ancient mirror covering the sky's energy was opened, which was smashed by the dragon's tail and flew thousands of miles away!

The purple phoenix wings move again, the ancient green dragon turns into a purple flame, and the dragon claws grab the void, probing into the direction of the other five heavy warlords who attacked Lin Chen five times!

Boom! The pure power of moving mountains and reclamation penetrated the ground. One of the five-fold war emperor was shocked by the front, and his expression was horrified. !

"Huh? It's a bit of a ghost!"

The ancient Qinglong turned the dragon pupil, a little surprised, and then the expression was dignified!

"Boy, die for me!"

The old man in gray robe smiled sensibly, and his five fingers were like eagle claws, grabbing Lin Chen and Wanzai Qinglong Emperor! With this catch, the spaces near Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor were captured and twisted and burst!

"Not good! That humanoid kid is in danger!"

When the dragon body of the ancient green dragon wandered and was about to venture to support Lin Chen, the corner of his mouth suddenly set off an awe-inspiring arc!

"The five-fold war emperor wanted to kill me? Then see who died!!"

Lin Chen held the five dragon dynasty imperial guns, with great momentum, his body moved, turned into a faint moonlight, and greeted him actively! Boldly face the five-fold war emperor! !