My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 556

Vol 5 Chapter 556: Injury The Five Fold War Emperor ?

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Chapter 556 ?

"If you want my Lin Chen's life, you have to lose the skin!"

Lin Chen brazenly played a five-level slow rune! This time, it is an unprecedented 100,000 rune energy! Using this rune energy value to urge the five-level slow rune is enough to suppress many low-level war emperors!

Sigh~! Sigh~!

The space freezes, and when the old gray robe of the raid comes to a standstill in the void, it is as strong as the body of the emperor of the sun, menstruation, and the aura of the world. Horrified!

A Yuan Zunjing, even this strange means?

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain!"

Long Qi is vertical and horizontal, the moment the Dragon Emperor unfolds the Dragon Realm, the Dragon Claw sways, urges the Wanzai Xuanguang Blade, burns the purple flame, and turns to slash the gray robe old man!

Split the arrow and draw a bow, another purple Weilei electric arrow burst out! The ultimate moment for everyone!

"Ji Que Shui Guang! Huang Mo Sacrifice to Heaven! Slaying the Soul!"

Lin Chen and the three avatars swarmed together, the water light of the sword flashed the light of the blue rainbow, and the dark lances straddled the sky. The dark lances fell like a long river and fell across the sky. All fell to the old gray robe. !

boom! boom! boom! boom!

The horrific offensive stunned the ancient Qinglong! Such a terrible Yuanzun realm has never appeared in the ancient times it was in!

"No wonder this humanoid kid can save Lao Tzu's brother, and Yuanzun Realm can explode this kind of attack. If he is promoted to the War Emperor Realm, wouldn't he even be able to make a few moves with Lao Tzu?"

The ancient green dragon flew away quickly, resisting the aftermath of Lin Chen's attack. Wanzai Xuan Qinglong was famous for his defense, and he was not afraid of Lin Chen's aftermath.

The chaotic atmosphere of the Heavenly Tribulation caused a storm to wreak havoc, and the gray robe's embarrassed figure flew back and forth from the storm!

He was tumultuous, almost hurt by Lin Chen's internal injury, the old man's eyes left unspeakable shock, with Yuan Zunjing's ninth shock to retreat to the fifth stage of the emperor's realm! In the history of the mainland of Kyushu, this kind of Yuanzun realm has not existed so far!

"No wonder Long Chi is determined to kill this kid. If this kid grows up, it is more like a supreme figure in the sky tower!"

Just as the shackles of the slow runes began to loosen, and the old man in gray robe was about to fly back, four afterimages flashed almost simultaneously!

"The Ultimate Return!"

It is Lin Chen and his three avatars! He took the initiative to get close?

He launched the ultimate return twice in one breath, filled all the fighting energy consumed by the body and the avatar, and operated new combat skills, and the situation changed suddenly!

"Are you looking for death?" The old gray robe angered!

Ancient Qinglong: "My day! This humanoid kid is really **** fierce! Do not dare to run, but dare to get close?"

"It was you old turtle who died! Eat a finger!"

The distance between the two sides was less than a hundred feet, Lin Chen was willing to die, and he dared to dismount the emperor! Point one finger to the void!

Bang ~!

Four giant fingers of five-color energy were born, and crashed into the chest of the old gray robe!

Boom! boom!

The energy of the five-colored wilderness exploded like a sea of turbulence, rolling over the sky and rushing away! The terrible explosion slowed down the speed of the ancient Qinglong supporting Lin Chen!

The blasted Long Chi and another five-fold war emperor both expressed shock! I can't think of Lin Chen as a Yuanzun Realm!


A ghostly white ghost claw protruded into the void, several acres in size, violently tearing the energy storm, and grabbed Lin Chen and other four people!

"Wan Yuexuan Town A!"

When the Earth Tribulation Warrior urged, the three avatars wanted to fly back, and the white ghost claws withered away, only close to ten feet away, and the three avatars' Wanyuexuan Town Armor completely shattered, as if bursting open Balloons burst into nothingness on the spot! Not even slag!

One blow smashed three avatars, and the white ghost claws grabbed Lin Chen with lightning. At the time of the thousand shots, the dragon qi formed the dragon domain in a vertical and horizontal direction.


The armor of the dragon's breath condensed by the well-known defense of the ten-thousand-year-old Xuanqing dragon collapsed, and the dragon's body was penetrated by the white ghost's claws in an instant!

Dragon blood raged, scales fleshed out, and Lin Chen's dragon emperor's forelegs were pierced with a **** crack in the chest! You white ghost claws went straight towards Lin Chen and hit Lin Chen in front!

Bang~! Click! Click!

Tujiao Xuanzhen's armor shattered, the golden light overflowed and shivered, and the silver awn grew loose, covering Lin Chen, and the white ghost claws shattered.

Under the protection of the golden silk and silver imperial armor and the desperate protection of the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen saved his life without hurting the root, but he still suffered enough.

The Jedi counterattack in the late stage of the Battle of the Emperor's Five Layers, and even the second battle of the Emperor can be instantly killed in a single blow! Not to mention Lin Chen is a Yuanzun Realm!

"Damn, can you only do this to the fullest extent..."

Lin Chenru dropped the kite and fell to the ground. The old man in the gray robe with **** corners of his mouth was about to make a second attack. The terrifying monstrous dragon breath came from behind him, making him look slightly changed. He clenched his fists in his backhand and hurried away behind him. When the space crystal wall shattered, two shares The sky-sharp atmosphere collides together!

boom! boom! boom!

The ancient Qinglong and the old man in the gray robe slammed three minds, and the surrounding mountains were turned into powder. The old man in the gray robe was beaten all the way, wounded and wounded. With his strange body skills, he could barely maintain the battle!

Fighting for only a dozen rounds, the old man in gray robe, like a ghost and ghost, even stepped into the void and turned into a streamer to fly to Longchi and others!

"This big guy has terrifying strength, and the six-fold battle emperor who does not lose six life wheels at all!"

The old man in gray robe wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth with a solemn expression. The three looked at each other, and they all saw each other's dignity!

They want to retreat, but today, the murderous intentions of the two sides have come out. The young man in front of him is impossible to let them go. If they grow up in the future, all three of them can't afford his revenge! Now, he must be here to kill him before his wings are full!

The ancient green dragon was entrenched in the side of the dragon emperor and saw its near-fatal injury, and the murderous riot surged! It was difficult for him to find the brother who was the same as the blood line of the purple dragon and the green dragon, but he was actually penetrated by the old guy! Almost dying!

It is both angry and shocked, and his own brother is desperately trying to protect this human race teenager. It can be seen that his status in his heart is even more important than himself!

In fact, the Dragon Emperor does not have complete spiritual wisdom, this is simply a protector...

"Dare to hurt my brother, I will devour your three kings and **** today!"

The ancient green dragon screamed, and the whole body glowed with radiance, shining the eternal blue light. Its breath rose sharply, and the wings of the purple phoenix stretched out into the sky.

"It uses the power of the bloodline to delay time, and when the time is up, it will not stop us!"

Long Chi drank, his hands pulled away from the void, and an ancient energy mirror reflected away from the ancient Qinglong!

The three confronted the ancient Qinglong, shaking the entire tomb, the battle of the many emperors of the emperor's realm stopped, and they quickly escaped from the coverage of the battle circle!

The aftermath of the four battles of the five emperors in the later stage of the fivefold is enough to easily kill the lower-order emperors!