My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 557

Vol 5 Chapter 557: Anti General

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Chapter 557

The ancient Qinglong divine power descended, and a dozen or three were true, and even once forced the three to the edge of the tomb, their fighting power far exceeded their imagination!

Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon is famous for defense, followed by attack, and its shortcomings are speed and explosiveness.

The ancient green dragon with the blood line of the purple phoenix perfectly compensates for the inherent shortcomings of this bloodline race! A truly perfect one! The integrity of the battle is second only to Lin Chens Dragon Emperor! Not at all comparable to the level of the Magic Flame Dragon Scorpion that Longchi had previously teamed up with other strongmen to kill!

When the ancient Qinglong procrastinated for three people, Lin Chen dedicated himself to running the wood spirit essence method, and with his "life growth" talent strengthened to 150%, the recovery speed was very fast, and the growth and repair speed of the ribs was recovering with the efficiency of the naked eye. !

What made Lin Chen even more unexpected was that Wan Zai Qinglong also had a new adventure!

At this time, the Dragon Emperor, the wound was burning with a purple flame that was endlessly running. The purple flame burned all the way to its body, and the vitality was extremely tenacious. It was on the verge of death when it was originally hard-wired to the late blow of the fivefold. The purple phoenix bloodline glowed with new vitality to save it back!

The energy belonging to the real flame purple phoenix bloodline in its body is really stimulated. The magical power "purple phoenix nirvana" that was comprehended before the fusion of the purple phoenix bloodline was completely launched!

Phoenix nirvana, rebirth of the fire, standing after breaking through, beyond the limit! This is the benefit brought by the blood line of the Purple Phoenix. The Dragon Emperor fully inherited the Nirvana supernatural power of the Purple Phoenix family!

"The bloodline has been stimulated to the extreme. If the Dragon Emperor can rebirth this time, I am afraid that his strength will be even better!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. Unexpectedly, Nirvana in the blood of the Purple Phoenix will come in handy at this critical moment!

Without saying a word, he seized the time to adjust interest rates, and the broken ribs began to merge again, and a faint light of woody radiance wrapped around Lin Chen's body.

What Lin Chen did not know is that when he recovered from his injury, a figure lurking in the dark flashed into the temple behind him!

The battle of the ancient green dragon lasted for almost half a day, and the three warlords in the late five-fold period were not defeated by it until the end of its bloodline burning! Flee in embarrassment!

In terms of strength, the strength of the ancient Qinglong has almost surpassed the early stage of the Sixth Layer, reaching the level of the Sixth Layer of the Battle Royal Realm! Coupled with the inherent speed of the Purple Phoenix Wing, the strength is extremely terrifying!

When the ancient Qinglong returned to his "Brother of the House" and saw that it was burning with the immortal purple flame, he was completely stunned!

"Here, this is the Nirvana talent possessed by the True Flame Purple Phoenix family. My brother's talent is really powerful! Even this talent has been inherited!"

The ancient Qinglong laughed, so that the old man in gray robe instead gave a gift to his brother!

"Huh? Your little guy is okay so fast?"

When I look at Lin Chen again, the ancient Qinglong is another surprise!

"Hey, I don't have any merits, it's hard and lasting. I can't die anymore! This time, I really want to thank my predecessors for their help!"

Lin Chen was about to grin, and suddenly, there was a fierce pain in the meridians inside the body! He twitched in pain!

"Damn, there are backers?"

Lin Chen hurriedly urged all the Qi Qi Yuanfu to explore the whole body. I saw that a faint force of the cold forest sneaked into his body and was gradually eroding his internal organs and meridians!

If it wasn't for the instinctive resistance of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare in the meridians, Lin Chen didn't even know the cold power in him!

"It's actually dark, so terrifying strength! The five emperors of warlord, really metamorphosis!"

Lin Chen's expression is dignified, this dark energy can be more clever than his dark dragon strength. I do not know how many times. If it is not discovered early, I am afraid that he will become a waste in a few days!

"No matter what you are cold and dark, in front of my "Genesis Nine Tribulation" is the spicy chicken! Foster me!"

Lin Chen ran the mind-set of "Creating Nine Tribulation", mobilized by nine kinds of Heaven Tribulation War Bodies, and all the Heaven Tribulation wars surrounded the cold and dark energy, and concentrated on refining!

"Huh? This little guy has other conditions? It seems that the human warlord's means are really cunning and weird, huh, only play some tricks!"

The ancient Qinglong scorned and roared, entrenched himself next to Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor, protecting this person for a dragon.


Outside the Tomb Mansion, 100,000 feet above the sky, the three figures looked ugly and stood side by side.

"Grass your grandma! Long Chi, what is your loss this time! Lao Tzu finally ran from the No. 3 main city and was beaten by the **** hybrid dragon as soon as he entered the tomb, he didn't catch anything. Come out! It hurts!"

One of the Tsing Yi emperors roared with rage and Long Chi looked gloomy. Both of the five quintet emperors were old veterans he had invited from the No. 3 main city.

I thought that the three-man team could become the most powerful team to enter the tomb, but I didn't expect to encounter this kind of thing!

If the ancient Qinglong wasnt going to provoke Lin Chen because of them, it would definitely not be easy to shoot. The high-level creatures have enough wisdom to not fight for no reason. Obviously, this time the responsibility is all on Long Chi!

"The space boundary of the Tomb Mansion is still there. We can't enter it again. We have to wait! Wait for the boy to come out!"

Long Chi's expression was fierce-"The ancient green dragon with the imprint of the tomb mansion on it, can't leave the tomb mansion, as long as he is gone, the three of us can easily destroy the kid!"

"I just want the kid's head, and the things in his body can be divided into you. How, don't do it. You have also seen the various high-level weapons on the kid, enough for you to shoot this time!"

Long Chi's words really moved the other two! The combat weapons used by Lin Chen and his avatars are all of the seventh-grade intermediate grade and intermediate grade! The value of just one or two pieces is enough to make them worthwhile!

Suddenly, the old man in gray robe changed his face, covering his chest and bleeding at the corner of his mouth!

"I did his grandmother, this kid actually discovered my cold power?"

"No! He is refining my cold power!"

The old man in gray robe is more and more afraid!


In the ninth tomb palace; in front of the Temple of Mist, Lin Chen was full of nine kinds of sky-tribulation fighting and flying, like a nine-headed dragon hovering in the air!

Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!

The roar of violent vibrations came from inside, Lin Chen's mouth could not help but lifted slightly, and finally broke out laughing!

"Ha ha ha ha! I will accept this gift, Jiu Tribulation and give me practice!"

Nine kinds of sky-tribulation wars are like a pervasive current, which merges into Lin Chen's body. The cold power hidden in the meridians and internal organs is like a mouse seeing a cat, and they are all caught out.

After being continuously suppressed by the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare, the nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare were like an invisible large net, which enveloped this cold power, and turned into a rolling energy into the Eight Battlefields!