My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 558

Vol 5 Chapter 558: Was The First To Get On?

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Chapter 558

The power of the cold continues to change into pure fighting spirit, which is the killing trick left by the late Emperor Wuzhong! If it can be completely refined, this is a big supplement for some low-level war emperors, not to mention Lin Chen is a Yuanzun Realm!

"Good boy, he went the other way, refining the killer and energy hidden in the body into his own fighting spirit, nine kinds of fighting strength, such a domineering mentality, have never seen it in Lao Tzu's time. !"

The ancient Qinglong stunned and smashed his mouth, and he was astonished.

Time passed by one minute and one second. Lin Chen continued to refine for three days and three nights. All the way from the mid-eighth stage to the late eighth stage, and finally advanced to the early nineth stage! The nine battles of Yuan Yuan in the body are completed!

Then, he entered the stage of condensing the Yuanfu crystal, as long as the nine Yuanfu were transformed into the Yuanfu crystal, he was a half-step emperor! The broken crystal is the last moment to impact the imperial realm!

Finally, on the way of condensing the third Yuanfu crystal, Lin Chen only absorbed the force of the cold, and stopped at the peak of the early nineth layer, which was still the last point from the middle of the nineth layer.

"It's not too far from the impact of Imperial Realm! It seems that it is necessary to get a Huangming Pill!"

Lin Chen touched his chin, Emperor Pill, the seventh-order elixir priced at 100,000 celestial coins. This thing can be said to have attracted countless Yuan Zunjing into the sky tower.

After taking this pill to fight against the Imperial Realm, if it fails, the broken Yuanfu crystal will not disappear for the first time, it will remain in the body, and you will have 50% confidence to re-coagulate the Yuanfu crystal and you can save your life once. After recuperation, you can fight against the imperial realm twice, and everyone can only take it once in a lifetime!

This thing is only available in the sky tower, and it is also the reason why countless powerful moths threw fire into the sky tower, because this second chance is really too important!

Since ancient times, because of the second chance to enter the war emperor's arrogance, it is innumerable. It can be said that their lives are given by the "Emperor Dan" grace and reconstruction!

"Huh? There are attributes of light balls!"

Dozens of attribute light **** and two treasure chests are suspended in the void, all left by the old gray robe! Lin Chen hurt him with the cultivation of Yuan Zunjing and rolled out a batch of ultra-high-quality attribute light balls!

Before waiting for the ancient Qinglong to question Lin Chen, he swooped past, took away the attribute light ball, and opened the amethyst treasure chest!

[Host gains 285 points of water energy, 29500 points of essence of war energy, 18400 points of energy of blood energy, 9500 points of power of spirit, 3800 points of heaven, 3000 points of talent, 50 points of spiritual power, 10500 points of rune energy,]

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains: 10 Rune Evolution Stones.

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains the Blue Order Talent Fragment: Super Dimensional Teleport (2/3).

In one breath, he got a large number of attribute light balls. Lin Chen's body was refreshing and fluttering. The Qi Qi Xiu officially entered the mid-ninth stage. Even the fourth Yuanfu crystal was successfully condensed!

The attribute values dropped by the five-time later Warlords do not bring any water at all!

"Now I'm in the middle of the ninth layer, the ordinary Yuanzun Realm will almost never drop the attribute light ball, which means that my future goal will also be the war emperor, my day! I am too difficult!"

Reminiscing that he desperately hurt the five-fold war emperor a little bit, Lin Chen couldn't help but whimpered, shaking his head in frustration.

As strong as the descendant of the pseudo-god, who is known as the first master under the war emperor realm, Soul Burial Heaven can only face the war with the war emperor realm. If he is defeated, he cant do it at all. The five-fold war emperor, it is rumored that the outside world is completely shaking the entire mainland of Kyushu, and he is still unsatisfied here...

If his thoughts are known by others, I am afraid that he will cry. The shocking chasm between Yuan Zunjing and the Emperor Zhuang was easily surpassed by him, and it was completely more popular than the dead!

"Boy, your qualifications are very high. No wonder my brother can look at you, um, not bad, your kid should be qualified to enter the temple."

The ancient Qinglong lifted the faucet, and the urn snarled and snarled.

"Enter the temple?" Lin Chen wondered.

"Yes, this tomb temple is seated here by my former master. He is waiting for a character who can accept the inheritance of the Shura tribe. If it can be inherited, it is not a matter of being able to ascend to the Imperial Realm. Of course, get it The difficulty of inheritance is many times more difficult than the achievement of Battle Royal Realm."

Talking about his former master, the ancient Qinglong exuded a look of admiration and wonder, and then said seriously.

"Only if you succeed in accepting the inheritance, I can leave here. Otherwise, I will always be able to wait for the master's tomb. I originally planned to force you into the temple. Of course, you and my brother have had a life-long friendship, see On the brothers side, you still have a choice."

"Choose a fart! I must inherit it!"

Lin Chen and the two said, decisively determined!

He came for this! The Lingzhou Incident, the inheritance of the saints, the false **** behind the Ning family, all these things must be done by him! What he lacks most is his strength!

Without strength, it is totally beaten! What impressed me the most was the shock that the mysterious person brought to Lin Chen, as strong as Lin Chen who entered the state of killing God in front of her, there was no resistance! Weak like an ant!

He must become stronger, the Emperor is a must, and the first step to have to move forward! His goal is sanctification!

"Hahaha, have the courage! I said that my brother can't choose a sibling, you can see the test set by my master when you walk into the temple. If you can come out inside, it proves that you have succeeded, if you can't walk Come out, then it proves that you are too."

The ancient green dragon lifted the dragon's claws and pointed at the temple, the dragon pupil faintly showed awe!

For the former master, the memory given to it is too strong! The Shura family, fighting the world and the world without timidity, fighting all the way, invincible! In the end, there was no opponent, and even in pursuit of a higher realm, the same race was killed!

"It seems that this time I can't take the Qinglong with me, whether he is Longtan Tiger Cave or Daoshan Huohai, I have to move forward!"

Lin Chen glanced at the dragon emperor at the critical repair stage. Not only is the vitality more powerful, but also the dragon veins inside the body are accumulating a wave of energy. When the savings are completed, they will be released in one breath and open more dragon veins. Explosive growth!

Leaping forward, Lin Chen jumped into the main entrance of the temple and disappeared under the watch of the ancient Qinglong.

"It's such a ruthless person, this kid has such a little style as his master..."

The muttering whisper echoed into the void, and the tomb palace shrine returned to silence.


Lin Chen stepped into the shrine, keeping Zijin pupil open all the way, and just stepped into the shrine, when the brightly illuminated wide passage appeared, Lin Chen's expression suddenly changed!

"There is a stranger's breath remaining in the void, someone stepped in first?"

"His uncle's! Was someone first?"