My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 559

Vol 5 Chapter 559: You Still Spray My Face?

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Chapter 559 !

Lin Chens purple golden pupil is only one step away from the highest level of Golden pupil twins. Although the other partys breath disappears very well, it may not be noticed by other old warlords, but Lin Chen is not included!

He only felt less than a quarter of an hour in the passage of the temple and realized the breath of strangers! This temple of the Tomb Mansion is an ancient thing. It is usually not opened, ordinary creatures cannot enter, and it is impossible to leave such a strong anger. Obviously it has just been entered recently!

"Should my inheritance be taken up first! Whoever dares to steal my inheritance from his two uncles! If he is a man, I will shoot directly! If it is a woman, also take a gun!"

As soon as Lin Chen gritted his teeth, his steps ran. Several flashes flew into the depths of the channel, the channel was far away and spooky. The flames burning around seemed not to be simple flames, but formed by a special breath.

Flying all the way to the end of the channel, a white jade plaza reflected in the eyes.

On both sides of the white jade, there are many figures wearing helmets and armor. The breath of his body is fierce, and the light shining in the armor is even more unusual.

"This is, Shura armor!"

Lin Chen shined! The mission he took on this trip was to go to the Shura Tomb House to collect the Shura armor, a Shura armor worth 10,000 coins!

On both sides of this Baiyu Square, there are at least hundreds of figures wearing Shura armor!

At the opposite end of Baiyu Square, there is a huge gate with a magnificent height, which is magnificent. Lin Chens Zijin pupil and Jiu Jieyan scrutinized carefully, and even could see a breath from death in it, as if just stepping into it , Life and death are out of reach!

"There is a big secret behind this giant door!"

Lin Chen frowned, and at this moment, he stunned! In front of the giant gate, in the middle of the two humanoid statues, a woman in a plain skirt is playing with five'star map'-like jade plates.

She seemed to have a sense of Lin Chen's sight, and she looked back suddenly, the two eyes were facing each other, and the air seemed to freeze.

"Who are you? How did you get into the Shura Temple!"

"Am I wiping? It's really being taken first!"

Both sides spoke at the same time, Lin Chen then narrowed his eyes, grabbed the five dragon dynasty gun, no matter whether it was a man or a woman who came today, he had only one choice!

That is to work hard with a gun! Work hard! Regardless of male and female, all guns!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance to the emperor!

His Lin Chen's "Creation Nine Tribulation" mentality destined his starting line to be extremely high, and I don't know when conventional practice can touch the war emperor realm. This is one of his few opportunities!

Tear ~!

The breath of purple phoenix wing flapping, Lin Chen turned into a touch of moonlight remnant, volleyed upside down, a shot was smashed down, the magic gun crack urged, the gun's shape was like a half-moon hook!

The woman in the skirt frowned, gently raised her hand, and the azure water system turned into a rotating light wheel, which crashed into Lin Chen's gunpoint!

Dang~~! Bang!

The terrible air wave set off in the square, and it was shaking all around, and a figure retreated, but it was Lin Chen who was repelled?

"Half Step King?"

Lin Chen looked at this woman with outstanding temperament and a surprised look, and she was fighting against each other in a blink of an eye. She was only half a step emperor?

Lin Chen in the mid-ninth layer shot a shot with all his strength, and even in the mid-term in the first layer of the Imperial Realm, he had to face it seriously!

"Supremely domineering fighting spirit, is there such a powerful person in the mortal world?"

The woman in a plain skirt shook her fair-skinned jade hands and cast a surprised look on Lin Chen!

"No matter who you are, no one can stop me on this trip!"

The woman in the skirt raised her hand, and the five pieces of star charts were merged into one. The deafening door of the temple's thousand-footed door rang deafeningly, and the door slowly opened to both sides, and a dark abyss space channel paved!

Without saying anything, the Suskim girl immediately entered it!

Lin Chen's expression changed slightly, and when he was about to urge the body method to enter, a violent murderous spirit like a sword was out of the sheath.

"A strong creature locked me?"

Holding the gun in both hands, Lin Chen lightningly pulled the golden war gun in his hand.

Dang Dang Dang!

Sparks were shining, the space crystal walls were distorted and vibrated, and then dozens of sharp and overbearing breaths seemed to be integrated into one, turning into a long river-like training, and blasted Lin Chen!

"Half-step royal attack? No! It's not that simple!"

This terrifying momentum even made Lin Chen launch a five-fold change, temporarily advancing into the realm of the half-step emperor. The guns in his hand picked more than a dozen guns, and nine kinds of heaven-striking fighting forces pulled out the flowers, and then one Turning into full bloom, bursting out of the small guns!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"

Layers of gun shadows advanced, Lin Chen made another move, and this killed many murderous frontiers!

"What a terrifying attack, what an overbearing killing intention!"

Lin Chen didn't dare to continue to approach that passage at all, and waited for it!

I saw that those figures wearing Shura armor came slowly. Their actions seemed to be driven by certain wills. They even became one, the breath was strong, and even the Imperial Realm was frightened!

"Although these dead Shura clan strongmen have only half-step emperor's cultivation behavior, but hundreds of people join forces together, killing the sky, the battle is invincible, and has the prestige of the emperor!"

Lin Chen, who looked dignified, kept retreating. If there were only ten, twenty, or even thirty, he would not be afraid at all!

However, if there are hundreds of joint forces, the condensed momentum will become more horrible, and even the first and second stage of the battle may not be able to resist!

"No wonder the secret stories of the ancient times had a history of **** by the Shura clan. Are they so strong!"

Just when Lin Chen felt tricky, his pupils shrank!

Lin Chen suddenly saw that the woman in the skirt in the dark space began to touch the white jade ball rotating in the passage, causing the temple door that had just been opened to slowly close and close!

"My mom, is she closing the door?!"


Outside the nine tombs of Shura, dozens of figures stood in the sky in the sky.

After several days and nights of fierce fighting, many strong men had their own gains. Many tombs triggered the ban of the Shura clan. They drove wildly after the scourge of death. Fortunately, the ban of the Shura clan only existed in the tomb.

Suddenly, in the position of the ninth tomb, there was a cry of screams from the teenagers, and the scalp numbness of all the powerful men was shocked!

"Miss, how can you close the door! I'm begging you, let me go in!"

"Wow! I can't do it anymore, I can't hold it anymore, you can let me in. I promise not to move! I guarantee with my personality, move My Lin is a beast!"

The strong men looked at the position of the ninth tomb palace with a stern expression. Which one did he sing?

That Longchi and others were whizzing at the corner of his mouth, the voice of the kid! What is he doing? Is it possible that he can still do that in the tomb?

Then, another screaming scream came from the ninth tomb, letting countless powerful people twitch!

"There is a heritage that everyone can take it together. What's going on alone? Don't, you open the door, if you don't open the door again, I'm up, I'm up! You have the ability to steal your special... eh, Why are you still spraying water on me! Still spraying my face? Too **** is too much! The function can't bear it!"

"Do you believe Lao Tzu took a gun to kill you! Don't go too far! Even if you don't go in, what's the matter with your water spray!"

Suddenly, a fat man in a yellow robe standing in the void swallowed the mouth and swallowed: "What inheritance is this, give me the whole one?"

The two beautiful women next to him rolled their eyes-"You're thinking about fart, it's pretty beautiful!"