My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 560

Vol 5 Chapter 560: All The Way Win All The Way Going Forward

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Chapter 560, All the way! Win all the way! Going forward!

Shura Temple.

The golden war gun smashed the door a dozen times in a row, the door was immobile, and there was no crack left behind!

Brush brush ~!

Hundreds of Shura half emperors wielding weapons, Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, turned into moonlight, flashed dozens of times in a row, and escaped many attacks!

"These asuras are more and more powerful. If you let them continue to brew and climb to the extreme, this may be able to compete with the double middle and even late war emperors! It even exceeds the double war emperors and the triple realm!"

Lin Chen was pushed back again and again by the neat figure Shura Ban Huang, holding a war gun in his hand, his expression dignified.

"The door has been completely closed, the space boundary to the outside world is closed again, and Qinglong is not around. There is no choice but to fight deadly."

Lin Chen took a deep breath, his thoughts instantly became clear and transparent!

fighting! Break through the predicament in front of you!

An invincible and arrogant fighting spirit was released from Lin Chen's whole body. He suddenly found out that the murderous spirit of these Shura half emperors was not as terrible as before!

"Well... Ruzi is teachable... This human race has come up with its own fighting spirit..."

"It's a good child, but it's a pity..."

A few voices lingered in the void...

"Never retreat, let's fight! Thousands of demons pierce the heart!"

Lin Chen sipped, and launched the ultimate moment! Nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation battle bodies broke out perfectly, reaching the peak of the Half-Emperor Realm!

Lin Chen pulled the five dragon dynasty guns with both hands, and stabbed hundreds of guns with lightning! The dazzling shadow gunman flashed the five-colored dragon spirit and the five kinds of sky-tribulation fighting spirits, bursting into a vertical burst of gunmen that penetrated the void!

boom! boom! clang! clang!

The sound of the collision between gold and iron resounded, and the guns were like dragons going out to sea, and they crashed into the bodies of many Shura half emperors.

Brush ~! The knife shines! Many asura kings cut their swords obliquely, and the bright and powerful knives danced like snow flakes!

"Extremely short water light and dark thunder startled leaves!"

The two avatars came out instantly, the bow and the sword, and the ultimate return and the ultimate time to launch, Lin Chen shot another shot, facing all the Shura half emperors!

The extreme sword speed of the water moon sword light is like a horizontal line of rainbow light, the dark light of the shadow of the faint leaves of the shadows condenses the arrow light and gallops, tearing many sharp and sharp knives!

The two powerful energies of the two sides collided violently, and Baiyu Square was crumbling!

"Thousand souls!"

Ultimate Guiyuan was launched again, and another figure with a sword waved the sword to split the void, the sword wind stormed from the flurry of strangulation overflowed the earth, and the violent and heavy sword gas was raging, rolling into thousands of feet. The sword's qi-tornado suppressed more than a dozen Shura Banhuangs!

The other two avatars bowed their swords and attacked many Shura half emperors!

Lin Chen shot the Huanglong straight with his hand, and flicked the Purple Phoenix wings into the crowd of many Xiuluo emperors, but the body alone went deep and was in danger?

One shot lifted the arm of a Shura half emperor, and then the gun was swept diagonally, the gun swept across, and two Shura half emperors were shocked!

Boom~! The momentum was like a tiger going down the mountain, and the twenty Shura half emperors cut to Lin Chen neatly. He had a pair of hands, a war gun hurled to parry, and blocked twenty blades of anger, his arms burst out of bone. sound!


Lin Chen's head of demon glory ignited a sea of flames, and the whole body's nine-robber fighting spirit suddenly entered a state of being detonated and ignited!

This is a method similar to the "Nine Huang Transformation" to detonate the Heavenly Tribulation Warframe. Lin Chen perfectly integrated it on the combat skills, and the original power of the combat skills was transformed qualitatively! Power will not be inferior to the blow of the middle-level inferior gun skills of the purple order!

When a shot penetrates the void and launches penetrating and energizing the runes, the dark musket is rotating and twisted. When the catapult is ejected, the shot penetrates all over the sea and thoroughly penetrates more than a dozen Shura half emperors!

Dang Dang Dang~!

Penetrating runes penetrate all of their Shura armor and destroy the energy inside the body! Pieces of Shura armor began to fall!

"Successful! Penetrating runes can indeed penetrate their armor defense!"

Lin Chen rejoiced in his heart and took away a lot of Shura armor. These treasures were 10,000 coins! This collection is more than one hundred thousand sky coins!

The breath of fierce killing struck again, Lin Chen spent 2800 talent points to launch the ultimate return, and again fought against many Shura half emperors!

After nearly half an hour of fierce fighting, Lin Chen defeated all Shura half emperors! Consume a lot of talent points!

Because these guys don't have any attribute light **** to drop, this battle has fully consumed Lin Chen's tens of thousands of rune energy and more than 50,000 talent points, and maintained all the firepower full open throughout the entire process!

However, Lin Chen did not feel a loss, he collected a total of 113 Shura armor! Take back the Sky Tower and submit the mission to get 1.13 million Sky Coins! Rich! He is richer than most of the warlords on the No. 2 main city warlords list!

"The premise is that I can go out alive, otherwise I will have no money to spend money."

Putting down the ring filled with Shura's armor, Lin Chen was looking around to find a way forward, and there was a slight applause in the void.


"Fantastic, wonderful."

"This seat thought that there will never be any creatures passing this level, but I didn't expect that it really made us meet!"

Two vague mental phantoms emerge, Lin Chen's pupils tremble! Are these two silhouettes actually the spirit of Tongtian Realm?

"Little friend, dare to ask the name?"

A blue-haired virtual shadow clenched his fists and asked, Lin Chen bowed his hand, neither humble nor overbearing: "Lingzhou Linchen."

"Oh, it is actually the arrogance of Lingzhou mainland, which is the most lacking in civilization, which is not bad. You are qualified to be our inheritor."

"Hey, there is a Shura statue next to the gate of the temple. Breaking it, you can lead to the Shura Baihuang Hall. After passing through the Baihuang Hall, you will get the inheritance of the other half of the tomb palace?"

Qingpao virtual shadow Fu Xu smiled, Lin Chen wondered-"What about the other half?"

"The other half naturally let the nizi take away. She holds the asura blood jade figure. Only those who have gratitude to me can hold this thing. This woman must come from your human holy world."

Holy World?

Lin Chen raised a brow, no wonder!

It's no wonder that the woman in the skirt is able to take a shot with the strength of the half-step emperor. It turns out that she is from the Holy World!

Although I didnt use the ultimate moment at the time, the other party didnt do my best!

"The entrants of the Shura Hundred Palaces will either die forever or defeat all the 100 war emperor Shura's undead to leave, the human race boy, you still have a chance to choose."

Qingchen Xuying was talking and laughing, Lin Chen was thrilled!

Defeat one hundred war emperor Shura undead?

The blue-haired man waved his hand and a space channel extended.

"Leave now, it's too late."

The blue-haired man said, but there was a playful arc in the corner of his mouth.

Lin Chen stared at the space channel. When Zijin Tong started, he saw countless black stripes circling the void inside the channel, just like the breath under the death hell.

"If I choose this space channel, I will most likely die in it, right?"

Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed, making the two mental ghosts startled! This child actually saw through their intentions!

"Hahaha! Interesting, really interesting, it is worthy of defeating the 100 Shura warriors, you are right, our Shura inheritance, never pass on the seed, if you feel reluctant to die, you will definitely die. At that moment, you have only one choice."

Blue Hair Xuying smiled, Lin Chen exhaled, his eyes sharp, and he smiled lightly.

"Fight all the way, win all the way! Go forward!"