My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 561

Vol 5 Chapter 561: Go All The Way

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Chapter 561: Go all the way!

Lin Chen punched his fist, punched like a dragon, and smashed that statue of Shura with one punch!

Sigh~! The space splits, extending all the way to the space, leading to the endless abyss.

Lin Chen, who urged Zijin Tong, saw this space channel filled with endless death fortune, and the result of this road leading to it was also nine deaths!

Lin Chen smiled.

"Coerced, not qualified to talk about freedom."

After all, Lin Chen jumped down! The space channel shuddered, then turned away and disappeared.

"For thousands of years, there is finally a successor who has challenged the Asura Palace!"

"Don't be too happy, the guys are not easy to provoke. This kid is still a bit fierce. Although his potential is strong, compared to the young Shura of our Shura family, they are at the top level, but he is too young after all! "

"Oh, wait and see, this seat feels a lot of secrets about this kid"

The two spiritual ghosts glanced at each other, and after a smile, the temple returned to silence.


Space transmission, Lin Chen landed. This place is the first imperial palace. The light is dim and the vast hall is only five feet high. The imposing figure of Qingtian stands proudly!

"Is there any heir to dare to challenge my family finally, devil, sign up for the name!"

Rumble~~! clang!

Qingtian's figure was shocked, and the sound rolled like a wave, shaking the whole hall!

"Mainland of Kyushu, Lingzhou of the human race, Lin Chen! Please enlighten me with Senior Shura!"

Lin Chen showed the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun! Laughing with pride, the thought moved, and the triple change was instantaneous, the purple wing flapped and rushed towards the other party!

"Human Lin Chen, come well!"

The Optimus figure commander held the giant gun of fighting spirit and took a stab in the air. When the two guns on both sides collided, the whole hall was shaken!

Lin Chen swung his gun, and the two sides fought together in an instant! Allowing the opponent to vie with each other, Lin Chen has his own speed to break his many marksmanship!

But even so, Lin Chen still fought hard for nearly a thousand rounds!

boom! Boom~! The guns turned into a rainbow, which penetrated the chest of the tall phantom!

The last shot of "Huang DemonAnger" pierced that Qingtian phantom with a shot, and Lin Chen won the first battle!

Although the opponent only had the early cultivation of the Emperor Yizhong, the strength was quite strong!

"The first palace is so strong, I'm afraid I have to start drawing the cards to deal with it around the fourth palace!"

Lin Chen frowned, and the difficulty of the Shura Pavilion was a bit beyond his expectations!

"Hahaha! Happiness! Happiness! Although you can only use about 50% of your strength in the tomb house after your death, did your kid not do his best?"

The figure of Optimus appeared again, but it became more illusory.

"Senior is polite, if the senior is alive, the kid will definitely get all his cards."

Lin Chen clenched his fists and smiled, the horrors of the Shura family, Lin Chen has personally learned!

Even after the death of the early stage of the first war emperor, it is still strong, if he is in the heyday of his heyday strength, the first stage of the first stage can at least beat the common first post-human war emperor!

"Don't talk politely, inherit it!"

That Shura phantom pointed out, and a large amount of memory poured into Lin Chen's mind.

[Detection of the inheritance of combat skills into the hosts mind, the system automatically consumes 1500 points of intermediate skills and speeds up the inheritance.

The memory of practice is like lightning in Lin Chen's mind! In addition to practicing memory, there was a torrent of energy like a torrent of energy injected into Lin Chen's Yuan Fu crystal!

"The Shura family's marksmanship, a hundred guns fighting the emperor, the first type: reversal of life and death!"

The Shura Xu Ying gave Lin Chen a gratifying look, and then was about to take a break. Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes and whispered in amazement"Good bullying..."

Seeing this scene, the Shura Xuying stared and stayed in place!

what's going on? Is this inheritance completed?

This **** doesn't have a tea time yet, this kid learns so fast?

"Little fellow, have you learned?"

Shura Xuying asked in a suspicious manner. Lin Chen smiled and did not speak. He decisively pulled the golden war gun in his hand, and suddenly stabbed several guns. The gun shadow trajectory was overbearing, and he was proud of the taste of life and death!


Weird silence...!

That Shura Xuying stared at Lin Chen as if he had seen a ghost!

"Genius...No! Genius, shocking genius! Holy World? No, my Shura genius is not inferior to the human race Holy World genius, and it can't be compared with this son!"

"Is it...from God Realm?"

Reminiscent of a certain possibility, Shura Xuying seriously asked Lin Chen-"Human tribe, are you from Human Realm God Realm?"

Asked this question, Lin Chen suddenly stunned! It is estimated that this is too fast to start the system to receive the inheritance, causing the other party to doubt?

How should I answer this? Can't always say that I have a system? And the other party asked what special God Realm is!

He hasnt heard of God Realm, he has a ghost relationship with God Realm, he has never been to Holy Realm!

Moreover, he did not know the actual situation of the other party. In case the other Shura clan and the God Realm have any grudges, if they are standing in the wrong team, here is the Shura Temple. I am afraid that it will not be slapped in a minute!

Regarding this, Lin Chen was ambiguous. He looked up at forty-five degrees and said with sad eyes: "Senior, don't mention the word, people always have to be a little secret."

Shura phantom shock! This child really has something to do with God Realm?

God Realm! From within, a random existence is the plane of destruction, the existence of a civilization of world destruction! It is an honor for them to allow a spirit creature to accept the inheritance of their Shura clan!

"Unexpectedly, our Shura family also picked up the treasure this time!"

Shura Xuying set off a storm in his heart, and then waved his hand, the gate of the imperial palace opened to the next imperial palace.

"Mr. Lin Chen, the Hundred Spear Fighters are divided into one hundred styles. Each time you defeat a Shura Warlord, you will get one style of inheritance, one hundred style fusion, and infinite power. How much power you can have depends on how much you can understand. Well, at least, it should not lose to the top martial arts of your mainland Kyushu!

Shura Xuying smiled rather proudly.

"Then I will wait and see!"

Lin Chen's figure flashed into the space passage of the second imperial palace!

Then, in the space channel, he opened the Naling Rings of the two pseudo-god descendants of the sword family that he had previously killed.

"System, let me break down all the exercises within these two precepts."

[Consume 3900 Heavenly Dao points, decompose all the exercises in the target Naling Ring, and gain: 37500 points of intermediate-level exercises.

Lin Chen glanced at himself with more than 150,000 intermediate-level exercises and spirits, with a solemn expression. This time, he went to the Xiuluo Palace, and the skills and skills are in urgent need! In this "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor", Lin Chen is expected to be a high-level or higher combat skill!